Season 3 Episode 3

2021 Vision

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Sep 27, 2010 on The CW

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    Some really intense and eventful things happening on tonight's episode of 90210. Yet there were some plots that were a bit over the top, and quite ridiculous to sum it up, but we've got some great cliffhangers, dynamic characters, and intense drama, so sit back and relax viewers because you're watching 90210.

    Let me start off with the bad things. The Ivy, Oscar and Dixon scenes were almost unbearable, and I really think they should get less airtime, because I really don't find them interesting at all. We've got a very ridiculous plot, coincidentally it was Annie's. Her boss wants to buy her eggs to conceive a baby? A bit unrealistic and quite strange.

    Now for the good things, the whole Silver and Cannon scene at the end got me at the edge of my seat, full of suspense, and I couldn't help but to yell at my TV screen. Naomi falling apart was a great plot, and her overdosing on sleeping pills, what a cliffhanger.

    Then we have Teddy's one night hookup... with a guy. Talk about surprises. Adrianna being exposed for stealing Javier's song, it's about time. And finally Oscar trying to get payback on Ivy's mom, I guess it all makes sense now. Overall, there were some ridiculous plots, but the cliffhangers and very intense eventful scenes made up for it. 90210 continues with it's winning streak.