8 Simple Rules

Season 1 Episode 4


Aired Friday 8:00 PM Oct 08, 2002 on ABC
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Bridget takes drastic measures when an overprotective Paul keeps coming up with excuses to delay her from taking her driver's test. Meanwhile, after convincing a less-than-confident Kerry that she has the talent to enter an art competition, Paul is shocked and Kerry is devastated when her submission is rejected, on "8 Simple Rules for Dating My Teenage Daughter."moreless

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  • fine example of the mischeif and problems within the household that always work out!

    like any family it seems that everything always goes wrong. but in the end the fact they are a strong family always prevarils! this episode showed no different

    kerry was devasted that her art didn't get through but it again shows what kind of person she is when she figures out it caused a commotion and wasn't quite acceptable. being the rebel she is, i think this makes her happier as an artist to make a statement. and it's nice to have a character on the show like this.

    pauls dramatics abour bridgets driving test is also a good storyline in this. he is terrified of her growing up so he wont let her drive. although when she passes he has no option to let his eldest grow up.

    this happens everything, i had it happen, i'm sure many others did. 8 simples rules is simpley taking real life situations (example here being the dad who wont let his daughther grow up out of fear) and brining them into an entertaining programme!!moreless
  • Bridget continues to hound Paul about getting her license. Also, Carrie decides to enter an art competition on Paul's urging but is denied.

    After being 16 for two months now, Bridget really wants to get her license. Paul is too worried to allow that and tells her that she needs to know everything there is to know about cars before doing so. In a huff, she hijacks the Henesy car. She is brought home by a cop and Paul continues to worry further. Cate asks Paul why he is so worried and he reveals that it is because he doesn't want his eldest one to grow up. The next day, Cate take Bridget to get her license and, after passing, Paul relents his overbearingness. He allows her to drive to the store for milk. The other storyline involved Carrie and an art competition. Paul urges her to join but she is denied entry. She then decides that perhaps art is not her thing. As Paul goes to find out why she wasn't accepted, he sees her painting and, though brilliant, isn't appropriate to the sponsor of the showing. Carrie becomes happy when she knows that he painting caused a stir.

    This was an above average episode with a good story to work with. While nothing ground breaking for either children in terms of sitcom material, it is presented well in script and by the actors/actresses. I enjoyed Carrie more than I had in previous episodes, which I liked. I also enjoyed having Kyle around again because him and Paul are fun foils for each other. The running gag about the milk was also good because I know how that happens. All around, a decent episode.moreless
  • Great job!

    I rated it as "fine example" because in a lot of shows there's usually an episode that has to deal with the parents being realuctant about the kid getting the drivers liscene. This is a fine example of the way to do it.


    1) It was an excellent idea, Bridget not getting her liscene because her dad still saw her as a "little girl."

    2) It was really funny too! It has many memorable quotes to it.

    3) It was filmed well, and by that i mean filmed well from camera angles and such.


    1) Paul seemed a little too overcautious in not letting Bridget get her liscense.

    I know there's more good things about this episode, but while i am writing this, it just turned daylight savings, so i'm too tired to think of anymore.moreless
  • This is just one of those episodes that I can relate to

    This is just one of those episodes that I can relate to.

    You know it is a big worry for some parrents to let their kids start driving. Its just something that worries a parrent to let their kids get control over a two ton vehicle. I would be tooo if I was a parrent.

    the thing that makes it so good to watch is the fact that older viewers can appreciate the drama that the father goes through while younger viewers can relate to haveing your parrents say no to getting your licence. simply put THIS episode is one of the best in the show.moreless
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John Ritter

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