8 Simple Rules

Season 3 Episode 18

Freaky Friday

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Feb 04, 2005 on ABC

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  • Enough Already

    Since 8 Simple Rules was produced by Touchstone which was owned by Disney it was a matter of time they use the Freaky Friday plotline. So Cate switches with Bridget no big surprise. CJ with Grandpa but Rory with a hamster? Thats embarrassing just for the cheap joke of hamsterbating. And since it was all of a dream by Cate why would she dream that about her son? It would be alright if Rory sisters would dream that but not his mother. Ever since the death of John Ritter the show was never the same. It didn't surprise me that they canceled the show.
  • sorry may have bad spelling

    I love this episode, it's funny, cool and just the thing that I love to look at. But there was one point that I though that it was a little inapropriate but still my third favorite 8 simple rules and my favorite part of this episode is when Rory was stuck in his hamsters body and was running on the treadmill and me and my friends admidiatly started to laugh out loud because of the faces of the charecters and how they made Rory go so fast it was so hilarious. So I totally recamend this to someone who loves to laugh and adores to watch a comedy about a funny family!
  • This is the first episode of 8 Simple Rules and I thought it was pretty good.

    Well for my first episode I thought the show was a quirky little sitcom. I didn't know David Spade was part of the cast. The episode was okay on a count of it was a remake of the movie Freaky Friday. I liked the family alot the control, and classical family mom wanting to be normal and raise her chlildren right. Then the son who is an average male teenager I guess. Then two daughter's one who seems to be the more "date" kind of girl and the other is the "my life is unfair". Then C.J. is a unique touch to the show. Very funny as David Spade's parts usually are. Then the grampa is a funny one. He has some great sarcastic answers. The episode was an average one for a sitcom I guess. Rory switched with his hampster, pretty funny. Bridget and the mom switched which was okay. And C.J. and the grandpa switched places which was pretty good. Then the other daughter unfortunatly didn't switch places...Sorry.
  • A great episode! But I just found the acting to be a little weak in some cases.

    Sorry! I can be a major movie/episode critic! One thing that nags me the most however, is when the acting is cruddy. The acting wasn't terrible in this, but some parts seemed quite phony indeed.

    1) I liked the idea! Everyone switching around! I loved that Rory traded places with the hamster! And Kerry was left out, so she was mad at being left out in the dream (seems a little silly, but definatly Kerry's character)
    2) The thing with an inspector being there was funny! It made things more stressful and humorous!
    3) There were quite a few funny things in this episode!

    1) Cate woke up, and it was all a dream. Sorry, but I can't stand it when they end movies/episodes this way! It seems so uncreative and boring!
    2) Well, I found the actress who played Cate to be a little weak at points. Like the part where they were in Kerry/Bridget's room and she was acting like Bridget saying "What are we going to do?!" That wasn't her strongest acting there.
  • So funny, well-written, cleverly plotted, and definitely one of the best.

    This episode, "Freaky Friday", is about Cate not understand Bridget's feelings about not wanting to go to the dance with a dorky guy she promised to go out with. Cate ends up watching family movie night alone as they wake up the next morning revealing Cate and Bridget switching bodies, Grandpa Jim and CJ switching bodies, and Rory and his hamster. Kerry ends up to be the only one who doesnt' swtich bodies, and starts to find it a little appealing.

    This episode is not just funny, but well-written, cleverly plotten and is one of the best ever.
  • very good episode

    Following a viewing of "Freaky Friday" in which she fell asleep, Cate awakens to find that she and Bridget have switched bodies, as have C.J. and Grampa along with Rory and his hamster. While Kerri sits back and enjoys their predicament, Bridget begins enjoying having her mother's voluptuous body while Cate can't stand her being in her daughter's body all of the time
  • Most likely the craziest episode of the series as Cate dreams she's in Bridget's body, and Grandpa dreams he's young and virile again in C.J.'s body. Oh yeah, and Rory and his hamster change places which leaves out poor left-out Kerry.

    I think this has got to be my favorite episode of the series. Bridget becomes her mom and uses it to set her life right but gets her mom in trouble. Cate tries to prove her daughter can lead a more mature life, but other teenagers make it impossible. Grandpa likes being young again, but gets CJ in trouble when he hits on a mature hottie from the school council. In an unlikely and even wilder sub-plot, Rory's hamster somehow manages to lead a almost human life. Kerry is left out of the fun, but I think an episode could have been made where she could have become Bridget if ABC hadn't prematurely cancelled the series.
  • This is a very funny episode of 8 simple rules.

    This is a great episode filled with laughs.

    After Cate is ditched on family movie night she falls asleep on the couch watching Freaky Friday.

    She dreams that she switches bodies with Bridget, Grandpa and C.J. switch, and Rory switches with his hamster.
    To top it all off Cate and C.J. are being reviewed at school while all of this switching is going on.

    Cate wakes up and realizes it was all a dream.

    I was laughing throughout the whole show.

    Carrie's reaction to finding out she wasn't switched with anyone was the same in the dream as it was in real life. It was hilarious. Catch this episode when you get the chance.