8 Simple Rules

Season 1 Episode 1


Aired Friday 8:00 PM Sep 17, 2002 on ABC

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  • The pilot episode of 8 Simple Rules follows Paul Henesey through the day as he has to deal fully with his children while his wife Kate works a full day at the hospital. Problems ensue as Carrie gets suspended and Bridget has boy problems.

    The other day, I decided to check out this comedy again because I remember it begin really good when John Ritter was a still alive. I was in college at the time, so I didn't get to see them all, so it is nice to see them. In this first episode, Paul has to care for the kids all day by himself while Kate is at the hospital. Of course as the standard for this sort of sitcom, things don't go right. Off the bat, Carrie is suspended from school after skipping school, which seems harsh for missing only one day. Later, Bridget is shot down by the boy she is interested in, though she was just looking at his a replacement to her current Homecoming date. She is then grounded by Paul. During the conversation, it is revealed that Carrie wanted to go to the dance, but no one asked her and she now thinks she is not pretty enough. Paul assures her and things seem to be neutral again in the household. As Kate returns home, Paul is still a bit of mess, but both of the girls come to say goodnight and embrace him.

    The pilot episode for the show is good, mostly because of the acting of Ritter. I had only see small bits of his other works before this show and known him as more of a physical actor, ala Threes Company buffoonery. However, his quips and one-liners in this show were very comical. Because of this, the show stays afloat when it might sink without some his acting. While I see the characters progressing further so that the show doesn't have to rely so heavily on Ritter, it is still in its growing phase at this point. That is not a surprise, though, since it is the pilot. Look forward to more good Ritter acting in coming episodes.
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