8 Simple Rules

Season 2 Episode 4

Goodbye (1)

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Nov 04, 2003 on ABC

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  • After Paul collapses suddenly at the grocery store and dies unexpectedly, the Hennessy family tries to make sense of the tragedy and learn to face life without him.

    After the unexpected death of John Ritter (R.I.P.), the head honchos behind 8 SIMPLE RULES could have just totally ignored the loss and pretended like Ritter's character was always at work or in the other room. Or, better yet, they could have simply replaced him with another actor and moved on. Instead, thankfully, they chose to honor Ritter's memory and give him a proper farewell from the show by having his character die suddenly off-screen. For that, I applaud them, though credit is also due to the actors that participated in this two-part episode, particularly to Katey Sagal and the kids. I mean, they really made you feel for their loss. You felt anger and that sense of unfairness that sometimes accompanies grieving, but you also felt the sorrow and pain they were feeling. Then again, the actors were actually mourning the loss of a colleague, so the tears might have been real. In any case, I liked how they handled Ritter's death. Gold stars all around.
  • A very very special episode.

    Everytime time I watch this episode, I'm never left with a dry eye. It always gets to me. Its extremely sad to see the sudden death of Paul and watching the family deal with it in the next several episode is painful to see. But they couldn't have done it any other way and I'm glad at how it played through. 8 Simple Rules will definitely never be the same. Rest In Peace John Ritter.
  • Hard to watch this episode, couldn't help but sheading a tear.

    This episode is where Paul goes to the grocery store and supposed to be home soon, but collapses and dies. This episode was made, because John Ritter (Paul) actually died in real life. This was a very sad episode where there was no joking around, but pure seriousness and depression. In every scene, somebody was crying, and just made it worse that John Ritter had passed away. The children we’re so nice to each other and just wanted to comfort each other then. Cates parents came to support the family with their loss, and it made the viewer heart broken. This was the perfect episode, and showed nothing but respect for John Ritter. May he rest in peace.
  • The episode in which Paul is killed, and the family is learning to deal with it.

    Well, in this review I guess I can't be <i>too</i> critical. Out of respect of the late John Ritter (who played Paul Hennesy) This was a actually a bit of a shocking episode. At first, I didn't know this was the "death" episode. It seemed to start off as a regular episode, Rory is teasing, Kerry and Bridget are arguing, and then BOOM. Out of no where Mrs. Hen gets a call and she drowns herself in tears. That\'s when I knew this was the "death" episode. I have to commemerate the writers, actors, and etc. for how they handeled this episode. It was dark, sad, and some humourous moments. Ah..., but too be honest it wasn't like anything I had ever watched on 8 SImple Rules previously. And it was a a bit slow paced. It felt more like a soap opera than a comedy. It wasn't all that funny. But, then again, how <i>could</i> they make this funny. And, I don't regret that they didn't. It would be really, to say the least, stupid to have all this "comedy" pop up just when John/Paul died. This was also really hard hitting. Mrs. Hen's resent over God because of Paul's death. It was realistic, I know I would be really angry at "God" if someone I loved died. The family's reaction was real, I felt I could feel their pain. I've only watched this episode once, and I don't plan on watching it again. It brings way too much memories. I miss Paul/John on 8SR. But, I won't get into that. It's selfish.
    Overall, I would rate this episode a 9. But out of sheer respect, a 10. Rest easy John. We'll miss you.
  • John Ritter has always been a great actor and he was hilarious and this episode not only showed the loss of Paul Hennessy but they showed the real emotions in it as well. All the actors and actresses gave a great performance considering the circumstances.

    I cried, I can honestly say I cried. The episode was well-written and the actors and actresses played it out well, especially Kaley who plays Bridgette. It was amazing considering the circumstances in realy. I think this was one of the best episodes ever and you could literally feel the emotion arising from it. I think it was harder to watch knowing that the actor had died in real life. John Ritter was a remarkable man and it was a shame to hear that he passed. He has fulfilled his life and many others in more ways then he could ever know. I know I was inspired by him.
  • So Upsetting :(

    This episode was really good and so upsetting. I think the charactors coped with it really well and the 2 part episode was well written. I even cried, but I didnt want too. I mean, hu cant cry at that. Its just soo sad. John Ritter was amazing and extremely funny in 8 simple rules, I miss him quite a bit in the show and it lacks creativity but the show is still really good. John Ritter will be remembered forever! This episode was very special and will definitely not be forgotten! R.I.P John!
  • I got to say, this episode really was painful to watch. I don't even know John Ritter personally, but it felt like I loss my father.

    This episode was so sad and you just get to thinking that someone you know or even you could die any moment. When they read his last review in part two of this episode, you start thinking about alot of things. I mean, this could be the last review I ever write. All in all, it was a perfect episode. I never cried over any show, and this is the first time I ever shed a tear from anything on TV. Only thing that came bad out of this episode was bringing Grandpa into the series. I never liked him.
  • Cate and the rest of the family try to get over Paul.

    This episode was one of the saddest episodes! I guess because they didn't make it funny, it was more like a drama episode. There were a few laughs here and there, but not like all the other episodes. And it was sad that Paul wasn't there anymore. He was a great character .. and it's sad that John Ritter died too. But I'm glad the show went on without him, and it was still a great show. But this episode was good because it was like the writers kind of dedicated this episode to him. A really awesome episode to watch.
  • R.I.P. John Ritter

    This episode was an incredibly sad episode. But that doesn't matter. It still deserves a good rating. Why? John Ritter, the actor who played Paul in the series, unexpectedely died leaving the audience, the actors/actresses and a lot of others shaken up. It sure must not have been hard for the actors/actresses to act like they were sad in this episode. Everyone comes to comfert the mourning family in this episode, and for the next few episodes, it's basically grieving over the loss of a father, a husband, and a spectacular actor. Overall, this episode is just really sad. Not for the faint of heart.
  • i think the actors did a fantastic job

    i like this show, i first watched it because of john ritter!! and when i first watched this episode (some months after he died because i'm french and there's some delay) i was really dreading this episode, i just knew i was gonna cry! i'm an emotionnal girl and i don't need a lot to start crying. and it did... make me cry, like i had never cried before, i think the actors did a fantastic job and it must have been really hard for them, because for us it was. no matter how many times i've seen this ep i still cry like a baby, usually when someone i like/love on a show and their character dies, i know it's not for real and that i'll see them again in something in something new, different and anything else but it can't happen with john ritter and that's why i still cry even though i must have seen it like ten times or more... he was the heart of this show!!!!!!
  • very exciting program which teach us moral lessons

    i love all the episodes of this great show especially after paul's death it always makes me cry but its very emotional especially rory i feel so pity for him as i know it isn't true all the characters are so cute and funny but paul was the funniest so when he died their house became soo quiet
  • Really sad...made me cry. :'(

    I think that this is just a generally very sad episode. The first time that I saw it,I was just sitting on my bed watching it and crying. I thought about how it was so sad that the actors were most likely showing their real emotions and not just acting.If I was them,I would be crying so much that I wouldn't be able to even film a scene. John Ritter was the funniest on that show in my opinion and even though I didn't know much about him when he was alive, I knew enough to be completely shocked when I heard that he died.
  • what a real life episode

    Yesterday I was reading these reviews and thought to myself I havnt seen this episode yet, and lo and behold it was on the tv when i turned it on today, i cried so much, normally i cry at tv shows when they have sad music on in the beckground but it was the silence after cate came down, i just burst into tears.
    I didnt know much of what john ritter was in but i do know about him now. the first thing i remeber him in was buffy as the robot and now this, although i do know that he died just before his 55th birthday on septemeber 11th 2003 of an aortic dissection.
    This episode to me makes everything just so real, how his real family must be feeling and how somone can just be torn from someones lives without a minutes notice. R.I.P
  • The people with hatred would cry on this special episode. Tearjerker, and just painful to watch.

    After last week's funny episode comes this most tearjerker, painful to watch episode about the family who are dealing with the crisis of a lifetime. The family that lost a father who was in aisle 3 at a grocery store when it all happened.
    Although this show might continue, it still just doesn't remove the red hot pain that is shoveled in our hearts. Tears might not be enough to show emotions of death.

    John Ritter was the best man.
    He was the ruler.
    That's why they called it "8 Simple Rules For Dating My Teenage Dauguhter".

    Well...too bad he coudn't watch his "teenage daughter" break his rules.
  • Sadest Episode.

    This was the greatest episode of all. It was a real tearjerker and to think that that show was a way to cope with the death of John Ritter. Wow Paul was a really great addition to the show, no he wasnt an addition he held the whole show together and after this episode 8 simple rules started to disintegrate. I dont think any show was as harsh, it really did bring tears to my eyes. Sadly they are not even able to show John Ritter in this episode so the just say that he left for milk and never got back. Wow i couldnt even believe that those words can sound so sad and depressing. John Ritters last column was unbelieveably sad typing it out wont put any expression into it you must watch the show. They are showing reruns at 4pm monday -friday on WB.
  • Paul death is a shock that makes the whole henerseey family go into a mad panic.When Cate split up parents come to stay to help her with the death!

    Awwwwww i miss Paul so much he was like so funny and the family and the show will never be the same - lets take this moment to remeber him (everyone bows there heads) thanks - anyway i loved this episode it was very special to me since at a young age i lost my grandad and he meant so much to me i new how they were feeling.And the most special part was when after And bridget was wearing the red dress and both her and Kerry complimate each other it made me cry cause it so not like them and they were both so upset.It also did when Bridget did the play and she left a rose for her dad that made me cry a little.As you can see i am going to miss Paul a lot and i hope that the show doesnt end in a bad way otherwise it will ruin it .....thanks!
  • Paul dies and the family have to deal with it. Kates parent come to comfort her.

    This episode was soooooooooooooooooooooooooo sad. I couldn't believe it when i heard John Ritter had died and i never thought they would bring the series back. The acting in this episode was really good. I think if you are not crying or jus sad by the end of this episode then there is probably something wrong with you. It was really good and we also get to see Kate's parents. For the rest of the entire series it was funny but there has been something missing. It was Paul. He was the main character and was probably the funniest. Im sure he is missed.
  • as a grown man i was welling up at this episode.

    A real tearjerker,If the cast are not showing real emotion then awards should of been given to all of them. Made to feel like i was also grieving. really took you down the avenue of the aftermath of death within the youmg family.

    A fitting send off for one great guy who had brought us viewers great laughs and the cast were showing just how sadly He will be missed.

    Good story line all the way through if only we could know if john is looking down watching this,i think he would be pleased with it.

    well, the episode is a sad tearjerker with few laughs but some good sentimental moments but a very good watch (with tissues nearby of course)
  • so sad!

    when i first saw this episode i had no idea John Ritter had actually died in real life, i thought it was clever how they gave no clue something bad was about to happen until kate got that phone call. it was so sad i cried so much but i guess everyone did. they went about it in a very unique way and i will remeber these 2 episodes forever. rest in peace John.
  • So sad... :(

    In this episode, the Hennessy family must cope with the loss of the husband/father Paul Hennessy.

    This whole entire episode from the start was a tearjerker, from the part where you had that gut feeling that something was wrong when Cate runs out of the house in a haste to the end when she's about to go to bed.

    The acting performences were exellent I might say, very believeable. It was very sweet to see the siblings act totally different than which they usually do. Helping put with the loss of their father was very different.

    Cate was totally differnent in this episode, losing her husband and becoming a widow is very hard and brings out emotions in a show that you rarely see.

  • Really sad

    This two part episode was really well done. The acting was good and the storyline perfect considering the situation. I must admit, I thought the show needed to end when John Ritter died. Some of the later episodes were good too, but I question whether it was a good idea, my viewing dropped of after this. However, I do feel that this episode was necessary. Viewers and fans needed some type of end to the show, and for many this episode was it.
  • A tough move on the part of ABC

    At first, critics at scoffed at the idea of continuing the show despite the death of its star. But this two-parter handled the transition effectively. Very sad, though.

    Like most shows that lose one of its lead characters (think M*A*S*H after Wayne Rogers and McLean Stevenson departed), the flavor of \"8 Simple Rules\" changed after these two episodes. The addition of James Garner (in the Colonel Potter role) and David Spade (a partial Frank Burns) helped divy up the fatherly role of John Ritter.

    The show originally was unremarkable. The death of John Ritter then drew much attention. By the end of the third season, though, it fizzled out. The loss of John Ritter merely drew attention to a sitcom that had little to offer outside of the norm.
  • Sad episode; but i'm glad that handled the death of John Ritter

    This episode was extremely sad, but the way that they handled the episode was the best they could. I think many many many many fans of John Ritter (like myself) would have been upset if they decided to replace John Ritter. The writers probably even knew that the show would end if they didn't replace him, but it was the right thing to do. The writing for this episode was good, too. The beginning of the episode was a normal day, then the phone rang and their lives changed forever. This episode is very sad but still was the best possible way I could think of handling John Ritter's unexpected death.
  • Very Very Very sad.

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  • What a sad episode... :(

    The show wasn't the same without John Ritter anymore. This episode was most likely the saddest one, next to the second part of this. It would've been awful if they just said that Paul was on a business trip, that would be embarrasing if we never see John Ritter from that trip. The writers gave the fans the truth and that's what we got, a perfect goodbye episode for the late John Ritter. I still miss him.
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