8 Simple Rules

Season 2 Episode 9

The Story of Anne Frank and Skeevy

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Dec 23, 2003 on ABC

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  • This is a great episode of 8 Simple rules, one of my favorites.

    Cate wants Bridget to join an extracirricular activity for better chances of getting into collage. She joins the drama club and get the lead role. Then, when Bridget reads the Diary of Anne Frank, she has doutbs about playing the part. But then, she went on stage and did a great job. Meanwhile, Rory brings home a dummy and tells his mom that his Guidance Counsler, Mr.Coleman told him to let out his feelings with a vantrilacuist dummy, Scevey, but he really bought it for his own amusment, and I loved it how Karry always said "I hate Drama Club". That was hilarious. I love this episode.
  • At times it\'s hysterical, but at other times, it\'s sure to bring tears. A great installment of 8 Simple Rules!

    This is probably one of my favorite episodes of 8 Simple Rules! There are some very classic and hilarious lines, mostly by Bridget. \"Break a leg!\" \"Yeah, well you go get run over by a car!\" Kerry\'s situation is very relatable, it always happens that you never get the part you want, no matter so much you work. But Kate\'s talk with Bridget, and Bridget\'s performance are very tear jerking. And a perfect end to a great episode! Oh and I\'m pretty sure this is the one with Rory\'s puppet! That puppet is hilarious, I loved him so much! A great episode!
  • Its not quite sad enough to be classified as tearjerker, but the ending brought me to tears.

    Well, considering it was missing Paul, this episode was pretty funny considering it came so soon after the death.

    Skeevy was great, as was Rory. Most definitely my favorite parts of the episode were because of them.

    I have to applaud Bridget for completely dedicating herself to that play. Considering she isn't that type, and it was her first one.

    Kerri was hilarious when she was trying to defend her "turf."

    "I'm so glad it wasn't Annie though, cause curly red hair doesn't look very good".

    What a riot that entire scene was.

    Despite all the hilarity, I loved the ending, I always love endings like that, truly touching.

    Taking a single rose over to her dad's picture, and laying it there, whispering goodnight...so very sad, but I loved the moment.
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