Season 3 Episode 3

2021 Vision

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Sep 27, 2010 on The CW

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  • 90210 is really coming into its own

    When I first started watching 90210 (from Season 1), I thought it was just trying to really copy cat the original one. And in some ways it is.

    This season is really about the characters and not how they are related to Kelly or Brenda or Donna. Although, I am disappointed that Jason Priestly didn't come back for an episode :(...

    Adrianna, the last two seasons have been about her drug addiction and the baby. I actually wanted this "secret" to drag out for a few episodes. And who knows, maybe it will.. but in a different way. I really like Jessica Lowndes, I think she is great actress and she definitely deserves more lines and good stories. Hey, if the singing doesn't pan out, she could get back into acting, right?

    Naomi, struggling with the rape still. I hate Mr Cannon, I hope he drives off a cliff. He is a d**chebag. It's nice to see a vulnerable side to her since she is always up to something or mad at someone. Maybe this will change her for the good? Maybe not, since they need a villain right?

    Silver, seems like every episode is her walking away from someone mad. I like her character but I think she needs to just be alone for a while. No relationship, just figuring herself out.

    Teddy hooked up with a guy? I don't like how he's just gay now. There should be another character who just is. Why do shows think they are original by having a "I sudden realize I am gay now" storyline. Having a character who was already gay to begin with and showing how they deal with it in their everyday lives, would be more organic. And also, more realistic and original. *side note.. haha Adrianna mentions her little gay tryst she had. I think Liam and Annie had more chemistry than he and Naomi. I look forward to when they eventually reunite.

    Overall, it was a good episode. The chick who did the yearbook was totally irritating. Hopefully, she won't be back.
  • Naomi suffers from constant flashbacks to her rape and turns to sleeping pills. Silver found out the true face of Mr Cannon.

    That was a good episode of 90210 with all the drama and the problems... especially in the end! for once, at the end of this episode, I really wanted to watch the next one right away maybe because of the revelations... The show took a surprising turnover especially with the character of Teddy (I won't tell more but it is juicy ! ! ! )
    The story between Naomi and the teacher is coming to an end finally ! because Mr Cannon is really creepy and disgusting (that the aim of this character).

    I am really tired of the love triangle between Dixon, Ivy and her friend I can't remember his name (he is so boring but he is full of bad intentions....Great!).
  • 303

    Some really intense and eventful things happening on tonight's episode of 90210. Yet there were some plots that were a bit over the top, and quite ridiculous to sum it up, but we've got some great cliffhangers, dynamic characters, and intense drama, so sit back and relax viewers because you're watching 90210.

    Let me start off with the bad things. The Ivy, Oscar and Dixon scenes were almost unbearable, and I really think they should get less airtime, because I really don't find them interesting at all. We've got a very ridiculous plot, coincidentally it was Annie's. Her boss wants to buy her eggs to conceive a baby? A bit unrealistic and quite strange.

    Now for the good things, the whole Silver and Cannon scene at the end got me at the edge of my seat, full of suspense, and I couldn't help but to yell at my TV screen. Naomi falling apart was a great plot, and her overdosing on sleeping pills, what a cliffhanger.

    Then we have Teddy's one night hookup... with a guy. Talk about surprises. Adrianna being exposed for stealing Javier's song, it's about time. And finally Oscar trying to get payback on Ivy's mom, I guess it all makes sense now. Overall, there were some ridiculous plots, but the cliffhangers and very intense eventful scenes made up for it. 90210 continues with it's winning streak.
  • It just keeps getting better and better

    Were only 3 episodes into this season and we've been hit with so much drama, almost everyone has there own storyline going... So far its only Navid that aint got one, but you got to figure his is gonna cross into Adriana's current storyline.... Dam that girls done it all and she's still only in school (Drugs, Actress, had a baby, Singer, Lesbian) not gonna spoil this episode for people... but i like where this season is going....

    I never Watched Beverly Hills 90210 so dont know how many seasons that went for. or how they kept the characters going after school... but i really hope they keep the series going and it even surpasses the origional series.....
  • 2021 vision

    90210 just keeps getting better and better! It was so intense with Naomi's flashbacks. Mr. Cannon was so creepy with Silver at his house. I love how Silver remembers what Naomi says from the videos she editing and she hears the exact same thing in Mr. Cannon's video, so now she believes that Mr. Cannon raped Naomi. The ending was so dramatic with Silver finding Naomi unconscious.I can't wait to see how Teddy's storyline will play out. It's interesting how he hooks up with a guy. Annie's boss was so creepy. But I find it interesting how they want Annie to donate her eggs. I love howthat guy knows that Adrianna stole that song she sang from Javier.
  • Naomi has constant flashbacks of the rape Mr.cannon invites silver to his place Teddy has a druken one night stand with a guy

    Naomi is alone in this episode she has her trust fund now but no one to confide in she has no family and has isolated all her friends and to top it all of she keeps on having constant flashbacks from the night she was raped by mr.cannon so since she has no one to turn to she turns to one of adrianna's old habits drugs and she overdosed with drugs and alcohol only to be found by Silver after she discovers naomi was telling the truth also Teddy awakes from a drunken night and slept with someone from West Beverly thing is he didn't sleep with someone of the opposite sex he slept with Ian
  • It all comes out! SPOILERS

    Wow. this episode was great. I really liked it. it had soooo much twists 1. Oliver (is that the aussie guy?) is EVIL!!!!
    2. Teddy is gay (old news I know but Yay)
    3 Aidrianna( stupid move in the first place)
    4. Naomi ~(I have an ingenous plan tell everyone he treatened you that if you said he raped you the first ltime that he would kill you) 5. im talking like the show ils real so "Brainfart"

    I really liked this episode. I think it lay down the plots for season 3.

    Ps Annie you have a creepy boss!!. she freaked me out straight away."you have a nice body"????
    When your straight and your same sex boss says it to you get creeped out!! But liked the husband though :)