8 Simple Rules

Season 2 Episode 6

No Right Way

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Nov 11, 2003 on ABC
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No Right Way
Cate is unprepared for the diverse reactions exhibited by Bridget and Kerry on their first day back to school since their father's death. Meanwhile, Jim tries his best to be helpful by making some questionable home improvements to the Hennessy home.

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  • Great episode!

    This is a truly great episode! I'm glad the show decided to keep going after the death of John Ritter.


    1) I really liked the plot to this episode. After staying home for awhile after the death of their father, the kids finally have to go back to school. They are supported by classmates, well, at least, Rory and Bridget are. Kerry is still depressed and everyone still picks on her. I also liked the thing with Rory/Missy and Bridget and trying to be all happy and upbeat.

    2) This is where the episode begins to add some humor back into the series, such as Grandpa Jim trying to fix a bunch of things around the house that aren't really required to be fixed.

    3) It was interesting when Kyle told Kerry that he loved her, and he meant it, but Kerry took it the other way, thinking that he was only saying it to make her feel better.


    1) Well, i said i kind of liked the whole Rory/Missy thing, only a little bit. In the series, i do wish that the two of them didn't end up together.moreless
  • This Episode Was One Of The Saddest Ever.

    I loved how no one knew the right way to grieve because it seemed very real because there is no right way to grieve in a situation like this. I was also really happy when Kyle said he loved Kerry. It was a perfect time to tell her seeing as she really needed some good news at the moment. I must admit, I was mad a Bridget when she was grieving but I realized way before she revealed it she was grieving and I loved how she didn't get mad a Kyle for saying he loved Kerry even though he never said it to her.moreless
Amanda MacDonald

Amanda MacDonald


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Daniella Monet

Daniella Monet

Missy Kleinfeld

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Nikki Danielle Moore

Nikki Danielle Moore

Jenna Sharpe

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Billy Aaron Brown

Billy Aaron Brown


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James Garner

James Garner

Jim Egan

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    • Kerry: Don't you think this inane conversation is just a little bit too soon?
      Bridget: Yeah you're right...but it it weren't, oh my gosh I have the greatest idea. We plan a songlist that is just one hot, sexy song after another and then we torture the guys by only dancing with each other.
      Jenna: Now that is brilliant!
      Bridget: No, I was just building up what you were already doing.
      Jenna: No, that was may more brilliant!
      Bridget: No! Well you're brillianter.

    • Jenna: So get this, we were all totally obsessing about our dates for the dance on Friday night and some people weren't getting asked and I won't name names, Dana, so we all decided we'd go stag and totally play the guys against each other.
      Kerry: Oh I think under the given circumstances that -
      Bridget: Oh I love that!
      Kerry: Bridget? You're really talking about this?
      Bridget: Yeah did you hear their strategy? It was very clever.

    • Jenna: The group was not the same without you!
      Bridget: Oh! really?
      Jenna: Yeah. It's just like in Charlie's Angels how there's a blonde, a brunette and a kinda something else. We are so glad to have our blonde back!
      Danielle: I'm blonde!
      Jenna: Yeah right Danielle.

    • Bridget: Yeah right like I'm going to go out with a barrister.
      Cate: Honey, a barrister is a lawyer in England.

    • Cate: Is that the dress you bought with my credit card?
      Bridget: Yeah, isn't it great! I mean, you have your boob dresses and your good leg dresses and butt dresses, but it's hardly ever you get a good boob-leg-butt dress, you know what I mean?

    • Cate: You can buy a new dress for the dance.
      Bridget: Really? I know exactly which one i'm going to get, it's red.
      Which I know is not really my color but it works. I don't think there's a color out there I can't make prettier.

    • Kerry: Kyle, why did you say you loved me?
      Kyle: You see, when your dad died, it made me realize....
      Kerry: Yeah, that's what I thought. You felt sorry for me, that's what I thought.
      Kyle: No, that's not it. When your dad died it made me realize that you have to say the things you feel because you may not get another chance.

    • Kerry: You are too pretty for this dress.
      Bridget: What?
      Kerry: I just think it's for some girl who has to try really hard and you don't. You should respect yourself like was always telling you to. You deserve the best.
      Bridget: You deserve the best too.
      Kerry: No, I don't.
      Bridget: No, listen. What Kyle said to you, he meant it.
      Kerry: How do you know?
      Bridget: Kyle and I went out for a really long time.
      Kerry: Yeah.
      Bridget: He never said it to me.

    • Cate: Hey guys.
      Jim: You didn't ring the doorbell.
      Cate: That's strange because I always ring the doorbell when I enter my own house.
      Jim: Maybe if you'd rung the bell, you'd have noticed that I fixed it.
      Cate: That's nice.
      Jim: Aren't you gonna try it?
      Cate: What?
      Jim: The doorbell.
      Cate: I believe that you fixed it.
      Jim: Well when I said I fixed it, maybe I was being unnecessarily modest. I'm talking three hours at the hardware store trying out doorbells till I found the exact right one that says, "This is where the Hennessey's live."

    • Bridget: You're gonna take us to school in that?
      Kerry: What is that?
      Cate: It's a housecoat.
      Bridget: Maybe it's called a housecoat because you should wear it in the privacy of your own house.
      Cate: What is the big deal? Nobody's going to see me in the car.
      Kerry: Damn right they're not, cause you're going to drop us like two blocks from school.
      Rory: Congratulations mom, you're just as lame as dad.

    • Rory: Apparently pity milk doesn't come in chocolate.

    • Kyle: Want to play air hockey?
      Kerry: Why?
      Kyle: Well, sometimes when we play it I can see down your shirt.

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