8 Simple Rules

Season 2 Episode 16

Daddy's Girl

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Mar 02, 2004 on ABC
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Daddy's Girl
On the advice of the family therapist, Cate is encouraged to pursue a once-thought-unobtainable dream of becoming a singer. Meanwhile, C.J. and Jim find themselves trying to bond in a bar when Cate encourages C.J. to take his grandfather out after he is dumped by his wife – in a letter -- and Kerry angers Bridget by dying her hair blonde after she complains that the romance is fading from her relationship with Kyle.moreless

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    Katey Sagal

    Katey Sagal

    Cate Egan Hennessy

    David Spade

    David Spade

    C.J. Barnes (season 2+)

    Martin Spanjers

    Martin Spanjers

    Rory Hennessy

    James Garner

    James Garner

    Jim Egan (season 2+)

    Kaley Cuoco

    Kaley Cuoco

    Bridget Hennessy

    Amy Davidson (I)

    Amy Davidson (I)

    Kerry Hennessy

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      • Jim: (having noticed Cate singing in the lounge) Cate?
        C.J.: Oh yeah, I kinda brought you here for another reason. Thought you might wanna see this. (about Cate's singing) You know what that is up there? That's your legacy. She's amazing. You know, life sometimes...
        Jim: (interrupting C.J.) Shh-shh! That's my baby girl singing.

      • Kerry: (to Cate) Mom, what's going on?
        Rory: Yeah, you look all nervous.
        Cate: Well, I am kinda nervous. Yesterday I took the plunge. I signed up to sing at an open-mic night. Tonight's the night.
        Bridget: Mom, that's great!
        Kerry: That's awesome!
        Rory: Yeah, that's so cool!
        Cate: Yeah, I wasn't gonna say anything because it's, you know, well, personal, but I'm really scared.
        Bridget: Don't be scared. You're gonna be so great.
        Cate: You know, why don't you guys come with me?
        Bridget: Oh yeah, I'm not going
        Kerry: No.
        Rory: I'm busy.
        Cate: I'm sorry, let me rephrase that. (firmly) Get your coats. Now.
        Kerry: (indicating her blond hair) Mom, I can't go out looking like this!
        Cate: (feigning sympathy) Aw, sweetie. (firmly) Now. (the kids head upstairs) Oh, thank you, kids! Thank you so much! It means so much to me! (Cate approaches a photo of Paul) Well, Paul...guess who's going skydiving?

      • Jim:(to guy in wheelchair threatening C.J.) You leave my grandson alone!
        C.J.: Yeah, that probably sounded a lot better in your head.

      • Kerry: 'A little light?' I look like Dolly Parton!
        Cate: Oh, Kerry. You do look a little bit like Dolly Parton. (Kerry screams and runs upstairs) That's a compliment, she's the queen of country music!

      • Tina: We don't serve unhappy people.
        Grandpa Jim: Well, who died and made you owner?
        Tina: My husband.

      • C.J.: You call yourself a grandpa? You're like the bad tree from the Wizard of Oz, 'My apples aren't ripe!'

      • Bridget: You always tell us we can do whatever we want.
        Cate: Oh honey, I have to say that.

      • Shrink: Bridget, you've been awfully quiet.
        Kerry: I'm Kerry!
        Shrink: Sorry, the hair.

      • Kerry: You just called me Bridget.
        Bridget: Well don't just sit there, Kerry, thank him.

      • Kerry: How do I look?
        Rory: Like Kenny from South Park.

      • (Cate and the three kids walk into the bar where Cate is going to sing)
        Cate: Wow, it's crowded.
        Rory: How come Grandpa didn't have to come? (Cate gives him a look) I mean, GET TO!

      • Cate: (to a picture of Paul) Well Paul, guess who's going skydiving?

      • Cate: Go take him somewhere . . . a ballgame or something.
        CJ: It's too cold to feed the pigeons.
        Cate: I'll pay you.
        CJ I'll get right on it.

      • Cate: This is what he does, he won't talk to anyone. Not me, Bridget, Kerry, or even Rory. He needs a man to talk to.
        Rory: So CJ, can you make some calls?

      • Cate: Look CJ, I'm worried about dad. He's happy.
        CJ: I'll take care of that.

      • Kerry: God, it's like being blonde has actually made me stupider.
        Bridget: More stupid.
        Kerry: SEE!

      • Counselor: Who's to say what's normal?
        Cate: You, at these prices!

      • Jim: How'd you know I was bluffing?
        Bridget: The part about you getting up.

      • Cate: What are you doing?
        Bridget: Oh, just getting ready to highlight Kerry's hair blonde, so her boyfriend will notice her.
        Cate: But Kerry has lovely hair!
        Bridget: Oh mom, don't worry. She can't hear us.
        Cate: She does!
        Bridget: I KNOW!

      • Cate: (on the phone with her mother) Well it doesn't matter how attracted I am to him . . . We're not sixteen. Ah huh, I don't know, maybe a four.

      • Cate: (reading a letter from Jim's ex-wife) Dear Jim, I love you so much (everyone ooh and awws) I will always love you (they ooh and aww again) I love you, but I am seeing somebody . . . else.
        CJ: (while hugging himself) Oooh! (thinks for a second) Oh, she's seeing someone else. Sorry, dude.

      • Rory: Something wrong, Kerry?
        CJ:What are you blind?Her boyfriend didn't even kiss her at the door. She got stiffed. Rejected.

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