8 Simple Rules

Season 3 Episode 10

Vanity Unfair

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Dec 03, 2004 on ABC

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  • A pretty good episode, not my favorite.

    This episode was quite a good episode in my opinon, it wasn't the greatest in the series, but i enjoyed it!

    1) It had a good storyline. Bridget is turned down a role in a car commercial, and when Jim goes back to see if he can do anything about it, he manages to get her the role. Unfortunatly, an old romance between Jim and the manager turns Bridget's chances for the role from unlikely to zero.
    2) It had some really funny jokes in there about the modeling world. Such as, in Kerry's opinon how the modeling world is made up of complete air heads. XD
    3) The thing with C.J. having a part in a commercial when he was a kid, that was pretty funny.

    1) It was quite shallow of Bridget to find all the small things about her body that weren't really wrong, wrong. It didn't quite seem like her.
  • Great episode

    I like a lot this episode. It's one of my favourite with secrets. I just didn't like the scene when Raquel Welsh thinks Rory is in sixth grade, it's really too gross. But otherwise, it was hilarious when Bridget becomes complexed. I like how Rory teases her, what a brat. The best part was when Raquel Welsh treats Jim like a child (that must indeed be very irritating) and when he's fed up with her and locks her out. And CJ is, as usual, one of the best characters especially when he wants a date with the receptionnist or when he's hidden in the trunk. Must see.
  • Bridget wants to become a model.

    Bridget wants to try out for a car commercial, Cate is hesitant but lets her go.
    When Bridget is turned down Grandpa tries to make things right by talking to the head of the agency, who is also his old flame.
    Now grandpa has to decide weather or not to be nice to his old girlfriend so Bridget can get the part in the commercial.

    Overall it was an alright episode.