8 Simple Rules

Season 1 Episode 26

The Doyle Wedding

Aired Friday 8:00 PM May 06, 2003 on ABC



  • Trivia

    • After finding out that Donny Doyle is hot for her now, Briget goes to kick Kerry for not mentioning this. When she turns around to do it, Kerry is standing with all the other bridesmaids. However, seconds before, she was dancing with someone.

    • When Cate is singing at the wedding, the sound track and her mouth movement are not in sync.

    • The Doyles being invited over to the Hennesy's was the first time anyone in the neighborhood has invited them over, according to Fred Doyle.

  • Quotes

    • Rory: I would appreciate it if you could stay off the phone for a while. There are going to be a lot of women calling me.
      Bridget: Calling you what? Geek?
      Kerry: Perv?
      Bridget: Freak?
      Kerry: Loser?
      Rory: Not any more.

    • Cate: Can you believe how mean your daughters are being about the Doyles?
      Paul: (laughing) Lame-o-cookie stand!

    • Mary Maureen: Do you wanna play house?
      Rory: No.
      Mary Maureen: I can be the mommy and you can be the daddy.
      Fred: Now Mary Maureen maybe Rory would like to be the mommy.
      Paul: He's in a play!

    • Fred: Hey there's the queen of the castle!
      Paul: I said he's in a play!

    • Donny: I just got back from the bachelor party.
      Kerry: Oh yeah how was it? Pretty wild.
      Donny: You know that movie Bachelor Party?
      Kerry: Yeah?
      Donny: We watched it!

    • Mary Ellen: (Talking about how great Bridget, Rory and Kerry are) Like the time Bridget carried Mary Maureen all the way home when she fell off her tricycle.
      Bridget: It's the least I could do, I mean, I did push her....

    • Rory: Bridesmaids! Haha!
      Kerry: Mrs. Doyle, do you have a ring bearer?
      Rory: Oh no...
      Mary Ellen: We do now!
      Kerry and Bridget: Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!

    • Paul: It's so much fun to see my children in dresses!
      (Rory comes downstairs in a dress)
      Kerry: Be careful what you wish for.

    • Kerry: Bridget! It's Donny Doyle!
      Bridget: Oh, I owe you! (Runs upstairs)
      Cate: Bridget! That's rude! Oh, Mary Ellen isn't with him is she?
      Kerry: No.
      Cate: That's rude!

    • Mary Ellen: You know Fred, it's getting kind of late, I think that we should....
      Cate: We had a wonderful time....
      Mary Ellen: Play charades!

    • Kerry: They had a lemonade stand.
      Cate: That's cute!
      Kerry: They're in high school!
      Bridget: Yeah, it's more like a lame-o-nade stand!
      Kerry: And last week, they had a cookie stand!
      Kerry: Yeah, it's more like a lame-o-cookie stand!
      Kerry: And they even had a mud pie stand!
      Bridget: Yeah, it's more like a...I got nothing.

    • Mary Ellen: Oh and Cate we'd love it if you'd sing.
      Cate: I'm not really a singer.
      Mary Ellen: I hear you when you're gardening. And let me tell you, if your flowers were as pretty as your voice I'd be worried about my blue ribbons. But I'm not.

    • Paul: (about the Doyle's) They swing dance as a family.
      Cate: We're doing it and that's final! As a family?

    • Kerry: Rory in a play in a dress.
      Bridget: We are so there.

    • Donny: May dorky Donny Doyle have this dance?

    • Fred: (trying to be funny) Ladies and Germs.
      (no one laughs except for Mary)

    • (trying to get out of going)
      Mary: So you'll be there?
      Paul: Well I can't see why not. Can you? Think hard!

    • Fred: Our son is stopping by later.
      Paul: Dorky. I mean Donny.

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