8 Simple Rules

Season 2 Episode 19

Let's Keep Going (2)

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Apr 06, 2004 on ABC

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  • Just isn't the same without John

    I love this episode though for one person. Billy Aaron Brown (Kyle). I really don't think he got enough credit for his talent on the show. While everyone else was saying David Spade was the funny one now I thought Billy was better. One of the worst things the show decided to do was take Billy off the show. I think this epsiode along with so many others shows why Billy Aaron Brown should of stayed on the show til the end. David Spade wasn't funny in my opinion. He was annoying and didn't need to be there.
    This episode also has a very sad touching moment at the end. No matter how hard they tried they just couldn't escape the fact that John Ritter was the heart of the show