8 Simple Rules

Season 2 Episode 5

Goodbye (2)

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Nov 04, 2003 on ABC

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  • Wow

    These two episodes were the first I had seen of this show, and I just saw them earlier. Maybe that was a mistake, I am not sure. But wow. The emotion was handled very nicely, and emotion in episodes with plots like these is something I pay close attention to. This didn't even feel like a sitcom, there was like no funny moment whatsoever. But with a plot this sad, this dramatic, I could not care less about humor. I still loved the emotion and found it very very sad. My overall grade for this would be an A+, easily
  • A truly emotional episode, as a close family try to cope with a father's death, and a very moving tribute to actor John Ritter, I cry every time I watch it.

    The second part of a two part special starts very much where it left off with the family still grieving for the beloved Paul Hennesy, Cate (Katy Segal) still cannot bring herself to sleep in her bedroom without Paul and even gets changed in the girls bathroom rather than her own.
    Bridget and Kerry have put both beds together to comfort each other while trying to work out what went wrong, Kerry seems to think if he'd checked for batteries he wouldn't have gone to the store and he would have been ok, Bridget is still haunted by her final words to him "I Hate You!" and Rory has a number of injury's to his hand that are explained when he shows Grandpa a hole he has punched into the wall, he is angry at Paul for dying.
    A subplot has the family having to search for Paul's final column for the newspaper and instead finding lots of things Paul kept in his home office because they meant so much to him, including Bridgets report card when she got good grades, and a bunch of photo's of Cate that she made him throw out because she thought she looked bad, one even taped back together after it was torn up.
    Cate's mother is also there to offer support only Cate is not ready to forgive God yet and her constant pushing is driving her mad, there is also the bickering between the two grandparents to add a slight light relief, but it never strays away from what the episode is trying to say, "Goodbye" obviously both to Paul Hennesy and John Ritter and it does it in the nicest way, no daft flashbacks that could take away from the emotion, instead the family talk about his awful pancakes they would eat to keep him happy, then Bridget felt bad because she never ate them, just the simplicity of that moment made it quite emotional, also with the usually arguing siblings hugging eachother and making comments like "A few days ago this would be a choke hold"
    The final moments are when the floodgates opened for me as Cate finally goes back to the room and talks away to Paul when she finds his socks under his pillow, then Grandpa brings in Paul's final column that he found in the recycle bin of the computer, he gives it to Cate and Bridget, Kerry and Rory all gather round to hear Cate read it, Its a very emotional speach as Paul basically says that his family are everything to him, how he was afraid to say what he thought to his own dad, but with his kids they are so comfortable they insult him all the time and that he even knew an "I hate you" was a never far away from an I love you, Bridget feels relieved, Rory thinks they should have insulted him more if he'd known how much he loved it.
    As the kids and Cate settle down into bed, the kids start to bicker and Cate finds herself laughing at the normality, on her bedside table placed in the frame of their wedding photo is the photo Paul had taped back together.
    This episode showed how much John was loved and he will be sadly missed, it was a brave decision to carry on without him, but without that this tribute episode would not have been made, and as John Ritter's death was so shockingly sudden like Paul's, I think it also gave John's fans a chance to grieve a really great actor, and the audience a chance to say goodbye to Paul themselves.
    R.I.P Paul Hennesy and John Ritter greatly missed x
  • In these episodes Paul had passed away due 2 a collapse in the grocery store. The family tries to be strong and Bridget mourns as she recalls the last thing said 2 him by her was "I hate you" because he wouldn't let her borrow the car. Cate's parents come

    this episode was so sad. I literally cried, i was so shocked. They did a really good job with their acting but Rip to John Ritter. I felt that 8 simple rules was going to be much much more different now that Paul was out of the show. He was like the main character and now that hes gone...its like there's nothing left. They said he collapsed in aisle 3 at the grocery store. Since he really died before i guess they didn't put him in the episode at the beginning, (Due to him being deceased at the time). All I can say is John Ritter was an awesome person. May he live on.
  • Goodbye John Ritter.

    This episode is continuing the real life loss of John Ritter. That is what makes it so painful to watch, the thought that John Ritter actually died and the character didn't just die. This show would have continued on so long if it weren't for the unfortunate death of John Ritter.
    Basically, they find Paul's last article, and it sort of "comferts" the family, because it says in short "No matter what my kids tell me, even a "shut up" or "I hate you" tells me that "i love you" is not so far off." It's a very painful to watch episode, and I cry whenever I see it. Rest in Peace John Ritter.
  • Heartbreaking. Moving. Emotionally difficult to watch. This episode is all that and more. Get the tissues at ready if you want to watch this episode.

    When I saw this episode, the only time I wasn't crying was during the break. I found this episode heart wrenching in every way. Young Martin Spanjers (Rory) is a brilliant actor, his scenes were realistic and the writers were spot on in writing how a teenage boy would react to losing his father. The entire cast deserves to have a massive pat on the back for their performances. It really moved me...Its weird how you expect programs like this to suck doing a sad episode however its the best after-someone-dies episode ive ever seen. It's a must watch.
  • I cryed... so did many

    When cate read the artical I just coulden't hold it in. Like I think most people would cry too, If it was you're dad woulden't you cry? If you wouldn't then that's sad altogether. even if you do say "I hate you" or "what a dork" to you're dad and mean it, don't you still love him no matter what? even if it is you're mom, sisters or brothers. you will still love them no matter what and this show/episode shows that. John Ritter is amazing and was unfortuinate to lose him.
  • Good bye John Ritter.

    This episode is a non stop crying one... There is not a moment I am not bawling when I watch this episode. Bridget talking about how the last thing she said to her dad was, "I hate you," made my stomach go all twisty and made me cry. The casserole patrol made me laugh, because it's so true and my heart went out to all these characters. However the best part was the end when they were searching through Paul's desk and found his last column... When they were reading that I got so many goosebumps, and cried some more. A great episode and a fitting tribute to a great actor.
  • This should've been the actual goodbye of the show.

    This moment, right-right this moment...right here. This episode should've been the goobye-episode, the series finale episode of the whole show.

    This tearjerker and incredibely painful episode to watch was the episode that made a new beginning to the show. It was the episode that also made an ending to a life. A life of a man who suffered cancer just a few weeks ago. But never spoke.
  • John Ritter was a great actor why did he have to die!

    This 2 parter was a great episode and was really sad!
    Johns death was really un-espected, and what was really sad is that he died on his 6 year old daughters birthday!
    The episode that should have aired was the 1 john was filming when he died, he shouldn't have died!
    The episode that was goin to air was suppossed to featuer Johns long time best friend Wenry Winkler!
    I think though at the end of the episode they should have shown clips from 8 simple rules and even of Johns roles on Three's Company and Three's a crowd! This show would have been way more succesful if John would have never died, he was really to young to go!
  • The conclusion to the 2 part episode...

    Following the 1st part, the Henessy family is still trying to come with terms of the loss of a loved one. while searching through his office, they start to go through memories It ends with them all in Cate and formally Paul's bed reading the last article he wrote.

    Even though they say the 2nd one isn't as good as the first one, which is true sometimes, this was a exception, it was equally good with the 1st one. The same amount of emotion, the same amount of pain, everything.

    The acting was also exellent just as the 1st one. The sibling love was just as good. And Cate's pain was just as good.

    The letter at the end was very predictable for me though. I thought it was going to be about his family, but I never knew that it was going to be so emotional. That was a very good conclusion to the part 1 & 2.

    10/10(The same as the 1st part)
  • It should have ended here

    This was the first episode taped after the death of John Ritter. It was a very good episode. I thought it was touching and very emotional, but I have only one problem with it. I think this should've been the last episode of the show. It shouldn't have gone on beyond this. I know that they felt the need to move on, but the show was never the same. On JumptheShark.com, the majority believe the show jumped the shark (went downhill) after John Ritter's death. Even though this was an excellent episode, I really feel like it should have been the series finale.