8 Simple Rules

Season 3 Episode 8


Aired Friday 8:00 PM Nov 12, 2004 on ABC



  • Trivia

    • Kerry says that Sean knew they had fake IDs and was going to call Cate. But when the bouncer asked for their IDs, Sean called Bridget, C.J.. Meaning that he still thought that they were adults.

    • Since C.J. is his initials, instead of his name, the name C.J. should not be on his driver's license.

    • The attic has a different layout than in the previous episode "The Story of Anne Frank and Skeevy"

    • Kerry said that she couldn't pass for someone much older than 21, when in reality Amy Davidson is really a 25 year old playing a 17 year old.

    • Since C.J. did not pick up Rory's pain killers, he gave Rory candy instead. He never said what kind of candy it was, but since Rory claimed it had an "M" on it, it was most likely "M&Ms" that C.J. was giving Rory.

    • When Bridget and Kerry use fake id's to get into a club, they wait in line at the club's box office to buy tickets. In that very same box office you can see an actor playing a very silly ticket taker. The actor's name is David Tran.

  • Quotes

    • Jim: (To Cate) Wait, he's the one who likes you? Then why'd I hit Gibb?
      Ed: Yeah, Gibb didn't do anything!

    • Cate: (lividly) And you, C.J.! I gave you one job! To go to the pharmacy---
      C.J.: I did, but it was closed! Because I stopped at a bar for a few minutes.
      Cate: (fuming) You went to a bar? Instead of taking care of Rory? This must have been some very special bar.
      C.J.: Please don't ask me what kind of bar it is. It's a little embarrassing in front of everyone.

    • Cate: Honey, why is your tongue blue? C.J., what have you been giving him?
      C.J.: Other, medicine I have...
      Cate: How many did you take?
      Rory: About twenty-three?
      Cate: WHAT!?

    • Grandpa Jim: So I hit your boss...
      Cate: For no reason!
      Grandpa Jim: Okay, so my intelligence was a little shaky, but people go to war with a lot less reliable information.

    • Kerry: He still so wants to date her.
      Bridget: Ugh. I could never date anyone who wore that much corduroy.

    • Rory: Please don't tell mom! I don't tell anyone to know!
      C.J.: Don't worry, it'll be our little secret between you, me, and old Mary-Whoop ass.

    • Cate: Maybe I should skip Aunt Dorthy's and stay and watch Rory.
      Grandpa Jim: Tell you one thing, I'm not going to choke down some damned veggie casserole. I'm going to eat meat tonight if i have to knaw in her arthritic knee.
      Cate: Maybe I'll go to Dorthy's...

    • Cate: [Mike the pharmacist] always calls to check up on someone when he's sick. He's the sweetest.
      C.J.: What is this, Mayberry?

    • Kerry: Now he's going to call and tell mom, were so busted!
      Bridget: Relax, maybe he won't even call...oh wait, it's me! We're dead!

    • Cate: This is supposed to be a secret, but Bridget has a huge crush on you!
      Scott: That's supposed to be a secret? She knitted me this racket cover.
      Cate: That was my favorite sweater!

    • Cate: I'm getting a headache....
      Rory: C.J.! Why don't you give mom some of those pain pills?
      C.J.: You know, you can't just share a prescription, this stuff isn't candy.

    • Ed Gibb: You're not losing control. You're a single mother with three children, one you should be very proud of.

    • Cate: How do you keep track of five-hundred [students]?
      Ed Gibb: Well, I write off the underachievers immediatly, which leaves about four or five.

    • Cate: I want the name of the bully that did this to you.
      Rory: I told you, I ran into a locker.
      Cate: I'm your mom, you don't have to keep secrets from me. Now tell me who did this to you!
      Rory: Fine. It was locker 212.

    • Cate: Who was that on the phone?
      Grandpa Jim: Oh, somebody just selling long distance!
      Cate: And the door bell?
      C.J.: Long distance guy too, real freaky.

    • Granpda Jim: Nobody touch that phone. I just got a great idea. I'm going to call that 24-hour place and see if they'll deliver some pie.
      (Phone rings, Kerry answers)
      Kerry: Hello?
      Grandpa Jim: Damn it! That's my pie phone!

    • Grandpa Jim: Darling, you were out of control from the day you turned 13 until you left the house.
      Cate: So I shouldn't be worried?
      Grandpa Jim: Oh, you should be worried, you've got three of them.

    • Rory: C.J., I think my medicine is wearing off. My nose has a pulse.
      C.J.: Here, try these...blue ones....

    • Rory: That's principal Gibb! He probably knows who hit me!
      C.J.: Yeah, maybe he found your dignity in the bottom of her Hello Kitty purse.

    • Kerry: Bridget! I can't go to prison! I have PST's next week!

    • Grandpa Jim: Cate, would you like some coffee?
      Cate: Oh dad, I'd love some!
      Grandpa Jim: Okay, as long as your making some, I'll have a cup.

    • Cate: What did Scott say?
      Rory: He said "Who's this?" and I said "This is Rory," and he said "How's the nose?" and I said....
      Cate: Today Rory.

    • C.J.: You know, if you want somebody to get drugs, I'm your man. Not because I do them, because I'm responsible. So what park do you want me to meet this dude at?
      Cate: It's the pharmacy.

    • C.J.: That is quite a dent.
      Rory: I think he was wearing brass knuckles.
      C.J.: Or a ring judging by the dainty heart shape.
      Rory: So?
      C.J.: Lot's of people wear those; brides, men who throw academy award parties, ninth grade girls.
      Rory: You think I was hit by a girl?
      C.J.: Well, I haven't seen Elton John's bash this year.
      Rory: Fine! It was a girl!
      C.J.: Excellent!

    • Kerry: We won't get in. This place is 21 and over!
      Bridget: Oh no, you'll be fine. It's 21 years, not 21 inches.

    • Grandpa Jim: Looks like somebody's waiting for a boy to call.
      Kerry: There's no boy.
      Bridget: And he's really cute!
      Kerry: There's NO boy!

    • (JIm punches Ed Gibb)
      C.J.: That was excellent!

    • Cate: Well, this is great! My son's lying to me, my daughters are sneaking around and my Dad decked my boss! (Gets close to Ed and shakes a medicine bottle in his face) What do you think of this Ed?!? Would you call this losing control?!?
      Ed Gibb: (cowardly) What ever you say.

    • Cate: Is there any cake left?
      Jim: Not a bite.

    • Jim: I'm a grown man. What the hell would I want with an apple?

    • C.J.: please don't ask me what kind of bar it is, 'cause it's a little bit embarrassing in front of everyone.
      C.J.: Scott the door...
      Cop: Hey, I'm looking for a gorgeous blond named C.J.
      C.J.: I have never seen him before in my life!!!!

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