8 Simple Rules

Season 3 Episode 13

The Sub

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Jan 07, 2005 on ABC

Episode Recap

The episode opens with Bridget laying in bed, ringing a bell. As the camera pans out, we see that she has her leg in a cast. Kerry comes running in, in response to the bell, and we can see that this is going to be a recurring story throughout the episode.

Meanwhile downstairs… another bell is ringing, but this time it's the phone. Cate answers it to hear to voice of her on-off heartthrob, Principal Gibb. She looks so happy that he's called! Shame he was calling for CJ instead. Cate is disappointed as she hands the phone over.

The reason for the call is CJ's new job as a sub-teacher is starting tomorrow! CJ thanks Cate for the good reference letter from her to Gibb (that she has no memory of writing!) and explains that he wants to earn some "phat dollar" so he can start to pay rent. Cate ponders; in which world do teachers earn "phat dollar"?

Next day, at school, Bridget is hopping around on crutches with Kerry following her, carrying her books (and a pillow, strangely enough). When she drops Bridget's books (and the pillow) by accident, does the cute guy go and help her? No, he's too busy helping Bridget, whose "hair is stuck in her lipgloss". Poor Bridget.

At the same time, elsewhere in the school, Gibb is showing CJ to his first lesson as a sub-teacher. Oh yeah, and Cate is tagging along for the ride. They enter the classroom and are greeted with a riot. Yes, a riot. Complete with paper aeroplanes. Gibb silences the class with a loud cough and introduced CJ as "Mr Barnes". We see that Rory is in the class. Gibb leaves and CJ (or should I say "Mr Barnes") stands at the back of the class, gaping like a fish, until Rory reminds him that he is, in fact, a teacher and therefore should be at the front of the class. He goes to the front and underlines the title purposefully.

"What," he begins. "Is American history? It is… the history of America."

The next shot is of CJ running into the corridor where Gibb and Cate are still lurking. After a little pep-talk from the headmaster, CJ heads back into the classroom. One wisecracking kid later and CJ swings into angry teacher mode; sweeping round the class and confiscating a magazine and a Nintendo ("more like Ninten-don't") whilst giving the kids a speech about how he was a sub's worst nightmare and that everything they could do, he had already done, but better. I daresay they fell into line.

Strangely, CJ obviously decided to set a test in his first lesson with the class because the next scene in of him counting down the last thirty seconds of the test whilst giving them "encouragement". He ends the test as the bell rings and he sets them homework as they leave (Answer the question: "Why do they all look like the monopoly man?") and he collects the tests. Rory stays behind to talk to CJ, while CJ starts to look through the exam papers. Hmm, what's this? A cheat sheet? Could it have fallen out of Rory's test? Probably.

Rory begs for CJ to keep quiet, arguing that he'd never done it before. "I believe that," replies CJ, "because you suck at it". I'm sure that's a fair observation.

Later on, CJ is marking the tests at home and asks Cate to help him solve his ethical dilemma (without mentioning the subject of it). They talk a little and Cate quips that she didn't think that CJ even knew what "ethical dilemma" meant, but makes it clear that she thinks he should tell the principal. Until she manages to find out that Rory was the one cheating. She storms off to yell at her son and interrupts his conversation with his Grandpa. Rory then feeds Cate a sob story that he only cheated to get good grades to get into a good college and have a good future, which Cate agrees with instantly. All she has to do now is to convince CJ to keep quiet. So, she bribes him with waffles and use of the Jacuzzi bath. This actually works and CJ doesn't tell Gibb what Rory was doing. Unfortunately, despite all her efforts, Gibb finds out anyway when she lets it slip to him the next day. Fortunately, Gibb agrees to not act on it, as it had not been officially reported. Unfortunately, Rory comes running in moments later and confesses everything in typical, 8 Simple Rules style.