8 Simple Rules

Season 1 Episode 22

Good Moms Gone Wild

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Mar 25, 2003 on ABC



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    • Paul: (talking to a bartender) Living in a temple dedicated to my brother in law. With my two teenager daughters who hang out at a bar and my wife who I believe was the original girl gone wild.

    • Paul: Well here we are, God's waiting room.
      Kerry: It smells like 1945 in here.
      Bridget: Everyone in this place looks like they host "60 Minutes".
      Rory: I'm going to do some recon sometimes Grandpa drops money he can't pick up.

    • Rory: I'm going to check out the babes. Oh my God, which ones are the men?

    • Rory: There's a chair in the shower, what's that about?

    • Bridget: God Mom, you're such a hypocrite. Plus you say one thing and do another.

    • Rory: (to Cate) You were really going to town on that beer!

    • Rory: (watching tv) Look at that girl, awesome!
      Kerry: That's not awesome that's....
      Bridget and Kerry: Mom?!!

    • Paul: (On the phone) This is their son-in-law. Not the banker, the other son-in-law. Yes, they do. Yes, they do. Yes, they do!

    • Cate: Here's a picture of all of us.
      Paul: Honey, that's just my right eye.
      Cate: Mom couldn't fit everyone in.
      Paul: It was my birthday, I was blowing out the candles!

    • Bridget I have an idea on how we can save money around here.
      Paul: Talking less on the phone?
      Bridget: Close, going to Florida for spring break!
      Paul: How is that remotely close to talking less on the phone?
      Bridget: Duh, if were in Florida we can't be here talking on the phone.

    • Paul: I went for a walk and it came to me. This was the best vacation ever. I'm in Florida with my whole family and best of all I get the girl in the end.
      Cate: You went to a bar.

    • Cate: Paul, did you see the way [the girls] just treated me?
      Paul: Wow, it's almost as if you exposed your breasts on TV and then tried to preach morality.

    • Cate: How was hanging out with Jake?
      Rory: Great. Being old is cool. You get to yell at people, park anywhere, take you teeth out. I can't wait.

    • Rory: My folks would like to meet your parents.
      Jake: Got a Ouija board?

    • Paul: (about Florida) Here we are God's waiting room.

    • Cate: You know girls, even if money wasn't an issue, do you really think we'd let you go to Florida unsupervised?
      Bridget: I visualized it.

    • Cate: (to Paul) Somebody's stressed out. Oh paying the bills. Your time of the month.

    • Bridget: Imagine if Mom married him, I would be so much hotter!
      Kerry: Yeah, that's how genetics works.

    • Bridget: You went out with Officer Biceps?
      Kerry: And you're our mother!Bridget: Just think, if you had married him, I'd be even hotter!Kerry: Yeah, that's how genetics works!

    • Bridget: We're going swimming.
      Kerry: Yeah with our tops on.
      Bridget: Well maybe.

    • Paul: I'm two different colors! I look like one of Garth Brooks's shirts!

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • The title is a spoof of "Girls Gone Wild"

    • When Cate says to Paul "Hey, Magnum, where T.C" she was referring to the 80's show Magnum P.I with Tom Selleck. And T.C is actor Roger E. Mosley.

    • Paul: "I'm two different colors! I look like one of Garth Brooks's shirts!"
      Paul says his sunburn make him look like Garth Brooks's shirt. One of Garth's trademarks is wearing colorful shirts in concert.