8 Simple Rules

Season 3 Episode 8


Aired Friday 8:00 PM Nov 12, 2004 on ABC

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  • The funniest around!

    This was so funny, it had me laughing from start to finish. It was all about lying and how everybody wanted to get to the phone because of a lie they told. But what made it funnier was that people made the wrong accusations and Jim (thinking Ed kept calling Kate to ask her out) punched Ed! But of course it wasn't Ed. Near the end C.J said he went to a bar but he wouldn't say what kind of bar, and they all thought he went to a gay bar when a man came to the door asking for a beautiful blonde named C.J! Anyone was any sense of humour would just love this episode!
  • Possibly one of third's seasons best!

    This episode was just fantastic! It's one of those episodes that you can't ever wait for it to air again, just brilliant!

    1) The plot was spectacular! Everyone doesn't want the other to pick up the phone for their own reason. (For example, C.J. went to a bar instead of picking up Rory's painkiller medicine. If the pharmacist calls like he usually does, C.J. would get in trouble for going to a bar instead of taking care of Rory.) It was basically a bunch of things rolled into one that all tied together at the end.
    2) It was VERY funny! I especially loved C.J.'s character in this episode, and Grandpa Jim had a pretty good character in this episode too.
    3) The way it was filmed, as in sets and camera angles, was fantastic!

    1) Well, it seemed kind of fake how Bridget slipped out that they went to a club.

    Overall, I adore this episode! Fantastic episode!

    Me and my dad were in tears watching this episode! It was one of the funniest build-ups that "8 Simple Rules" have ever done, seriously. When CJ says that he didn't want to describe what type of bar he went to, all the others in the room obviously thought he meant a gay bar, and as if that wasn't funny enough by its self, the cop comes in asking for a beautiful blone named CJ, which nearly made me wet myself! I really had not laughed so hard for about a year! Excellent build up, and overall an extremely clever episode. I cannot see why this has been so badly rated to be honest, and it deserves the 10/10!
  • the best episode ever

    ok this was one of the funniest and best episodes ever..i dont usually laugh at shows but this made me almost cry..everyone tries to answer the phone before anyone else does cause c.j. didnt get rory his medicine cause he went to a bar, bridget and kerry met a guy at a club and bridget gave him her number, kate doesnt want the gym teacher to call her cause bridget likes him..i was on the floor when the guy from the club came and said i'm looking for a gorgeous blonde named c.j. omg i love this show so much ahhh
  • I love this episode...

    It doesn't have that good of a plot, but it was just so funny how everyone tried to make sure they answered the phone, so no one else in the house would find out their "special secret". Like how Cj didn't get Rory's medicine or how Bridget and Kerry went to a club and used fake Id's. And it was so funny how at the end, Cj said he went to a bar but didn't want to say what kind because it was embarrassing, but then a guy Bridget met came to the door looking for a hot blonde named Cj, since Bridget pretended she was Cj.
  • it's a good show...

    I absolutly LOVED this episode, i was laughing for so long.. my sister and i actually told my grandma the whole story it was so funny... you just HAVE to watch this episode. It\'s my very favourite episode of this show especially when the cop comes to the door after asking for a cute blonde named c.j actually looking for bridget , right after c.j went to a bar that was a little embarrassing infront of everyone...this man comes to the door saying \"i\'m looking for a cute blonde by the name of c.j\" my sister and I fell on the floor we laughed so hard. it\'s a MUST SEE episode.
  • Exciting and funny, especially the first time you watch it...

    This is one of my favorite episodes. In the episode, everybody in the Hennessy household has a secret and faces the danger of the secret being revealed - C.J., instead of having bought pain killers for Rory goes to a bar, Kerry and Bridget, instead of going to the library, go to a club (but don't actually enter it, seeing as they have fake ID's and they just met a cop and gave him their number), Rory gets punched by a girl, not by a locker, and Kate keeps getting asked by the tennis coach on a date. It gets really funny, trust me...
  • flawless

    i love this episode when i sore the forum about fave episode i knew straight away that this is by far my fave.
    this one had so many great oneliners, jim puncing gibb cj saying "that was excellent", cate " would you call this loosing control" gibb "whatever you say". "im looking for a gorgous blond named cj" "ive never seen that guy before in my life"
    i loved the way the writers cleverly ploted everyones stroy lines so that they cant answer the phone instead of them just wanting to answer it for no apperant reason this episode was a classic love it.
  • this episode is by far my favorite 8 simple rules episode ever.

    'Secrets' is as you would guess full of'secrets', it is extremely well written with many funny twists and turns whilst everyone hides something, making everybody want nobody else to answer the phone. If you've never seen this episode definatly watch it if you get chance- i've seen it a few times and it still makes me laugh out loud (which rarely happens with a television programme) it is just so funny- a seris classic!
  • the funniest episode

    this is the funniest episode in TV history i couldnt stop laughing i love this show i wish it was always this funny they all try to get to the phone befor anyone elseand jim decks eda cop shows up looking for c.j. and bridget and kerri get in trouble for trying to sneak into a club with fake IDs
  • An '8 Simple Rules' classic

    I just finished watching this episode for my third time. I love it. In the last half, they are so many different madcaps mini stories going on, it is hard to keep up with them all. They are several little secondary touches that really add to the comedy such as the telemarketer calling and one of the guest answering the door. John Ritter would have been proud of this one for sure. A great range of characters. In my opinion, the last 15 minutes ranks as one of the funniest moments in TV history. A must see episode. A real classic for sure.
  • This episode was great...soooooo funny

    Not a lot of shows have me laughing out loud when i watch them all alone...but this episode was hilarious!! i couldn't stop laughing during the whole thing. It was so funny when Jim thought that principal Gibb was hitting on Bridget!! that was sooooo funny. and when the cop showed up looking for a gorgeous blonde named cj...that was too funny. I think this was one of the greatest episodes of the series. It still makes me laugh just thinking about it...i loved it!!
  • My favorite episode of 8 Simple Rules. Everyone has secrets and as you know, all secrets come out.

    Funny, funny episode. Everyone has something they don't want the others to find out. Bridget and Kerry try to sneak into a club with fake id's. They almost get caught by a cop that Bridget was flirting with, but they took off before he found out about the fake id's, but not before Bridget had given him her number. Rory got beat up at school by a girl and doesn't want anyone to know, but Ed Gibb promised to Cate that he would find out who hurt Rory. CJ was supposed to get Rory's medication for his hurt nose, but gets distracted and by the time he gets around to it, the pharmacy is closed. Cate keeps getting bugged by the tennis coach to go out, but since Bridget has a crush on him, she doesn't want her to find out. No one wants anyone else to answer the phone. Hilarity ensues in this clever episode.
  • Bridget and Karry lie about going to a club and brdget brings C.J's i.d. and she flirts with a guy she soon finds out he is cop. Rory gets beat up and C.J goes to get his medicine but goes to a srtip bar instead.

    I love this episode! It is my favorite one of the series. I thought it was hilarious and could not stop laughing! I love how so many different plot lines connect at the end. I lovethe line where the cop wants to see Bridget but thinks her name is C.J. I could watch it 50 times and I will still laugh!