8 Simple Rules

Season 2 Episode 4

Goodbye (1)

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Nov 04, 2003 on ABC
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Goodbye (1)
The Hennessy family must deal in their own way with the unexpected death of Paul. Cate's separated parents, Jim and Laura, come to visit and try to console the grieving family.

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  • After Paul collapses suddenly at the grocery store and dies unexpectedly, the Hennessy family tries to make sense of the tragedy and learn to face life without him.

    After the unexpected death of John Ritter (R.I.P.), the head honchos behind 8 SIMPLE RULES could have just totally ignored the loss and pretended like Ritter's character was always at work or in the other room. Or, better yet, they could have simply replaced him with another actor and moved on. Instead, thankfully, they chose to honor Ritter's memory and give him a proper farewell from the show by having his character die suddenly off-screen. For that, I applaud them, though credit is also due to the actors that participated in this two-part episode, particularly to Katey Sagal and the kids. I mean, they really made you feel for their loss. You felt anger and that sense of unfairness that sometimes accompanies grieving, but you also felt the sorrow and pain they were feeling. Then again, the actors were actually mourning the loss of a colleague, so the tears might have been real. In any case, I liked how they handled Ritter's death. Gold stars all around.moreless
  • A very very special episode.

    Everytime time I watch this episode, I'm never left with a dry eye. It always gets to me. Its extremely sad to see the sudden death of Paul and watching the family deal with it in the next several episode is painful to see. But they couldn't have done it any other way and I'm glad at how it played through. 8 Simple Rules will definitely never be the same. Rest In Peace John Ritter.moreless
  • Hard to watch this episode, couldn't help but sheading a tear.

    This episode is where Paul goes to the grocery store and supposed to be home soon, but collapses and dies. This episode was made, because John Ritter (Paul) actually died in real life. This was a very sad episode where there was no joking around, but pure seriousness and depression. In every scene, somebody was crying, and just made it worse that John Ritter had passed away. The children we’re so nice to each other and just wanted to comfort each other then. Cates parents came to support the family with their loss, and it made the viewer heart broken. This was the perfect episode, and showed nothing but respect for John Ritter. May he rest in peace.moreless
  • The episode in which Paul is killed, and the family is learning to deal with it.

    Well, in this review I guess I can't be <i>too</i> critical. Out of respect of the late John Ritter (who played Paul Hennesy) This was a actually a bit of a shocking episode. At first, I didn't know this was the "death" episode. It seemed to start off as a regular episode, Rory is teasing, Kerry and Bridget are arguing, and then BOOM. Out of no where Mrs. Hen gets a call and she drowns herself in tears. That\'s when I knew this was the "death" episode. I have to commemerate the writers, actors, and etc. for how they handeled this episode. It was dark, sad, and some humourous moments. Ah..., but too be honest it wasn't like anything I had ever watched on 8 SImple Rules previously. And it was a a bit slow paced. It felt more like a soap opera than a comedy. It wasn't all that funny. But, then again, how <i>could</i> they make this funny. And, I don't regret that they didn't. It would be really, to say the least, stupid to have all this "comedy" pop up just when John/Paul died. This was also really hard hitting. Mrs. Hen's resent over God because of Paul's death. It was realistic, I know I would be really angry at "God" if someone I loved died. The family's reaction was real, I felt I could feel their pain. I've only watched this episode once, and I don't plan on watching it again. It brings way too much memories. I miss Paul/John on 8SR. But, I won't get into that. It's selfish.

    Overall, I would rate this episode a 9. But out of sheer respect, a 10. Rest easy John. We'll miss you.moreless
  • John Ritter has always been a great actor and he was hilarious and this episode not only showed the loss of Paul Hennessy but they showed the real emotions in it as well. All the actors and actresses gave a great performance considering the circumstances.moreless

    I cried, I can honestly say I cried. The episode was well-written and the actors and actresses played it out well, especially Kaley who plays Bridgette. It was amazing considering the circumstances in realy. I think this was one of the best episodes ever and you could literally feel the emotion arising from it. I think it was harder to watch knowing that the actor had died in real life. John Ritter was a remarkable man and it was a shame to hear that he passed. He has fulfilled his life and many others in more ways then he could ever know. I know I was inspired by him.moreless
John Ratzenberger

John Ratzenberger

Fred Doyle


Patrick Warburton

Patrick Warburton

Nick Sharpe


Suzanne Pleshette

Suzanne Pleshette

Laura Egan

Special Guest Star

James Garner

James Garner

Jim Egan

Recurring Role

Larry Miller

Larry Miller


Recurring Role

Billy Aaron Brown

Billy Aaron Brown


Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (3)

    • If you watch the episode carefully, you'll notice the cameras going in and out of focus. This probably meant that the cameramen were affected by the death as well.

    • Kerry found a drawing she drew of a giraffe. It was the one Paul mentioned in the season 1 episode "Wings", which he thought was a bunny.

    • In the episode where Paul dies, Cate says something about Paul looking for his socks before going to the shop. At the end Cate finds the socks under a pillow, where they form a figure 8.

  • QUOTES (9)

    • Nick: (talking to Cate) Anyway, everyone down at the paper had immense respect for Paul and his work. I was hoping to one day move him back to sports, fire Tommy...
      Tommy: (walking by) Hey boss.
      Nick: Hey buddy.

    • Cate: (on phone) Hello? Yeah, this is Mrs. Hennessy.
      (as Cate listens to the news, Bridget and Kerry come downstairs bickering)
      Kerry: (to Bridget) You are so jealous.
      Bridget: Oh, please, I debuted at number two on the hot list.
      (Rory joins in the bickering and tries to get Cate's attention, but Cate is now heartbroken at the news and hangs up the phone)
      Rory: (nervously) Mom?
      Cate: (voice shaking) My...my keys, where are my keys?
      Kerry: Mom?
      Bridget: Mom, what's going on?
      (Cate grabs the keys and dashes out of the house)

    • Nick: (to Cate) You know I have four daughters, I couldn't in a million years work at home. Paul said he never knew how he did it, he just knew why, he loved his family.

    • Cate: (talking about her and Paul's wedding picture) This picture was supposed to be a promise!

    • Cate: Did you come on the same flight together?
      Jim: Yup.
      Cate: I would have thought…
      Laura: Oh honey, we're your parents first.
      Jim: And a bitterly divorced couple second.
      Laura: We're not divorced. We're separated.
      Jim: All I know is I'm washing my own clothes and making my own bed once a week.

    • Rory: I guess now is not a good time to tell you who's on HighSchoolScandal.com's new hot list.
      Kerry: Ranking girls be how hot they are is insulting, demeaning, and mean spirited.
      Bridget: Yeah yeah. Am I back on the list?
      Rory: No. Kerry on the other hand is number seven.
      Kerry: Already? Oh my God! Oh my God!
      Bridget: It makes you happy?
      Kerry: No, it makes me hot. Who the hell's number six?

    • Kerry: Bridge? Grandma and Gramps are here.
      Bridget: Is dad with them?
      Kerry: No.
      Bridget: Well then I really don't give a damn.

    • Laura: Can I get you something?
      Cate: Yesterday would be nice.

    • Cate: "God's Plan"? What about my plan? What about our plan?

  • NOTES (8)

    • At the time of Mr. Ritter's death, the fourth episode in production was entitled "Hot List", and was to guest star Henry Winkler. Ritter passed away less than 24 hours before the episode was to be filmed on Friday, September 12, 2003. A small portion of the original script was used in the opening moments of this episode before the fateful phone call.

    • James Widdoes was nominated for the 2004 DGA Award for "Outstanding Directorial Achievement in Comedy Series" for this episode.
      Bruce L. Finn won the 2004 Emmy Award for "Outstanding Cinematography for a Multi-Camera Series" for this episode.

    • The actors were most likely showing off their real emotions for this episode because he really did die.

    • John Ratzenberger and Suzanne Pleshette also have worked together for the Disney US Dub of Spirited Away.

    • This is James Garner's first appearance as Grandpa Jim Egan, who has a recurring role in this 2-part episode. He was supposed to guest star in this two-parter, but since he made 8 more appearances, becomes a series regular, soonafter.

    • Re-aired as one hour episode on Saturday, November 8 at 10 p.m. E/P on ABC.

    • Tape Date: Friday, October 24, 2003 (No Studio Audience)
      The first episode without John Ritter.
      Goodbye (1) and (2) originally aired as a one hour episode on Tuesday, November 4, 2003 8-9pm on ABC.

    • Cindy Williams as Mary Ellen Doyle's scene was cut off in the final cut. So she was not credited.