8 Simple Rules

Season 2 Episode 6

No Right Way

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Nov 11, 2003 on ABC



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    • Kerry: Don't you think this inane conversation is just a little bit too soon?
      Bridget: Yeah you're right...but it it weren't, oh my gosh I have the greatest idea. We plan a songlist that is just one hot, sexy song after another and then we torture the guys by only dancing with each other.
      Jenna: Now that is brilliant!
      Bridget: No, I was just building up what you were already doing.
      Jenna: No, that was may more brilliant!
      Bridget: No! Well you're brillianter.

    • Jenna: So get this, we were all totally obsessing about our dates for the dance on Friday night and some people weren't getting asked and I won't name names, Dana, so we all decided we'd go stag and totally play the guys against each other.
      Kerry: Oh I think under the given circumstances that -
      Bridget: Oh I love that!
      Kerry: Bridget? You're really talking about this?
      Bridget: Yeah did you hear their strategy? It was very clever.

    • Jenna: The group was not the same without you!
      Bridget: Oh! really?
      Jenna: Yeah. It's just like in Charlie's Angels how there's a blonde, a brunette and a kinda something else. We are so glad to have our blonde back!
      Danielle: I'm blonde!
      Jenna: Yeah right Danielle.

    • Bridget: Yeah right like I'm going to go out with a barrister.
      Cate: Honey, a barrister is a lawyer in England.

    • Cate: Is that the dress you bought with my credit card?
      Bridget: Yeah, isn't it great! I mean, you have your boob dresses and your good leg dresses and butt dresses, but it's hardly ever you get a good boob-leg-butt dress, you know what I mean?

    • Cate: You can buy a new dress for the dance.
      Bridget: Really? I know exactly which one i'm going to get, it's red.
      Which I know is not really my color but it works. I don't think there's a color out there I can't make prettier.

    • Kerry: Kyle, why did you say you loved me?
      Kyle: You see, when your dad died, it made me realize....
      Kerry: Yeah, that's what I thought. You felt sorry for me, that's what I thought.
      Kyle: No, that's not it. When your dad died it made me realize that you have to say the things you feel because you may not get another chance.

    • Kerry: You are too pretty for this dress.
      Bridget: What?
      Kerry: I just think it's for some girl who has to try really hard and you don't. You should respect yourself like was always telling you to. You deserve the best.
      Bridget: You deserve the best too.
      Kerry: No, I don't.
      Bridget: No, listen. What Kyle said to you, he meant it.
      Kerry: How do you know?
      Bridget: Kyle and I went out for a really long time.
      Kerry: Yeah.
      Bridget: He never said it to me.

    • Cate: Hey guys.
      Jim: You didn't ring the doorbell.
      Cate: That's strange because I always ring the doorbell when I enter my own house.
      Jim: Maybe if you'd rung the bell, you'd have noticed that I fixed it.
      Cate: That's nice.
      Jim: Aren't you gonna try it?
      Cate: What?
      Jim: The doorbell.
      Cate: I believe that you fixed it.
      Jim: Well when I said I fixed it, maybe I was being unnecessarily modest. I'm talking three hours at the hardware store trying out doorbells till I found the exact right one that says, "This is where the Hennessey's live."

    • Bridget: You're gonna take us to school in that?
      Kerry: What is that?
      Cate: It's a housecoat.
      Bridget: Maybe it's called a housecoat because you should wear it in the privacy of your own house.
      Cate: What is the big deal? Nobody's going to see me in the car.
      Kerry: Damn right they're not, cause you're going to drop us like two blocks from school.
      Rory: Congratulations mom, you're just as lame as dad.

    • Rory: Apparently pity milk doesn't come in chocolate.

    • Kyle: Want to play air hockey?
      Kerry: Why?
      Kyle: Well, sometimes when we play it I can see down your shirt.

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