8 Simple Rules

Season 1 Episode 15

Kerry's Big Adventure

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Jan 21, 2003 on ABC
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Kerry's Big Adventure
After Kerry and her boyfriend break up, Paul tries to cheer up his blue daughter by getting Bridget to take her little sister with her to a party. But while talking to Kyle at the party, Kerry is shocked when a spark is ignited and the two share a romantic kiss. Meanwhile, Paul and Cate try to discover what is hidden in Rory's secret box.moreless

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  • I love this episode!

    This was an amazing episode! I truly adore it!


    1) Great plot! Kerry breaks up with Jason, and Paul wants to help Kerry out with feeling so down. He convinces Bridget to take her to a party. While at the party, Bridget ignores Kyle, and Kyle and Kerry spend some time together, and accidently kiss.

    2) I loved the humor in this! It was great! I especially loved it when Paul accidently told Bridget that Kyle kissed Kerry!

    3) I love how Paul reacted to finding out that Kyle kissed Bridget. It was such a typical over protective father move.

    4) The thing with 'what's in Rory's secret box' was really funny. I also thought it was funny when Cate pretended that she didn't care about what was in the box, but in the end it drove her insane!


    1) Cate was in a serious cleaning mode this episode, i think they could've done something better then her just in a cleaning frenzy.

    Overall, I love this episode!moreless
  • squee!

    I love this episode! I've seen it so many times, but when Kyle and Kerry kiss (both times) I always have to giggle! I love that Kerry, the girl who isn't supposed to be pretty (but, I must say, IS!), unpopular, and a down right geek/dork can get the same guy that her "hot" sister can. It just gives me hope in the teenagers of America that there are a few people out there that aren't all about looks over brains. This is without a doubt one of my favorite episodes of this series... And we all know what happends later in the series, but this just set the ball rolling in the "Kyle isn't as dumb as we think" saga... I love that hot guys aren't complete air-heads (at least on tv).moreless
  • charming episode - OMG THE KISS!!

    so everything gets turned on its head in this episode.

    kerry and kyle. squeeeee. first off. kyle is a total hottie. lets face it. and kerry with him at first seemed a total disaster. she's so smart. i felt like screaming, what were you thinking writers!! but i was totally charmed by the idea that they got on really well. and how they did it was very very charming.

    i also love how paul always seems to put his foot in it! like telling bridget that kyle kissed kerry!! why?? but he did it. and it seemed to work out badly but okay. as normal everything seems to work out in the end (maybe not so much in this episode but wait and see lol)moreless
John Ritter

John Ritter

Paul Hennessy (seasons 1-2)

Katey Sagal

Katey Sagal

Cate Egan Hennessy

Martin Spanjers

Martin Spanjers

Rory Hennessy

Kaley Cuoco

Kaley Cuoco

Bridget Hennessy

Amy Davidson (I)

Amy Davidson (I)

Kerry Hennessy

Shelly Cole

Shelly Cole


Guest Star

Amanda MacDonald

Amanda MacDonald


Guest Star

Billy Aaron Brown

Billy Aaron Brown


Recurring Role

Cole Williams

Cole Williams


Recurring Role

Nikki Danielle Moore

Nikki Danielle Moore


Recurring Role

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    • Jenna: (to Kyle about Bridget) You know, Kyle, I admire you. I mean, the fact that you can stay with such a stuck-up princess who totally waxes her upper lip and isn't happy unless she's totally the center of attention? Yeah, right, Bridget.

    • Jenna: (talking about Bridget to Kerry and Kyle)....fashion disaster, thinks she's cutting edge cause she knows who Moby is. Yeah right Bridget! (sees Bridget) Bridget!

    • Christina: Do you want to watch TV, listen to music or something?
      Kerry: No.
      Christina: You're no fun.
      Kerry: Sorry.
      Christina: No, I like it.

    • Paul: If loving my children is wrong, I don't want to be right.

    • Kerry: Why do you put up with [Bridget]?
      Kyle: Same reason you do.
      Kerry: I put up with her because she's my sister.
      Kyle: Right. It has nothing to do with how hot she is.

    • Rory: Mom, what are you doing?
      Cate: I just can't stand the mess anymore. I found pop bottles, candy wrappers and under your bed; books, clothes, and a tire.
      Rory: It's going to be part of my first car.

    • Paul: Get ready for a slew of phone calls from [Jason] trying to get back together.
      Kerry: He hasn't called.
      Paul: Well give him a day. If you meant anything at all to him, he'll come beggin'.
      Kerry: We broke up last week.

    • Bridget and Kerry run down the steps)
      Bridget: I am going to kill you!
      Cate: What is going on?
      Bridget: I just talked to Amanda who talked to Michelle who talked to Walker who's dating Josie that you-
      Paul: Kerry kissing Kyle meant nothing!
      Bridget: Borrowed my sweater! (long pause) What?
      Paul: (to Kerry) You borrowed her sweater?!

    • Kyle: Hey Kerry. What are you doing here?
      Kerry: I'm with Bridget.
      Kyle: Me too.

    • Paul: Hey Kerry, hey Christina. Nice room.
      Christina: You know, I'm just going to go upstairs so I don't feel uncomfortable. (looks at Paul) More uncomfortable.

    • Paul: Do you know who Kerry's with right now?
      Cate: Christina.
      Paul: Well, I bet you don't know what room there in.
      Cate: The basement.
      Paul: Do you even remember her?
      Cate: Yeah, she was one of the friends that Kerry had to cut lose after the Spice Girls impersonators fiasco.
      Paul: What was wrong with it?
      Cate: They were three middle aged women wearing wigs that have been drinking. I had to take their car keys and drive them home. And let me tell you, that Baby Spice, mean drunk.

    • Kerry: Kyle and I kissed.
      Paul: You did? Are you okay?

    • Kerry: Why do you put up with her?
      Kyle: Why do you?
      Kyle: I put up with her 'cause she's my sister.
      Kyle: Sure. And it has nothing to do with how hot she is.

    • (Bridget and Cate come home and Kerry runs to Bridget crying)
      Bridget: You talked to Dad? What were you thinking?
      Cate: Paul!
      Paul: She just needed a good cry.

    • Paul: Where's Bridget and Kerry?
      Anthony: They be around here somewhere shaking there ba rump a ba bump. (normal voice) Mom! You promised you'd stay upstairs!

    • Christina: So do you want to listen to music or watch tv or something?
      Kerry: No.
      Christina: You're no fun.
      Kerry: Sorry.
      Christina: No, I like it.

    • Cate: Now, you are my husband, and I say this with love: DO NOT GET INVOLVED!

    • Paul: You okay? Your face is all puffy.
      Kerry: Dad!
      Paul: Not bad-puffy.
      Kerry: Oh, right, you mean the good-puffy.

    • Bridget: They'll call me girl who goes to parties with her little sister.
      Paul: They could call you girl who stayed home Saturday night while Jenna and Danielle became fourth best friends.
      (Bridget gasps)
      Paul: You know that had to be said.

    • Kerry: I didn't know you liked to read...[pauses]...I didn't know you could read!

    • Bridget: College boys? They look just like they do in the magazines!

    • Kerry: I have to tell you something Bridget...you're eyebrows don't match.

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