8 Simple Rules

Season 3 Episode 19

Torn Between Two Lovers

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Feb 11, 2005 on ABC



  • Trivia

    • Why is Kerry in Bridget's math class if she's younger? It's a possibility but not really...
      Possible Reason: Kerry skipped a math class because she is so smart, so she then ended up with the kids from a grade above her.

    • How is Kerry in Mrs. Krupp's math class, too? In "Princetown Girl" only Bridget was and Kerry ended up tutoring her for a test in that class.

    • In this episode, C.J. says Mrs. Krupp's first name is "Mindy." However, in "Princetown Girl," Cate mentions that Mrs. Krupp's first name is Alice.

      On the other hand, this might be an intentional mistake, as Cate looks surprized to hear C.J. call her "Mindy":

      C.J.: No, wait... Mindy!
      Cate: Mindy?
      C.J.: I can't believe this, she was the best thing that ever happened to me, why did you tell her about Sheryl?
      Cate: Well, I thought you'll break up with Mindy... (confused) Mindy?

  • Quotes

    • Cate: You can't go out with Mrs. Crupp.
      C.J.: I haven't had a date in two years. I'll go out with Mr. Crupp if I want to.

    • Bridget: I can't believe I lost queen of hearts to [Cheryl]!
      Kerry: I can't believe you copied my math, and still got a 'D'!

    • C.J.: Being a man sure isn't fun.
      Grandpa Jim: It sure isn't, which is why I have already had a beer.

    • Kerry: Mrs. Krupp is going to give us three hours of math homework!
      Bridget: Yeah, do you know how long that's going to take me to copy off of her!?
      Rory: Five hours?

    • C.J.: What is wrong with me? I act so stupid and immature around Cheryl!
      Cate: It's not just around Cheryl.

    • Cate: I'm just doing some laundry, you know how it is.
      Mrs. Krupp: I'm Japanese.

    • Cheryl: Are you interested in a little Japanese?
      C.J.: Why? What have you heard?

    • Cate: (About kissing Cheryl) What was going through your head?!
      C.J.: I wasn't thinking! Not a lot of blood flowing through the brain at the time!

    • Cheryl: I can't do this!
      C.J.: Yes you can! Just pretend I am someone more good looking!

    • Cate: I thought you were going to do the right thing.
      C.J.: Don't ever assume I'm going to do the right thing!

    • C.J.: (After leaving Cheryl) I'm either very moral or very gay!

    • Mrs. Krupp: Are you hiding from me?
      C.J.: What? No! I only hide from border guards and military patrol! And leprechauns!

    • C.J.: Wild dogs couldn't drive me away! Unless, that is what we're having. (C.J. walks into classroom to see Cheryl there) Cheryl?
      Cheryl: Hey C.J.! I missed you!
      C.J.: Oh my god! It's the wild dogs!

    • C.J.: There is no law against dating two women at the same time.
      Grandpa Jim: Unless you count the law of averages.

    • Grandpa Jim: Oh, so you screwed up a relationship with two woman in the same day.
      C.J.: Hour.

    • Grandpa Jim: Look at you, all dressed up. (referring to C.J.) Who's the lucky guy?

    • Bridget: She didn't need a man, She needed C.J.

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