8 Simple Rules

Season 3 Episode 11

Princetown Girl

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Dec 10, 2004 on ABC

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  • brigite gowung to prinston?

    I thought this epasode was ausome, my fav. part was when Kate told Bridget to let Kerry know calmley that a princeton scout person was coming to watch the tennis game that Bridget was going to play in later that week, because Kerry had alwayes dreamed of going to princeton one day. So anyway Bridget goes to tell Kerry her good news and tottaly rubs it in her face. This makes Kerry extreamly mad so she goes to talk to her mom about it and Kate ses nothing more to comfort Kerry. Kerry and Bridget are naw fighting and Kerry refuses to help Bridget with a test so she can pass and play in the speacial game.
  • At first, i didn't care for the episode. But as it got further into the storyline, i found it funny and entertaining.

    This episode of '8 Simple Rules' was another great installment to the series. First, bridget is ecstatic when she learns college scouts will see her play tennis and she may get a full scholarship to Princton! But when Bridget learns that in order to play her match, all grades must be a 'C' and above; she has a 'D' in math. So the only way she can play, is if she passes her math test. But she can only do that if Kerri helps her; but shes mad at Bridget and refuses to help her. Meanwhile, CJ and Grandpa Jim have a bargain for the basement, if CJ spends a whole night in the Attic (alone!) he will get the entire downstairs for himself. Thats all i will give away of this episode! To find out the rest, keep an eye on the tv and the TVGuide!
  • Tennis might get Bridget a scholarship to Princeton.

    Carries is really upset when she finds out that Bridget may get a college scholarship to Princeton for being a good tennis player.

    In order to play at the game on Friday Bridget needs a C average, however she has a D.

    Cate wants to talk to the teacher to try and see if there is something Bridget can do to fix her grade before Friday.

    C.J bets Grandpa he spend a night up in the attic alone.