8 Simple Rules

Season 1 Episode 1


Aired Friday 8:00 PM Sep 17, 2002 on ABC

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  • I did not like this episode that much but it is rare i enjoy the first episode of any series

    I did not like this episode that much, but it is rare i enjoy the first episode of any series. It was informative and somewhat funny. I liked the setting of a family show of the idea based off a book, but I liked the later episodes much more.In the end I guess this episode was modertate but in essence it was never one of my favorate episodes of the series. Of course you know what they say: you can never judge a book by its cover. And I am happy I stook around for the rest of the series.
  • Pilot

    When this pilot aired the family sitcom was still something TV tried to fight for. You could see this show had some kinks to work out, but overall it actually was fresh and original, despite lacking uniqueness. It was funny too.

    Not an all-time great pilot, but you saw why people liked this show from the get-go.
  • Well, this is the first episode, and it is the first episode I saw- of this show. It was good at points, but not that good, as I thought it would be, at others. The Dad takes care of the three kids, one gets suspended, and he is worried about another.

    Well, this is the first episode, and it is the first episode I saw- of this show. It was good at points, but not that good, as I thought it would be, at others. The Dad takes care of the three kids, one gets suspended, and he is worried about another.

    So, after thinking about it, I thought that it was good. Not exactly great. It was funny at some points, and it was good for a pilot. I dont know if I will like the series, because it was just "okay." I am surprised it went on because of this pilot episode.
  • The pilot episode of 8 Simple Rules follows Paul Henesey through the day as he has to deal fully with his children while his wife Kate works a full day at the hospital. Problems ensue as Carrie gets suspended and Bridget has boy problems.

    The other day, I decided to check out this comedy again because I remember it begin really good when John Ritter was a still alive. I was in college at the time, so I didn't get to see them all, so it is nice to see them. In this first episode, Paul has to care for the kids all day by himself while Kate is at the hospital. Of course as the standard for this sort of sitcom, things don't go right. Off the bat, Carrie is suspended from school after skipping school, which seems harsh for missing only one day. Later, Bridget is shot down by the boy she is interested in, though she was just looking at his a replacement to her current Homecoming date. She is then grounded by Paul. During the conversation, it is revealed that Carrie wanted to go to the dance, but no one asked her and she now thinks she is not pretty enough. Paul assures her and things seem to be neutral again in the household. As Kate returns home, Paul is still a bit of mess, but both of the girls come to say goodnight and embrace him.

    The pilot episode for the show is good, mostly because of the acting of Ritter. I had only see small bits of his other works before this show and known him as more of a physical actor, ala Threes Company buffoonery. However, his quips and one-liners in this show were very comical. Because of this, the show stays afloat when it might sink without some his acting. While I see the characters progressing further so that the show doesn't have to rely so heavily on Ritter, it is still in its growing phase at this point. That is not a surprise, though, since it is the pilot. Look forward to more good Ritter acting in coming episodes.
  • Great start to a great series.

    The Pilot episode for 8 Simple Rules was well done. It introduced the characters well, showing Paul (John Ritter) - an over-protective father of his children, especially his daughters Bridget (Kaley Cuoco), and Kerry (Amy Davidson) and overwhelmed with his new role as "mom" as his wife Cate (Katey Sagal) has decided to return to work. Bridget is introduced as the typical "dumb blonde" type teenager, and Kerry is introduced as the smart but un-confident daughter. However the son Rory (Martin Spanjers) and Cate's characters aren't developed much until the next few episodes. Overall a great first episode that lays down the formation for a great sitcom.
  • A great opening to a good show!

    So Ritter for me makes this show. And It seem's sad that a show is made by one single actor cause (RIP) when Ritter leaves the show doesn't have much going for it.

    Although this episode is a very good example of how he makes it. It see's him struggling to cope with teenage girls and if he is anything like my father, which he is from this show, he doesn't find it easy at all!

    It see's the foundations of the personalities of all the kids. Rory the quiet boy which seems to be a bit of a sly one, Bridget the maneater and perfect at everything and kerry the girl who is the smart one but doesn't have that confidence!

    An average episode - a great foundation for a good show!
  • A great way to open up the show!

    It really was a great way to open up the school! They may have overdone the funny, but I don't mind!

    1) I liked how they opened it! And when I say that, I mean I liked how this episode opened up the series. It had a good plot dealing with many things that fathers would go through nowadays, teenage boys and their video game obbsession, girls and not feeling pretty, it was enjoyable!
    2) Through the roof funny! They over did the funny on this, but I don't mind!
    3) The problem with beginning a new show, comic strip, etc. is that the writers can write themselves into corners with character personality traits. But they established the characters perfectly well, they didn't run into any corners. If that makes sense to anyone else. XD

    Overall, fantastic opening episode!
  • it was great

    i thought it was great! it was well written and a lot happened! it was exciting and engaging! and i thought it was very interesting! it was a good episode by my watch and i think that i would watch it over and over again! it was funny and i had lots and lots of laughs during the entire show! it was one of the better episodes! personaly i very much enjoy the first episodes of any show! but i espacially enjoyed the first episode of 8 simple rules! 8 simple rules is one of the most enjoyable and engaging shows arund!
  • A great beginning! Sans Cate, who really isn't in this episode... Let me explain:

    Pilots are usually shown to execs, who give it the green light for full production.

    Knowing that, and with execs probably knowing Katey Sagal (Cate) was known as Peggy Bundy in the most dysfunctional show ever, "Married with Children", keeping her on the backburner wasn't unwise a move to make.

    Having said that, future episodes readily prove WHY she was chosen to play Cate. Katey's performance does NOT make people equate her with Peggy B, with Cate being an actual caring mother, while still allowing her to exhibit a sardonic wit that she, as an actress, is known for doing well. Later episodes present more of Katey, which only solidifies how right the producers were in casting her. A brave decision, which paid off immensely. She truly is a wonderful actress.

    The casting in this show was simply perfect. The actors are all of high quality and professional. I know I've been Katey-centric, mostly because I'm tying general show comments in with the pilot; an episode which sets up the family dynamics with aplomb. The confidence is assured. The writing in this show was simply perfect. The usual tropes exist, but the end-runs and creative workarounds show what creativity is meant to be, and proving television is not a dead industry. Then add in the occasional moment where the parent sees the teenager as a little girl and it knows how to emote without wallowing in it either.

    A first class family show, "8 Simple Rules" was. For those and many more reasons.

    A shame ABC killed it by moving the show into a Friday time slot (which only assures a ratings drop because nobody's home to watch it!); while the dynamic changed because of John Ritter's untimely death, the incorporation of it into the show was a stroke of brilliance, and the characters created to fill the void work -- and were wonderfully cast too.
  • This episode was a good starting to this show. I enjoyed this Pilot.

    This episode was a good starting to the show. I enjoyed this Pilot. This Pilot had a lot of laughs and it delivers a lot. The episode is mostly about Paul trying to help his kids get through life. Paul is worried because his daughters Bridget and Kerry are getting interested in boys. Rory (The Boy) has no problems with Paul because he respects him (if you want to say that). A Pilot like this deserves a good rating. If you want to agree with this or not, you're gonna have to tune into this episode to see if it delivers. I really enjoyed it though.
  • Paul has trouble with the girls because they are becoming women and teenagers.

    This was the best episode ever. I watched the first episode and it was awesome. I think 8 simple rules is the best. I show all my friends and they say that they love it too. They have the best ideas for the show! Kerry and Bridget are the total opposite which is really funny. And their little brother is hilarious. John Ritter was so funny in that episode. That was such a good start to the series. This is my favorite episode. Everyone should watch it! It\'s really exciting and you can\'t stop watching it. I watched it like millions of times and i never get sick of it.
  • Great pilot episode, full of laughs.

    Paul Hennessey must now get use to his wife Cate working the morning shift at the hospital. He now has to get his 3 children off to school each day, and deal with them after school.

    He feels bad for Bridget after watching her being rejected by Kyle. That soon changes when he learns that she already has a date, and was herself looking for something better.

    Paul helps out Kerry who feels she isn\'t pretty.
    Rory is their younger son in junior high who is enjoying his dads rough day.

    This was a very funny pilot. I think it introduced the family well.