8 Simple Rules

Season 1 Episode 9

Two Boys for Every Girl

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Nov 12, 2002 on ABC
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Two Boys for Every Girl
Paul's plan backfires when--after telling Bridget to tell Kyle the truth about her date with another boy -- Kyle breaks up with her. Meanwhile, Kerry's first date turns out to be a dream, but she is devastated when the boy doesn't call her back.

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  • kerry and bridget both with dating troubles - and it seems like it isn't there fault!!

    so first off bridget gets dumped because paul advises her to tell the truth about how she went on a date with another guy. i was hoping this was going to teach bridget a lesson that can be seen (that she learnt it) in episodes to come but that didn't happen. even though she seems against it she does and paul feels awful.

    then kerry goes on her date and she really likes the guy jason but he never calls her. and bridget tells her not too.

    i loved the bits where rory was teasing kerry about him not calling. it was cruel to kerry but really funny to watch!

    the ending was also sooo cute. i love how kerry was happy in the end and bridget was so so.moreless
  • I adore this episode!

    This is a fantastic episode! It might even be one of my favorites from season 1.


    1) It was incredibly funny! Bridget had a lot of blond moments in it, and it almost seemed like i couldn't stop laughing.

    2) I loved Rory's role in this episode! He would keep tormenting Kerry saying things like "Hey, Kerry, you know that guy Jason you went on a date with?" "Yeah!" "Yeah, he didn't call." XD I LOVED those parts!

    3) The plot was fairly good too. Bridget is two timing Kyle, Paul thinks Bridget should tell Kyle, so she does, and he breaks up with her, causing Bridget's social life to, as she describes it 'flushed down the toilet.' And Kerry went on a date with a guy, and he wouldn't call her back, and she wonders why.

    4) I loved how Paul would be all tough to Jason, like making Jason call him 'kernal' and having strict rules about dating Kerry. I loved that!


    1) I didn't find the guy who did Jason's performance very well. I wish they found some other guy to play him.

    Overall, excellent!moreless
  • Meh it was an ok episode nothing so special

    A very typical example of teenage life vs understanding of parrents. When the parrent trys to force values in his child by makeing them do the right thing high school society takes that and basicially butchers it. Its a fine concept thats almost in every episode of this show they didnt need to do an episode trying to display this solely. jokes were as usual funny but nothing that made me spasm with laughter. good episode but could be much much better, Still if your a dieheart fan I think you should watch this one for the jist of it.

John Ritter

John Ritter

Paul Hennessy (2002-2003)

Katey Sagal

Katey Sagal

Cate Egan Hennessy

David Spade

David Spade

C.J. Barnes (Episodes 40-76; special guest before that, 2004-05)

Martin Spanjers

Martin Spanjers

Rory Joseph Hennessy

James Garner

James Garner

Grandpa Jim Egan (Episodes 40-76; special guest before that, 2004-05)

Kaley Cuoco

Kaley Cuoco

Bridget Hennessy

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    • Paul: This is why I think kids shouldn't date at this age.
      Kerry: Well you don't have to worry, because I'm not going on another date ever again!
      Paul: Alrighty then!

    • Paul: Well, we lost Kerry, four out of five isn't that bad right?
      Kyle: Yo Bridge!
      Paul: Oh come on!

    • Bridget: I'm telling you Parker was totally flirting with me. At first I was like nuh uh, but then I realized he was kinda cute so I was like uh huh!

    • Kerry: I can't believe this. You won't let me go out with a guy I really like, but you let Bridget go out with some random pretzel guy.
      Paul: He's not some random pretzel guy, he works at Banana!

    • Paul: What's new with my little family?
      Rory: Well, no one loves your daughters.

    • Rory: I want to see 'Go Go Go' again!
      Paul: What was it Rory? The emotions? The witty banter?
      Rory: I liked it when the car flipped over, but he didn't spill his Coke!
      Paul: Yeah, me too!

    • Paul: A father only has a few chances to put the fear of God into their daughter's boyfriend, this is one of them.

    • (Rory looks at Kerry)
      Kerry: Shut up!
      Rory: What? I just wanted to know how you date with Jason went?
      Kerry: Oh it was fine.
      Rory: Did you have to kiss his mom good night too?

    • Kyle: Mr. Hennessey, are you asking me to get back together with your daughter?
      Paul: Yes.
      Kyle: Are you begging me?

    • Bridget: (Looking at photos) Here we are inside the mall, here we are outside the mall, oh, where is this?
      Kerry: The mall?
      Bridget: Oh, yeah.

    • Paul: I'm always nice! Now beat it!

    • Paul: This is nice, isn't it?
      Kerry: Drop dead, I hate you.
      Paul: You had me at drop dead.

    • Paul: Here's a thought, you could say, the whole thing was mutual.
      Kyle: I'll say it if she'll say it.
      Bridget: I'll say it if he'll say it.
      Kyle: Are you really gonna say it?
      Bridget: Are you?
      Paul: Oh for gods sake, I now pronounce you mutual!

    • Bridget: Kyle, we have to talk.
      Kyle: What's up?
      Bridget: I went on a date with Parker Jarvis...
      Kyle: Parker...you did...
      Bridget: Yes, but it wasn't serious at all and-
      Kyle: I break up with you!
      Bridget: What!
      Kyle: Yeah! I see where this is going! And I want credit for the breakup so I break up with you first. Later papa H!
      Paul: See, doesn't the truth just feel better?

    • Paul: You haven't told Kyle about Parker, Bridget?
      Bridget: Well, I can't tell Kyle! He's my saftey net!

    • Paul: I'm not lying for you!
      Bridget: Is mom here?

    • Paul: Where are you going Bridget?
      Bridget: Oh, Kyle's taking me shopping. If he asks where I was last night, do not mention I was out with Parker okay? Tell him I was over at Mannie's watching 'Bring it on' and then went to Mario's for pizza. No, no wait! Actually make that the smoothie shack for a Fro-yoo, and, oh wait I don't like 'Bring it on', that is so wrong. How about 'Dude Where's My Car?'
      Paul: Enough!

    • Bridget: I cannot date someone who works at the multi plex! Why can't he work somewhere cooler? Like, I don't know, a music store!
      Kerry: Or a book store..
      Bridget: Kerry, being serious here.

    • Bridget: My boyfriend works at a movie theater! This is so lame! Why wouldn't he tell me?
      Cate: Oh, I don't know, maybe he had the crazy idea you'd judge him.

    • Kerry: Is that Kyle taking tickets?
      Bridget: Please, my boyfriend does not work at a movie theatre.
      Kyle: Welcome to multiplex theaters!
      Bridget: Oh my god! My boyfriend works at a movie theater!

    • Kyle: Before I go how about a little sugar? (bends down to kiss Bridget)
      Paul: Here, have a candy bar. (stuffs bar into mouth)

    • Kerry: Didn't we just hae family movie night?
      Paul: No, Kerry, that doesn't count. In order for it to be family movie night, the family has to actually see a movie.

    • Paul: What are you watching?
      Bridget: My social life being flushed down the toilet.
      Paul: Is it any good?

    • Rory: What's for dinner?
      Cate: Vegetarian meatloaf with polenta.
      Rory: Can I have a Hot Pocket?
      Cate: No!

    • Kerry: You are so much cooler than dad.
      Cate: Well it's not a competition. But if it was, I'd win.

    • Paul: You kids have fun. But no pulling over and parking somewhere.
      Kerry: Dad!
      Jason: No sir. I mean not with my mom driving us.

    • Cate: Maybe we should bend the rules just a little bit?
      Paul: You know happens when you bend the rules? They aren't rules anymore. They're just bent things.
      Cate: You know I would have said it differently, but you're the writer.

    • Kerry: Why don't you just lock me in my room?
      Paul: Because your mother won't let me.

    • Kerry: Maybe I should be more like Bridget and dress like a lap dancer. Maybe I'm just not sexy enough.
      Paul: Look, Kerry, you are plenty… Forget that. Let's talk about what's important. And it's not about your clothes; it's what's underneath. I mean -- no!

    • Paul: I was thinking, why don't we all go out for a pizza and a movie as a family.
      Bridget: Why are you punishing us?!

    • Paul: Hey, Kyle
      Kyle: Hey, Papa H!

    • Rory: Hey Kerry, that guy you like, Jason, he didn't call!
      Cate: Upstairs Rory, no dinner for you!
      Rory: Aw, man! And we were having vegetarian meatloaf with polenta!

    • Bridget: Ok, start at the beginning.
      Kerry: Well we-
      Bridget: Ok I'm bored, let's get to the good stuff!

    • Bridget: Did [Jason] make a move?
      Kerry No.
      Bridget: Did he try to kiss you?
      Kerry: No.
      Bridget: Did he hug you really tight?
      Kerry: No.
      Bridget: Kerry, are you sure you had a date?

    • Rory: Kerry, Jason's on the phone.
      Kerry: Really?
      Rory: No.

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