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  • A lovely show

    Really connected to me. I hate that the show was canceled. Although one may say that it is not kick in nuts funny, but I find it a lot more than a simple sitcom. Passing away of Ritter was really sad. Best thing about the show is it isn't specific to particular portion of society it rather is a phenomenon : teenagers & their family.

    Surely recommended.

    The ending left me wanting more.
  • Classic Show for me

    8 Simple Rules is one of the few family sitcoms I wholeheartedly enjoy. I still remember when I first watched the show, my first episode was Season 1, episode 4, "Give it Up" back in 2002 or 2003, it was one of those years. Anyway, I was instantly hooked after and continued to watch the series throughout. I really do think all the actors were great and was anyone else surpirsed that the actress who played Kerry (Amy Davidson) was actually older than the "older" sister Bridget (Kaley Cuoco)? That shocked me so much as Amy Davidson really looked so young for her real age at the time lol.

    Anyway, back on the show. I really did enjoy it though I will say, that I found the show more funny wiith John Ritter . He played the goofy dad quite well and without him, the show felt empty. So personally, I didn't enjoy the later half of season 2 & season 3 as much as I liked season 1 because John Ritter provided this quintessential humor style that paralleled the other characters so well. James Garner played a good, old-fashioned Grandfather but David Spade... Honestly, I found his character to be annoying (Sorry David Spade fans).

    If I had to say anything positity about season 2 & 3, I do feel that Katey Sagal portrayed the struggles of a widowed mom very nicely. It's still funny how she went from playing a lazy housewife (Married with Children) to a devoted mother. She's really good! And of course, Kaley Cuoco, Amy Davidson, & Martin Spanjers still did a good job portraying the kids.

    I think the main thing that really grabbed me of the show was how relatable it was. I personally related best with Kerry (being more quiet, loving art) while my brother related to that of Bridget (Extroverted and a party fan) so that definitely raised the hook of the show for us.

    8 Simple rules is truly a classic and while some of the jokes are a little dated, I highly recommend the show to anyone, old and young. :)

    The only reason I didn't give a rating of 10/10 is because the sad truth is the show did dwindle a little after the farewell to John Ritter. Still a show worth a watch nonetheless.

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  • I LOVE that show!

    I feel obligated to put a high rating because I just love that show! It's one of my favorites for sure! The actors are very good, it's always funny, there is some drama very well player and done, and the show bounced extremely well after season 1 and the events that occured!
  • John Ritter made the show watchable

    Apparently John kept the show alive. Miss you John
  • Loved untill John Ritter died.

    After that it just got pretty stupid. But not too bad after.
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  • What an awesome and hilarious show. I highly recommend it to anyone who enjoys watching family life at home.

    WOW. WHAT A SHOW! I just love it so much. It is another family show that is about a wife and husband that have three kids and live together in a house. Paul and Cate and their three kids Bridget, Kerry, and Rory. It's very similar to My Wife and Kids and 8 Simple Rules. Each episode is full of fresh humor and hilarity that makes me laugh in literally almost every single spoken word in literally almost every single character line. It's just freaking hysterical. After something is said, I laugh so hard that I can't forget about it. This show is full of fun and surprises that will keep you coming back for more every time. It expresses quintessence of the typical family life at home, and shows viewers what it is like to have a family and how hard it is to raise kids. Some kids may even be able to relate the things that happen on the show to things that happen in their own lives at home. This show is the purest, most perfect example of family life at home and the kind of crazy situations that happen with kids.

    Bridget and Kerry are always getting into trouble with their boyfriends and parties and stuff like that, while Rory is only seen most of the time bothering his sisters, playing video games, and finding new ways to ask his parents for a monkey every time they say no. I like the things that Rory says when he messes with Bridget and Kerry. He makes jokes about them to annoy them, and it adds to the humor and hilarity of the show. But I was disappointed to see that he didn't really have any storylines, plots, or roles in the show, and he never got in trouble. He didn't really have any problems because he didn't really have a life. I was so angry and so depressed that the father Paul died. He was the male head of the family. He was everything. He was what made this show. A family show whose patriarch passes away? That is just not good at all. This was a family show just like with Still Standing, My Wife and Kids, George Lopez, and others. Having no dad just ruins everything. I just can't stress that enough and it is hard for me to get over it. This didn't have to happen, but it did. I was surprised that they didn't cancel the show. They continued to incorporate the death of Paul into an episode that was a tribute to him. The late, great John Ritter. His character Paul collapsed in a grocery store while buying milk, but he actually did die in real life. I would have liked them to replace the actor instead so that there still would have been a father, and even though I still wouldn't have gotten over it completely, I would have gotten over it more than if they brought in Jim and CJ. But that would have been disrespectful, so I'm glad that they did something nice for him and made an episode in honor of him that showed people in real life that he will never be forgotten, will remain in memory forever, and was an awesome actor that always made us laugh. Rest In Peace. It is not easy for the cast to act out grief after they have probably already grieved when they heard about his passing when they were not on set. I give the cast credit for that.

    After three episodes of the show's second season, Cate's father and the kid's grandfather Jim came to stay with the family to help support their lives after the tragic, untimely, shocking death of Paul. Later, Cate's nephew and the kid's cousin tags along and joins the household. He proves himself to be irresponsible even after coming back from the army, but then later proves himself to be a good guy and the whole family welcomes him to stay with them longer after he almost got kicked out. Well, almost everybody. Jim strongly opposes him. He kinda hates him and wants him to leave their house. He just doesn't seem to want to get along with him all that well and tends to get in fights with him. However, he still remains irresponsible throughout the rest of the series run. Jim and CJ continued to make the show awesome and hilarious. However, as I watched future episodes after Paul's death, I kind of felt like I was a part of the family and also had to deal with Paul's death. Every episode without him, I just kept thinking about Paul being gone. Come back Paul. The show was never the same without him, but Jim and CJ still kept the humor hilarious and fresh. Jim and CJ were just as funny as Paul and made up for the loss of him, but they will still never replace him. CJ always make things funny when the kids get in trouble and it annoys Cate, and I just love it because he makes me laugh and takes my mind off of the kids getting into trouble. Jim and CJ did not worsen the show in any aspect shape or form. However, it did jump the shark a little sometimes in some episodes of the third season.

    The purpose of this show was half defeated after Paul's death. Jim did not take Paul's role in the show. He did not really help Cate raise the kids. Sure, he talked to them about their problems just like Paul would as a father, but he did not punish or ground them when they broke the rules and did something wrong or unacceptable, and he did not teach them any lessons to not do it again next time. That is the role that a father plays in both a TV show and real life. He did not really get involved in the kid's lives like Bridget's or Kerry's dating guys or problems at school or anything like that like the role of a father would in both a TV show and real life. Cate was still the only one who did all that stuff. Jim just lied around every day on the couch all day and watched TV. Just like any other old man would. He did not take over the ruling authority as a father. He was kind of just like another one of Cate's kids that she had to take care of. So was CJ, but obviously he is going to be. When Paul was involved in the kid's lives, he carried out all the responsibilities of being a father of three children and was raising them the way a concerned father would. And for that reason this show was the perfect example of family life at home and was the perfect example of what kind of situations happen with teenagers in life and how they are dealt with by parents. WAS. It was also funny when he was involved with the kids. He was always making jokes about what they were doing because he was so overprotective of them. It was just great when Paul was around. But Jim doesn't assume Paul's role. He just kind of takes advantage of the fact that he is there. That's why the purpose of the show is half defeated after Paul's death. Half because Cate was still the mother and still did her best to cope with everything and raise the kids correctly so that they will stay on the right track in life, but nobody is there to be a father to the kids. Therefore, the purpose of showing examples of family life at home and the purpose of showing situations that happen with teenagers and how they are dealt with by parents were fifty percent defeated because one of the parents died and was gone. If even that. Maybe even lower than fifty percent. And because of that, the show had to undergo some major changes and turn arounds to concept and purpose. It ruined everything. Obviously I can understand CJ not being the father. But Jim no. Who said grandparents can't be parents if one is gone? It happens all the time in real life. However, even if he did take the role of Paul as a father, it still would not be the same because Jim is an old man, and it wouldn't feel right for a grandparent to be a parent. It would feel kind of awkward and might even worsen the pain of Paul being gone. It would probably just be too painful to watch. That's probably why the writers of this show didn't have him assume the role of Paul in the show. So I am overjoyed that they made Jim act like another one of Cate's kids and made him still be as hilarious as Paul was in a different way. Therefore, the changes made to the show were very easy to adjust to. I still loved and it, and it was still as great as ever. Without Jim or CJ, this show would have probably gone downhill fast and lost its humor and comedy. Jim and CJ were needed to fill the gap of missing Paul. No matter how much they help or not. I guess as long as Cate was still a single parent and did her job like she would normally do if Paul were still around and as long as Jim and CJ are still as hilarious as Paul even though not as helpful as Paul, then everything is still okay. So I am not complaining about Jim not being a father to the kids like Paul because I clearly stated that I was happy that the writers didn't do that. I only mentioned it as a part of this review because I am trying to prove my point that the purpose of this show was fifty percent defeated after Paul's death, and that the show was just never the same without him. Paul was hilarious, and I think he was the funniest character. I haven't really seen that many episodes with Jim and CJ yet. I've seen two with Jim and CJ that were funnier than Paul. I've seen about ten other ones that were still funny, but not as funny as Paul. There's a whole lot more episodes that I have not yet seen. So I can't really make a judgement or opinion about it yet which one of the three characters is funnier. I just love the theme song. It happens at just the right time in every episode after one character says the perfect thing that is so hilarious to hear. It goes with the flow of things in the show and just works out to be great. The music has a soothing melody and tune, and it makes me so happy and puts me into a very good mood. It is so satisfying and pleasing to listen to. I wonder how the producers or whoever made the theme song has the creativity, skill and talent to come up with that kind of music. It seems to fit the show just right. It shows each of the cast members answering the door when it is knocked on, and Rory does something different each time he comes on that makes me laugh. I was disappointed to see that they got rid of it after the death of Paul. They could have still done it with Jim and CJ, and it still would have been great. What a letdown. Oh well.

    This is an awesome show, and I was glad to finally see another classic, light-hearted, hilarious family show that I could once again enjoy watching. It is funny and makes you laugh when you are angry, depressed, or stressed out. It can help you forget about everything that is on your mind and just relax and chill out. Even when you are feeling fine, normal, and happy, it is still funny, makes you laugh, and is something that you can enjoy and look forward to seeing. They kept going after the death of Paul and they did a great job of staying strong and getting through it together as a family. So I give the cast credit to that.
  • Great show but it ended when John Ritter Passed.

    This was a funny show i was a big fan but the essence of the show was John Ritter as the dad he was so funny. I remember watching the news and them saying it was John Ritters best work in awhile and it was getting ratings. Sadly John Ritter passed and it just wasn't the same show. The brought David Spade in, and some old geezer which changed the show for the worse and it eventually was canceled. Good idea but i think it should have been canceled after John Passed, he was the show. Not to say Katy Segal isn't funny or talented but when people were talking about the hype around the show it was clips of funny jokes from ritter they would show.

    8 simple rules is a family in America, a dad who is very protective over them (a bit to protective) and a mother who used to be a Bridget of the family (Bidget is her daughter) Bridget is gorgeous she knows it and she is a really nice person but she can be a right show off!Then theres Kerry Bridgets Younger sister She is achually very pretty but nobody notices her next to her older sister Bridget. She cares about the world and her family (most of the time) She is a really nice person but she can be quite mean. Thens theres Rory the younger brother he is mischievious. he plays spys on his older sisters only to snitch on them afterwards. Lastly theres CJ who thinks hes cool but hie`s not. He is Kates nephew (the mother) He came to the family after there father died of a stroke in the grocerie store

    8 simple rules is a great show and loads of people would enjoy it!
  • The story of a family that went through everyday problems.

    This show was my afternoon fix, everyday after school at four I would watch this show even the repeats I have seen a billion times. I loved every single season of the show. Most people thought it went downhill after the death of John Ritter but I liked the new charters even though i really did miss his excellent acting. I loved the addition of David Spade he made this show so refreshingly funny. I can remember mutiple hilarious lines said by almost every character. THis show also had the comedy spread between every character not just one or two. THey all bring something different to the show and I love to see how they solve their many normal with the occasional odd problems.
  • One of my favourite TV series by far.

    This was definitely a favourite of mine. Paul always reminded me of my own dad. Overprotective, caring, and embarassing, but I love him anyway. I loved watching the family interact with each other and Kerry kind of reminded me of myself. Not really caring of the latest trends, speaking her mind, and not putting any real thought into what others think. At least, that's the impression she gave to others. Of course she cared, but she kept it mostly to herself as Bridget was always the bigger drama queen.

    Then we have Rory who was obsessed with monkeys and always a trouble maker. CJ and the grandfather came in later in the series and added a lot more to the show. This series would have been great if they had continued it, but all good things must end some time...
  • i havent seen this show in a while

    i havent seen this show in a while. this is a great show ive seen about 5 episodes or so and i like what ive seen. the dad died youd think theyd end the show but they didnt and the episodes i saw without him were still pretty good. overall its a great sitcom not the best but still entertaining.
    i havent seen this show in a while. this is a great show ive seen about 5 episodes or so and i like what ive seen. the dad died youd think theyd end the show but they didnt and the episodes i saw without him were still pretty good. overall its a great sitcom not the best but still entertaining.
  • One of the few sitcoms actually worth watching.

    How can you go wrong with a cast like that? David Spade close to the top of his comic form in every episode in which he's featured. Katey Sagal, who livens up everything in which she appears. In it's last season, Eight simple rules did a marvelous, quality job in addressing issues involved with the loss of a beloved family member, something we all have to deal with sooner or later. The episode following the tragic loss of John Ritter was, in my opinion, an extraordinary television event. In the episodes that followed, the loss of the shows central character was handled with a degree of intelligence and sensitivity that is very rare in a TV sitcom. I miss this show.
  • This show is a tribute to all great dads

    This show is somewhat similar to My Wife and Kids, except that the stories are more centered on teenage issues (dating, school, etc.) Bridget is the oldest child, the one who often dates Kyle, and despite the on-going "shallow teenage daughter" stereotype, she's pretty funny. Kerry is the slightly younger daughter, who's not very popular, but is a great artist. Rory is the only son, youngest child, and doesn't seem to have a life outside video games, and pestering his sisters. Unlike many other shows with annoying siblings, he's more funny than he is annoying. Paul is the over-protective dad, and Cate is the liberal mom. All of these five personalities put together creates another fantastic family comedy.

    After the untimely death of John Ritter I thought this series may have been cancelled but they carried on and I'm glad they did. Now Katey Segal's been given more to do and they've introduced two new characters one played by James Garner and the other by one of my favourite comedy actors David Spade (who I'm glad's back on TV now Just Shoot Me's finished). These two new male characters fill the gap in the parental hole for the dad. Where James Garner's grandad character is the strict oldie who wants to discpline the kids, Spade's character is the chilled out cousin who wants to be down with the kids and tell them how to be cool but also is looking out for them. These two characters demonstrate both sides of the dad but at the same time are conflicting views on how the mother should raise her children.overall this was a great show!
  • A show which made me laugh

    8 Simple Rules, follows the life of a typical American family. They have 2 teenage daughters, a younger son and a mother and father. The first season of this show, was amazing. Then sadly the father character in the show, played by John Ritter, passed away in real life, thus forcing the show to drastically change for its second season. Although this show only ran for 3 seasons, it was funny to watch and easy to follow. If you missed one episode, it didn't really a matter. This show made me laugh more than it made me cry. It is well worth watching, if not only to see John Ritter, in his last ever show.
  • Ok Well 8 Simple Rules is an awesome show!! It's always very funny and every episode is always great to watch! Kaley Cuoco is a very good Actress! She plays the role of Bridgette soo well! Even in charmed she was amazing as the role of Billy!

    Ok Well 8 Simple Rules is an awesome show!! It's always very funny and every episode is always great to watch! Kaley Cuoco is a very good Actress! She plays the role of Bridgette soo well! Even in charmed she was amazing as the role of Billy! I got sad at the episode where their dad died (John Ritter). Especialy when Bridgette said the last thing she told to her dad was that I hate you. It kind of made you wanna cry, but then C.J. made it funny again. I love watching this!! It's such a great show!! =]^-^
  • Hilarious and entertaining! ^_^ ~XD~

    I love this show! It makes me laugh, cry, and do many more things that are in between. It is very funny and great to watch. I recall of when John Ritter died in the show. My sister cried and I was very sad. It was very touching and emotional episode. The shows does continue to be a great show even with him dead. I would recommend anyone to watch this show anytime, anywhere because when you are down, it helps you cheer up, and it is a extremely funny show and anyone can relate to what occurs in it. I really enjoy watching it.
  • This show brings back memorys of me arguing with my sibling witch i still do any way LETS START DAT REVEIW

    8Simple rules, A show with bounders at first then as like any other shoe lost them and then they started to be able to show real life sneriose, Thus is a addicting show, you see it on turn it on and you cant stop watching it, it is sad... it is funny.... it is seriouse.... and it is a sweet show, and some times it can be tear dripping sad.... i cry as i think of John Ritter... ;( ;( for he was one of my favs on the show let to know his life did not have to go all we can hope is hes watching over us from a better place.... R.I.P. John Ritter :(
  • Although this show is not as funny as most other sitcoms, it still has the merit to have this unique feeling, as well as to feature (for once!) a completely normal and un-cartoonish family.

    "8 Simple Rules" (formerly "8 Simple Rules for Dating My Teenage Daughter") is clearly a family show. A show for family without any racy topics, or lots of sexual innuendos. I was very glad to see that family-oriented humor DOES work. Even if I didn't roll on the floor laughing while watching the episodes of this show, I really did enjoy every single one of them.

    The show is about a family that, from all the sitcoms I've ever seen, is the closest to a completely normal modern family. Not that the characters aren't clichéd, you have your dumb blonde, your hysterical father and your troublemaker son... oh, and an often ignored middle child; it's just unlike most other sitcoms, the clichés aren't pushed to the extreme, and as a result, the characters look natural and in nothing cartoonish.

    The dad, Paul Hennessy (the late John Ritter), is overprotective about his daughters, and the mom, Cate (Katey Sagal), has little to no time to take care of her family, being at work all the time. The show basically starts when Paul, an unexperienced parent, starts working at home and his wife goes back to the hospital as a nurse. Paul has hard time adjusting to how his children grew up since the time when he actually took care of them. The oldest daughter, Bridget (Kaley Cuoco), is a careless blonde. She is not desperately dumb, she just has wrong priorities, she sure doesn't know her maths, but she is always in the loop about the latest gossip at school. The middle child, the redhead Kerry (Amy Davidson), is the complete opposite of Bridget, as well on the outside as on the inside, she is smart, concentrated, artistic and down-to-Earth, but seems to have little success with boys. The son, Rory (Martin Spanjers), is a little troublemaker, who loves making fun of his sisters, and always wants to get a monkey.

    The show took a huge creative turn when John Ritter passed away. I thank the crew of this show for how they handled John's passing. Instead of disrespectfully replacing the actor, they killed Paul off (the moment Cate gets the phone call and storms out actually made me shiver), and in the following episodes, the family has to deal with Paul's passing and adjust to live without him, episodes which were touching and a truly decent homage to John Ritter.

    In following episodes, when the show turned back from drama to comedy, the show really caught up well. Instead of a character who resembled Paul, they put in two new characters, which somehow match with two sides of Paul's personnality: an overprotective one, and a funny one. Cate's father Jim Egan (James Garner) moves in to offer support to his daughter after Paul's passing, as well as to avoid dealing with his estranged wife Laura. He mostly stays at home, fixing things and watching over the kids. Like Paul, his overprotectiveness targets mainly the children, but things change when Cate is hinted to be dating again. Jim's careless days at Hennessys' are over when a family member he strongly dislikes comes into the show: Cate's ne'er-do-well nephew CJ Barnes (David Spade). While at first intending to stay at Hennessys' for a short time, he definitely moves in when Jim smokes inside CJ's van and accidentally (or not?) burns it down. CJ becomes Rory's best friend and Jim's worst pain in the butt, but in spite of his lack of motivation, questionnable maturity and smart-aleck attitude, he is not a failure. Just the guy who has yet to believe in himself.

    Whether it is comedy or drama (when Paul passes away), I was never dissappointed. The crew sure knows what to do, and the cast knows how to do it. There were absolutely no times I would change the channel saying "Sucks" while this show is on. There is just this feeling, something good about it I can't describe. And, of course, it is funny.

    Unfortunately, the show was cancelled after an anti-climactic episode, just as it was at its best. The only good thing about it is it was cancelled before the show could go downhill and I could say "Oh my, it is lame".
  • Enjoyeed this show so much

    I used to make sure that I was not busy while this show was on. I would sit back and let it myself get caught up in it.
    I would cry, laugh and all that's in between. I remember watching the show that aired after John Ritter (rest his soul) died. I cried. It was severly touching! Even with him gone, it ia a good show. Although I do say that it was better when he was alive and in the show. I thought it was clever that they build the story line around that tragedy. I fully intend to buy the series!
  • 8 Simple Rules is the story of a Family dealing with the issues of raising teenage girls and a young trouble maker.

    8 Simple Rules was a show I use to watch on a regular basis. The 8 rules are......

    The rules are:
    1. Use your hands on my daughter and you'll lose them after.
    2. You make her cry, I make you cry.
    3. Safe sex is a myth. Anything you try will be hazardous to your health.
    4. Bring her home late, there's no next date.
    5. Only delivery men honk. Dates ring the doorbell. Once.
    6. No complaining while you're waiting for her. If you're bored, change my oil.
    7. If your pants hang off your hips, I'll gladly secure them with my staple gun.
    8. Dates must be in crowded public places. You want romance? Read a book.

    The show started out so great, John Ritter and Katey Sagal played funny and contradicting parents. John Ritter was the classic Father of cute teenage girls. Bridget is a beautiful blonde girl who thinks she is a princess. Kerry is the smart, emo girl. Rory was the trouble making freshman. The family blended really well together and made some great sitcom TV. When John Ritter died, the show pretty much died right with it and never recovered. They tried to revive it with David Spade and James Garner, but even with the new star power it had lost its luster. Overall the show would have gotten higher than a 7 out of 10, but the show was cut too short. I wish it would've gone longer with the original cast, it might still be on the air today in august 2008, if that was the case.
  • overall: not original, but funny.

    8 simple rules, what is there to say... In my opinion a pretty average sitcom, not really original.
    Hot daughter, cynical daughter, sarcastic son... been done to death. The jokes are mostly funny but in my opinion the only great thing about this show was john ritter. His death was a terrible loss to the show, andhollywood in general. maybe it was not the smartest thing to try and continue the show without him. Since his death the show has been going downhill very fast. Katey Segall is of course a veteran of comedy and has contributed greatly to the show.

    overall: not original, but funny.
  • A comedy following the complicated family life of the Henessy's.Father,Paul and his wife struggle to cope with their 3 teenagers crazy antics and social lives.

    I love this show and think it is hilariously funny.The way the writers wrote the script so Paul is sarcasticly funny and tries to rule his daughters' lives is television gold.It is easy to relate to for young teenage girls who's own fathers are strict and over-protective.The stories in each episode are always very clever and well-written.
    The acting is brilliant and the realistic aspect of this programme is very life-like and enjoyable,from the bickering siblings to the parent-child conflicts and struggles it all really hits home with young viewers especially the girls.The jokes in this programme are very natural and effortless but so hysterically funny.I was devastated when the actor who played the father died and it really brought the programme down as the main comedy value was his stubborn and over-protective attitude.Since his untimely death the programme went downhill and although it was still enjoyable and funny it was lacking the certain aspect he brought to it.
  • What is so amazing about this show is that as much humor as there is (which there is every single second) there are such meaningful messages and lessons learned that will leave an influential mark on you and your life.

    The late John Ritter played Paul Hennessy, husband, father of 3, and writer. His natural humor was shown in every single episode and played off of the other actors' humor which made such positive chemistry no matter what the situation. When Ritter passed, the show lost such a not only comedic man but a real star. He shown is light in any situation, making it positive, which is such a rare gift.

    Katey Sagal, played Cate, wife turned widow who must raise her 3 teenagers alone while having a full time job. I love how this is so close to reality and very well portrayed as such. When her (retired) father, Jim, played by James Garner comes into the picture after Paul's death, it is such a realistic event that it is so much more relatable and enjoyable to watch. He is there in the family's time of need although his humor is kind of dry, still enjoyable...but it is quite a reminder that Paul is gone. When Cate's nephew, C.J. who is played by David Spade, moves in the real comedy is brought back to the show. Jim gets funnier, playing of C.J.'s humor.

    Cate's oldest daughter Bridget (Kaley Cuoco) plays the popular teenager obsessed with the boys who on the surface is a dumb blonde but deep down is a genius. I like that there was something underneath the surface and the writers did not just leave her as a dumb blonde since that gets overplayed. The middle child, Kerry (Amy Davidson) is portrayed as the smart one from the get go although she lacks self-confidence and hides her pain through sarcasm which is written so well. The youngest, Rory (Martin Spanjers), is entering puberty, trying to be social with girls, and be a man in the family. I like how Bridget, Kerry, and Rory have such complete personalities and are equally shown throughout the entire show, all with a comedic touch.

    This show could have been cancelled after Ritter's passing but the creative minds behind the show added such a realistic touch with Jim and C.J. that the show still did well. If you have not seen this show, I recommend you watch the reruns on ABC Family.
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  • I Love This Show... Please Bring it back.

    Ok... This show is awesome. I started watching this show just a little bit ago but I feel like Ive been watching it forever because I love it so much. The character of Paul Hennesy is my favorite. Bridgett is so smokin hott!!!! Rory is funny, C.J and Grandpa is funny. But the fact of John Ritters Death, it was crazy to see how the show panned out, but it still worked out for me. No matter what happened I dont think ive ever liked a show just by watching it one day out of the blue I usually have to start on the show.
  • I love this show. It's so funny. The storyline just keeps getting better, keep it coming!

    This show is about the henessy family who are a mix and match family who have to deal with lifes problems. Paul- the dad is a journallist who struggles to keep up with his mad family
    Kate-the mum is a nurse and after paul dies she becomes the school nurse and ummm, likes the headmaster
    Bridget- the eldest daughter is little miss popular and has a different boyfriend everyday
    Kerry- the youngest daughter is geeky and brighter than her other siblings
    Rory- the youngest person in the family, papmpered by his family he's a bit of a girly boy
    Grandad (Jim) - comes to live with the family and gives guidence to the family
    C.J.- an intresting member to the famy moved in by acciedent but has become a valuable member
  • This show is funny and something new every season>

    this show is about a small family that have different problems and even if the family is not getting along in the end they all come together in some way. the father pal is so fanny he is alway trying to protect his two little girls brig et and carry. he alway just dose something stupid but fanny to help. they are alway learning something new about each other that even do they live anther the same roof there is just something new to find out about the other person. this show is cool to watch and to each us something new.
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