8 Simple Rules

Season 3 Episode 8


Aired Friday 8:00 PM Nov 12, 2004 on ABC

Episode Recap

The episode begins in Kate's office with Rory having blood all over his face. His excuse for it is 'walking into a locker'. Ed Gibb enters and tries to get Rory to talk, but doesn't get anywhere. Kate steps outside and meets Bridget's tennis coach, Scott, who asks her out on a date. Kate refuses, seeing as Bridget had a crush on Scott. Soon, at home, CJ finds out that a girl punched Rory by seeing a print of a heart-shaped ring on Rory's head. He promises not to tell anyone. CJ is later asked by Kate to buy pain killers for Rory. Kerry and Bridget prepare to go to a club, masking it as 'going to the library'. Kate and Jim leave to visit a relative. CJ goes to buy pain killers for Rory, but before going to the pharmacy, he goes to a bar. They close the pharmacy before he has the chance to go in. Kerry, with a fake I.D. of 'Madossa', and Bridget, with CJ's driver's license, wait in the line to get to the club and start talking to a guy. Bridget, under the name of CJ gives him her number. They soon, however, discover the guy is a cop and, afraid of getting caught, leave the line. CJ gives Rory m&m's, saying they're pain killers. This leads to five people at home watching the phone - Kerry and Bridget in case the cop calls, Rory in case Gibb finds out who punched him, CJ, in case the pharmacist calls, and Kate, in case the coach calls. The pharmacist calls and CJ picks up. He hangs up, saying it was someone selling long distance. The coach calls and Kate picks up, saying it was Gibb. Gibb then calls and Jim picks up, telling him to stay away from his daughter. The cop calls and Bridget gets it. The call is interrupted by Gibb, asking about what happened. Jim then takes the phone from Bridget and yells at Gibb, telling him to stay away from both his daughter and his grand-daughter. The pharmacist then arrives to the house and gives CJ the pain killers. Gibb then arrives and is instantly punched by Jim. Scott arrives with a cake, for which he is thanked from Jim. Kate then reveals that it was him who wants to go out with her. Bridget says she's over him and lets it slip they got fake ID's and went to a club. Kate then finds out that CJ was giving candy to Rory instead of pain killers, since they have never been opened. CJ then reveals he went to a bar. At this moment, the cop enters and says, "I'm looking for a beautiful blonde named CJ." CJ says he never saw him in his life. The episode ends in the kitchen, with Jim eating the whole cake.