8 Simple Rules

Season 3 Episode 23

The Sleepover

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Apr 08, 2005 on ABC

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  • It was an okay episode. It could have been a little better but it wasn't bad.

    Well it is teacher's blah blah blah day. And Mrs. Hennessey has to go to work to do teaching stuff. So thinking the Grandfather would enjoy having his grandchildren go ice fishing with him, she sends them all ice fishing together. While she goes to the school she trys to see the principle but his assistant, who has a secret crush on the principal, kept trying to stall her. Then Mrs. Hennessey tricks her and they decide to through a party and the assistant gets back at her and makes her look dumb when no one shows. Then her and the principal watch a movie at the house and they fall asleep together. Mean while the cell phones keep ringing and the gradfather throws them in the water which was funny. The principal and her wake up and he goes upstairs to shower and throws his close down to get ironed and the rest of the family comes in and sees him in the ribe and think they slept together which was funny. Those were the main three funny parts. Ice Fishing, sleep and a movoe, and the assistant being stubborn. And that's the show I guess.
  • Pivotal moment in Kate and Ed's relationship.

    I thought it was very clever, loved the new secretary lol. I think she should stay and stalk Ed. She could have a been after him in school without him knowing, then he would gradualy find out things that happened at school were because of her. I would like to see kate and Ed get together. It is so true to how things are school, love David Spade, he is the best. The fishing was a bit of a boring scene though, loved the phone at the end. Rockford is so funny I love him, maybe it has something to do with my age lol.
  • A good episode!

    This episode was pretty good! But you can tell they are running a little low on ideas.

    1) I loved the thing with Grandpa Jim taking the kids on a fishing trip! And neither one of them wanted to be there! The thing with the cell phones was halarious too!
    2) It's a very funny episode! I really liked the thing where CJ was talking with someone on the phone that went like this "Yes, I would like to save money on auto insurance. What are you wearing?" And the cracks Rory made about Cate/Ed if they got together "If you guys get married, will my grades move up?" LOL! XD
    3) It was an okay plotline, i'm sure they could've done something better however.

    1) Like I said above, okay plotline. I'm sure they could've done better then Ed/Cate having rumors about the two sleeping together.
    2) I did not like the actress playing the secratory. I found her performance mediocre and her character was annoying.
  • This episode was funney but really shows that they ran out of ides on this one

    Honestly this is alot like other episodes you see in nearly every series. Something happens where a main charecter is all alone. So he or she decides to do something. Somehow it went a little too far and then boom the family comes home earlier then expected. So yes thats basically the episode in a nutshell. it was predictable but I did enjoy the part where the grandpa did not want to spend time with his grandkids. That was a nice twist from what you ussually see on a normal sterotypical tv grandparrent. SO at least it was not a total loss