8 Simple Rules

Season 3 Episode 15

Old Flame

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Jan 14, 2005 on ABC

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  • Ed and Katey reunited!

    It was great to see Ed O'Neill (Matt) staring alongside Katey Sagal (Cate) again after 'Married With Children'. They have such great chemistry together. I think this was a great episode to show Cate struggling with the stress of being a single mum and also showing her letting her hair down and giving viewers an inight into her high school years. CJ trying to make dinner was particularly funny too. I couldn't help laughing at the irony in Cate telling Matt that she was a mum who "cooks and cleans" but in 'Married With Children' she did absolutely nothing for her family! Overall a great episode, and I only wish that we saw more of O'Neill in later episodes.
  • I rated it 'jumps the shark' because it doesn't seem like something you'd hope to see in this series.

    Well, it really isn't my favorite episode. I only rated it 7.9 because it had some pretty good humor in this episode.

    1) Well, I liked the idea of Cate feeling that an overrun-single mother, but I wish they did something else rather then her spending a night with an ex-boyfriend and realizing she wouldn't give up her family for anything, no matter how 'needy' they can be.
    2) I loved David Spade in this episode! He was pretty much the reason I rated this higher then a 7, I was going to give it a six. He was just too much! I really enjoyed watching him!

    1) Like I said above, I wish they did something other then her spending a night with an ex-boyfriend.
    2) I wasn't expecting Cate to look up an old boyfriend at all, I mean, wouldn't that hurt too much for Cate?
    3) I did not enjoy the character of Matt. I really did not.
  • A wasted guest star and a missed opportunity

    8 Simple Rules has at its best always been an average sitcom. Nothing wrong with that, its funny but in a comforting way more than a laugh out loud kind of way. Also it's learn a lesson/moralising which so many US sitcoms have is a bit annoying.
    However being a big fan of Married with Children i really wanted to see Ed and Katey together again.
    The two still have great chemistry despite playing very different characters to their MWC days.
    My problem with the episode is that Ed is hardly in it! They shouldl have at least made this a 2 parter if not a little multi-arc thing.
  • Cate hooks up with her old college flame. Ed O'Neil guest stars.

    This was a funny episode with guest star Ed O'Neil.
    I tend to like the episodes that deal more with the kids, however this one dealing with Cate's stress due to everyone in the house hold demands, was great.

    Cate locks herself in her bedroom after a long hard day of being overworked and under appreciated.

    Her old college boyfriend shimmies up the drain pipe to her window to wisp her off her feet after Cate had sent him an email earlier that morning.

    The two of them go out for one last wild night of drinking, greasy food, and kissing gargoyles.

    After a long night she goes home to a family begging her to come out of her room.

    She sneaks back in through the window, and they never knew she was gone, until she tells them, and they don't believe her.

    Very cute and funny.