8 Simple Rules

Season 3 Episode 17


Aired Friday 8:00 PM Jan 28, 2005 on ABC



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    • C.J.: Great, the one person who believes me wasn't even at the game.
      Cate: That's true, it's been firmly established I was not there.
      C.J.: I don't lie. I cheat a bit, and I have no patience for the disabled, but I don't lie.

    • Bridget: I'm going upstairs to make Charlotte's life a living hell! Call me when supper's ready.

    • C.J.: Why would I throw a hotdog?
      Kerry: Why would you get in a huddle? You're insane!
      C.J.: I am not insane! I was trying to trick your coach into falling in love with me!

    • C.J.: You are about to see something that will surprise you.
      Grandpa Jim: Did you just steal a chocolate raisin from the blind guy!?

    • Cate: Hey C.J.
      C.J.: I'm not talking to you. That was an exception. So was that. So was that. So was that...

    • Grandpa Jim: He still has to find out who threw the hot dog.
      Commissioner: Excuse me, my job. I still have to find out who threw the hot dog.

    • Maggie: (To C.J.) I'm going to say this as nicely as I can: my brother is a cop.

    • Cate: I couldn't stay away from your game! It was like a drug for me!
      Kerry: Well couldn't you just say no?

    • C.J.: I have asked you all here today.
      Grandpa Jim: We live here.
      C.J.: Just focus.

    • C.J.: (Over P.A. system) Attention students, this is Mr. Barnes.
      Students: Booo!

    • Cate: I've got to keep lying to Kerry or she'll never trust me again!

    • C.J.: You know, maybe the blind guy took it. They think they're entitled to everything!

    • Grandpa Jim: (About the volleyball game) Three years in Korea and I never saw that much action!

    • C.J.: (about the valleyball coach) Pipe down! She's trying to coach! Show some respect! Oooh! She's wearing a pink thong today!

    • Cate: Fine, then I want you to video tape the game, get everything! That's not a problem right?
      Bridget: If it means I have to watch the game, then yeah.

    • Bridget: How is Grant's heart supposed to explode from misery if he's already with someone else!?

    • C.J.: You missed five plays, but you saw my hot dog? No justice! And I will not rest until my name is cleared! (Leaves)
      Cate: I feel so bad for C.J. I wonder what happened.
      Jim: You know, Cate. You were there in a phony disguise.
      Cate: You missed five plays, but you saw my disguise?

    • C.J.: Focus people! The commissioner does not have all day!
      Commissioner: Actually, I do. This isn't a very demanding job.

    • Bridget: Why do I have to go, I hate basketball!
      Cate: Kerry plays volleyball not basketball!

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