8 Simple Rules

Season 1 Episode 18

Drummer Boy (2)

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Feb 11, 2003 on ABC
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Drummer Boy (2)
Bridget takes the car and follows her older boyfriend, drum instructor Ben (Nick Carter, Backstreet Boys), to his college dorm. Conclusion of a two-part episode.

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  • so if i havent mentioned before - i totally dig nick carter. yum.

    so as i said before. nick carter for me was a perfect choice of actor here. he fitted the dreamy college guy that you would imagine bridget to go for perfectly for me. i totally adored their scenes together!! although crap ending with it all.

    some amazing quotes especially some one liners about the book from rory. a personal favourite about how they havent killed the bird! hahaha!

    i read this book a while ago (a long while ago for school when i used to attend lol) and a girl in my class at the end actually asked when the bird died, needless to say she was put in detention for jerking of her reading duties, lawl.moreless
  • I like it, but i have seen far too many repeats of it, so its kind of turned me off the episode.

    Don't get me wrong, this is a fabulous episode. But I have seen it A LOT in my area, so i'm getting tired of it.

    Still, its really good!


    1) The plot was great. Bridget decides to go visit Ben only to find that he's with other girls. And they even drove across a state line!

    2) It was really funny too! It has some really good jokes in it!

    3) I loved the thing about Rory having to read the book "How to kill a mocking bird." (I think thats what it's called) and he would read it in a bunch of different ways, like upside down, in the dark, and say the funniest things about the book like "I'm at page (bla bla bla) and they still haven't killed that bird!

    4) It was funny how Bridget took advantage of her parents with pretending she was all sad, and her parents would do a lot of things to help cheer her up.


    1) Once again, i wish they found another actor to play Ben!

    Overall, pretty good.moreless
  • Bridget is still upset about Ben. As a cover, she tells her parents that she is going to a sleepover and Kerry invites herself. They go to Ohio State and Beach talks to Ben. They get their solve their problems and then the girls get in trouble by mom/dadmoreless

    I love this episode and the one before it. The reason is pretty much because I absoultely love Nick Carter ( Backstreet Boys )! In the episode, I can really relate to Bridget. She thought a guy liked her a lot b/c she was led on and so when something happens to jeopardize that "relationship," she does something-- which in this case was cross the state line to see him at Ohio State. I can say that I've never personally had this happen to me, but I have a pretty good idea that if this ever did happen to me, I would most likely react in the same way or close to it.moreless
  • One of the best episodes ever!

    Paul: I can't yell at Kerri, I can't yell at Bridgett, Rory stop reading upside-down! *hits cymbal* I'm yelling at SOMEBODY!

    Bridgett (relating her feelings to Catcher in the Rye): That's what I want, to be catched.

    Paul (correcting her grammar): You want to be caught.

    Bridgett (glares): I want Mom!

    Oh man I love this episode - it's just the best!
John Ritter

John Ritter

Paul Hennessy (2002-2003)

Katey Sagal

Katey Sagal

Cate Egan Hennessy

David Spade

David Spade

C.J. Barnes (Episodes 40-76; special guest before that, 2004-05)

Martin Spanjers

Martin Spanjers

Rory Joseph Hennessy

James Garner

James Garner

Grandpa Jim Egan (Episodes 40-76; special guest before that, 2004-05)

Kaley Cuoco

Kaley Cuoco

Bridget Hennessy

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

    • When Bridget and Kerry leave to go to Ohio, Bridget's hair is straight. When the arrive at the college, Bridget's hair is flipped out at the sides.

  • QUOTES (29)

    • Rory: Is that a co-ed bathroom?
      Kerry: Yea.
      Rory: I've got to go.
      Paul: Rory read!
      Rory: Can't I go in there that's where you read?

    • Rory: Why's this book so skinny?
      Student: It's a synopsis. It tells you everything you need to know about "To Kill A Mockingbird."
      Rory: This is my favorite place ever!

    • Cate: (to Kerry about Bridget) Okay rusty, where's blondie?

    • Kerry: You're totally screwed up about men. I'm telling mom and dad.
      Bridget: Maybe I'm screwed up about men because you kissed my old boyfriend Kyle.

    • Kerry: Why do you need such a big bag?
      Paul: Yeah.
      Bridget: We're giving each other facials. Well actually there's not much you can do with my complexion except admire it! But Amanda's t-zone is like a oil spill without all the dead pelicans.

    • Cate: Hey Bridget, you really should call Amanda, her mom said everyone's gonna be there. Everyone!
      Kerry: (starting to cry) Everyone's gonna be there?!

    • (Paul and Cate see Kerry coming out of a college party)
      Paul: We've been calling you all night!!
      Kerry: Uh... I've been playing games on my cell phone. I'm at a personal best in Solitare!

    • Kerry: We're not going to Amanda's, are we?
      Bridget: You kissed my old boyfriend Kyle.

    • Paul: You get home right now!
      Cate: Paul, don't yell at Kerry!
      Paul: I can't yell at Kerry. I can't yell at Bridget. I have to yell at somebody! Rory stop reading upside down!

    • Paul: I didn't drive four hours in the middle of the night to hear all--
      Cate: You didn't drive at all.

    • Cate: Paul, just calm down.
      Paul: I'm sorry sweetie. I guess I'm in a bit of bad mood today. This morning I cut myself shaving years off my life as head of this family.

    • Cate: How was father-son day at the slot car track?
      Paul: Great. Too bad Rory couldn't make it.

    • Cate: Paul, we're partners, so be quiet.

    • Rory: Hey upside down, Bridget looks happy.

    • Rory: If the ceiling were the floors, I'd be taller than the windows.

    • Rory: Forget it, I'm not going to read a book and watch a black and white movie too.

    • Bridget: If you didn't lead me on, what about this email 'If things were different maybe you and i would've hooked up'?
      Ben: Okay, that one was bad.

    • Ben: I do like you, but you know, your parents made it very clear to me that nothing was going to happen between us and that's when I met Sarah.
      (Girl walks into room)
      Girl: Hey Ben, I, oh, sorry (Does "Call me" with hand and leaves room)
      Ben:...and Sarah introduced me to Andi.

    • Ben: For now, I think we should just be friends.
      Bridget: Oh my god, that's my line!

    • Ben: Bridget, I did not lead you on!
      Bridget: Okay, okay, but if, and this is a gargantuan if, if you did not lead me on, then answer me this, what am I doing in your dorm room in the middle of the night?
      Ben: That's a good question!
      Bridget: Yeah, thank you!

    • Bridget: Surprise!
      Ben: Bridget, what are you doing here?
      Bridget: What's that girl doing in your dorm room?
      Ben: I asked you first.

    • Ben: Bridget, I could've been interested, I mean, I thought you were cute.
      Bridget: Just cute?
      Ben: Actually, amazing.
      Bridget: Just amazing?

    • Paul: Look at what i found on Ben's desk.
      Cate: A cookie?

    • Kerry: Mom and Dad would kill you if they knew you were carrying on a long-distance relationship behind their back.
      Bridget: And you're not gonna tell them, right? Because you swore and made a secrecy vow and you kissed my old boyfriend, Kyle.
      Kerry: How long are you gonna hold that over my head?
      Bridget: How long does it take for a broken heart to heal?

    • Bridget: He's only like three or four years older than me.
      Paul: Honey, it's not age as much as experience.
      Kerry: Well, Bridget's got plenty of that.

    • Bridget: I want to be catched.
      Paul: (hugs her) You want to be caught.
      Bridget: (looks at him) I want Mom. (turns to Cate)
      Paul: It's like trying to reel in a marlin, I was this close!

    • Rory: I'm at page 104 and I still haven't gotten to the part where they kill the bird!
      Paul: (takes the book from Rory) You're missing the point in one of the great pieces of literature. Have you got to the part were Robert Duval makes his big screen debut?

    • Ben: Can I put my arm around you now?
      Bridget: Yeah, if you wanna lose it!

    • Kerry: What are you looking at?
      Student: You.
      Kerry: Well, don't.
      (two second pause)
      Student: Want some pizza?
      Kerry: Yeah, okay.

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