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  • Loved it

    I loved this show. It was interesting and fun. Loved the male models especially. I just loved the prospective and depth this show had. It had zest and lots of flavor to it as well.
  • Extremely interesting look at the life of young aspiring models.

    8th & Ocean is a reality/drama program based on the lives of models and the struggles they go through in order to get their shot at fame. The show deals with a variety of issues, such as relationships crises, sibling rivalry and jealousy. The show offers a fascinating insight into the life of aspiring models and you soon learn that the life of a model is not necessarily what it’s hyped up to be. Each cast member has their own issues and must deal with them through the help of the modeling agency, and those around them. However friendships are strained through the pressure of it all, most notably twins Kelly and Sabrina. They struggle to get along as they vie for the same reward, a key modeling contract. This program is an eye-opener to the world of modeling, one that should be viewed by all.
  • suprisingly great and the hardships of being a model.

    8th & ocean is a great show that tells viewers how hard it is to be a model and the personal breakdowns a few models have. it also shows that models also have morals like having their family support and friends. i also love the whole concept of all the models living together and facing their problems together. this show probably also gives aspiring models to see how a models life could change and what they have to do in order to get what they want.
  • Incredible

    This show really shows the struggle people go through in the modeling career. Everyone thinks it comes easy, but that's not true. They have to work hard and compete for jobs. And you know it's a real show when you see Sabrina and Kelly on a commercial. The guys are also hot so that's a reason to watch.
    8th and Ocean is just real life. Yeah they may be better looking and have better jobs but they also have difficulties and people really get to see that in this show.
  • 8th and ocean is probably not gonna last that but it is very good and should stay on but with mtv what can you expect.

    8th and ocean are street names where most modeling agencies are at well it is where iren marie modeling agency is at they have some beautiful and some not so beautiful models like Vinci he is a high high fashion model because i dont see much sexy appeal in him and his accent is not that sexy he is just not all his agency makes him out to be now teddy and sean and adrian are just drop dead gorgeous i would have to say teddy then sean then adrian in sexiest to just sexy. the girls are very unique in there own way kelly and sabrina are dealing with trust issues britt is dealing with her religion and the rest are ok now that tracie has left.
  • To sum up this show: "Eh... it's kind of good".

    8th & Ocean follows the lives of working models in Miami. The cameras follow them on go-sees, auditions, photoshoots, and inside the apartment which all of the models share. Sounds like the recipe for a good guilty pleasure, yes?
    Although the concept for 8th & Ocean is great, there are some problems with the execution. The series has a bit of an identity crisis-- not sure whether it wants to showcase the petty drama between the models or focus on actual modelling work. This makes the show hard to get into. However, once you get the rhythm of the show, it becomes a treat to watch.
  • So far in the show they have been taking photo shoots and getting advice back about there pictures. Also Teddy likes Brittany. And Sabrina was having skin problems really bad and went to photo thing then got in trouble because of the condition of her face

    8th and Ocean is a good tv series. . . . Anyway i think that Teddy and Brittany might hook up or have they already i missed the last two epsoides. The twins are inersting too i think they need to go there seperate ways and be their own person. Like Sarbina just needs to be sure in herself. And not to rely on her sister for looks. Tracie needs to gain some weight if she wants to get better at her pictures. I am not trying to say bad things about the show or cast i just saying my opinion i hope i did not offend anybody. But i love 8th and Ocean. . . .
  • The Producers of Laguna Beach really hit it big with this one...

    When i saw the previews for 8th & Ocean i thought it was just gonna be another one of those MTV crappy girl shows, but when i went to watch the sneek peek, I thought it was one of the best shows MTV made! I'm a guy and i'm hooked on this show and it could be because i'm a loser, or it could be because theres a bunch of hot half-naked chicks posing for the cameras!!! i dunno could be either one, but come on, i bet all you guys out there watch it every once in a while!! Not only that but it's got drama between bf/gf, sister/sister, model/boss, its just got all kinds of drama!!
  • An interesting show about a group of models and the interactions within their daily lives.

    This show is a pretty good show. I was watching MTV one day and saw it, so I decided to watch it. I was actually surprised that it was not that bad. It's sort of interesting the way the characters interact with each other and how they deal with certain issues. Oh and the twins are pretty cool...acuvue contact lenses anyone? The show lets us catch a glimpse into the sometimes not so glamourous lifestyle of these models. They deal with the same stuff we do, only they get to model.
  • 8th & Ocean is a show that chronicles the lives of working models in South Beach florida. The show mainly centers around Britt, the new girl, from the midwest with striking beauty, and strong religious morals. It gives people a glimpse into the lives of

    8th & Ocean really isn't a show for me, it's a show more say catering to the teenage, and tween girl audience, as well as a few teenage, and tween guys. This show like laguna beach owes a lot of its success to editing and soundtrack choices. However the show does seem valid, and does go a little bit father than America's next top model, but no show has really done justice to becoming a model. The owner of the agency however gets much props, because she seems to geniunely care about the kids, almost like a mom would. And I never thought I would hear this on tv, A model was told to gain weight, and that it would help her get more jobs. YES!!! Thank-you it's about time someone said it, people are so sick and tired of people on tv saying you have to lose weight to be famous, or to compete in that world. GO IRENE GO!!
  • For shame Mtv, for shame.

    I don\\\'t know what the hell Mtv has been smoking lately. Someone seriously needs to have an intervention. 8th & ocean is the latest in a large number of turds Mtv has been feeding us. Its about a bunch of models who have problems with their skin, their religion, their...blah, blah, blah! I\\\'m all for pretty people with problems, but please give me interesting, pretty people with problems, not some soulless robot with good teeth and wide eyes who puts me to sleep. I really pity Mtv. The only good shows they have left are Made, Sweet sixteen, & True life. Everything else is crap [NOT INCLUDING MTV2 SHOWS]. I used to be a Mtv fiend, but now, I\\\'m moving on to bigger and better pastures. This was your last chance and you wasted it.

    P.s-Why put two of your most boring shows on back to back? If I wanted to go to sleep at ten, I\\\'d take a sleeping pill, with a shot of vodka.
  • Not only appealing to the girls.

    This show is about a group of models, all in the same firm, and their lives. As it seems like a spinoff of Laguna Beach, you would think this show would be especially for girls, but it also appears to the guys as well. For example, the girls on there are very attractive, especially Brit Koth. She's very innocent and in one episode, she has problems with taking off her bra for a photoshoot, although you can't see anything in the pictures.

    If I were at a level two, I could edit her profile and add pictures and information and things like that.
  • A spin-off of "Laguna Beach", this documents the life of a model isn't exactly glamorous as you think it would be.

    My newest guilty pleasure, this show is awesome. Each model is different like Britt, the nice middle America girl, Teddy, the player (from what I've seen, he reminds me of Jason), Vinci, the bitchy hottie, and Sabrina, the lacking-of-self-confidence model. The show might be new but I'm pretty sure it will reach "Laguna Beach" status soon.
  • This show is about a group of models living in the same house. And it also shows the bad side of modeling. It shows that modeling isn't what its all cracked up to be.

    I absolutely looove this show now. At first, I really diddn't like it because it seemed boring. But then I started getting into it and now I never miss an episode. Usually this isn't the type of show that I would be willing to watch. Now I can be proud to say it is one of man personal favorites.
  • A scripted show that is made to be real that is about young models in the industry.

    This seems to be an interesting show. I can say that it is obviously fake and scripted, but still is entertaining. Of course, the people are beautiful, no doubt, though some of the characters make me want to hurl, they are so immature and whiny little children. (but what else would attract people to watch?)
  • Love it

    this is going to be a show i cannot wait till next week to watch. I am already addicted. It is a great show. it shows you how models do not have the most perfect life they have problems to. and all the people on a so pretty. One of the best show on MTV
  • This show is the best show on MTV since Laguna Beach. I think that Adrian is drop dead gorgeous! :-)

    This show is the best show on MTV since Laguna Beach. I think that Adrian is drop dead gorgeous! :-).I hope that Britt and Adrian hook up or something. maybe Kelly or Sabrina. I am still trying to figure out who he should hook up eith but hey i have time