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Episode Guide


  • Season 1
    • A Kiss Goodbye?
      Episode 10
      As one model leaves, a new model moves into the apartment. Britt is having troubles in a casting with Teddy as she feels "uncomfortable", Kelly and Sabrina land a huge deal with Acuvue, but there's always more sibling rivalry.
    • Over-Exposed
      Episode 9
      Tracie finds herself still stuck in a tough position even though she gets a casting call. Britt finds it extremely hard to balance her morals and her modeling career as she has a provocative photo shoot. Also, one of the models leaves the apartment.
    • Mixed Messages
      Episode 8
      Kelly doesn't tell Sabrina about a big casting call and goes on without her because she knows how envious she is of her. When Sabrina finds out, she is furious at her sister for lying to her. There are also problems with Vinci-- as his ego is running wild.
    • 4/18/06
      Tracy is frustrated about her career as she looses out a Maxim Photoshoot booking to Talesha. Teddy begins to re-think about wanting a relationship with Heide after witnessing her dirty dance and flirty with other men.
    • 4/11/06
      Sabrina ends up beating out her sister to land a big modelling job, which makes Kelly feel threatened and she begins to resent her. Meanwhile, Teddy decides that he will move onto Heidie after he is shot down by Britt.
    • 4/4/06
      Kelly is sick and tired of losing jobs to models with a bigger busts, so she considers having breast augmentation in the hopes of becoming a more successful model.
    • 3/28/06
      Britt realizes she has an attraction to Teddy. However, she also knows he is a player and does not know whether to pursue the relationship or not.
    • Skin Deep
      Episode 3
      Sabrina's has a huge problem when her face breaks out. The agency tells her not to go on a casting, but Kelly convinces her twin to go anyway.
    • 3/14/06
      The agency is concerned about Vinci. It's not because he is not successful, but it's because he is so difficult to work with.
    • Sibling Rivalry
      Episode 1
      In Miami's hot South Beach, ten professional models live together in a beach front apartment complex, each trying to make their way in a glamorous yet very demanding industry. In the opener, Sabrina needs to bring more life to her pictures. A test shoot gives Sabrina the chance to step up her game, but she still loses out a very desirable job to her sister. Irene contemplates separating the twins, so Sabrina can get out from Kelly's shadow and come into her own.moreless