Season 3 Episode 3

2021 Vision

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Sep 27, 2010 on The CW

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  • 90210 is really coming into its own

    When I first started watching 90210 (from Season 1), I thought it was just trying to really copy cat the original one. And in some ways it is.

    This season is really about the characters and not how they are related to Kelly or Brenda or Donna. Although, I am disappointed that Jason Priestly didn't come back for an episode :(...

    Adrianna, the last two seasons have been about her drug addiction and the baby. I actually wanted this "secret" to drag out for a few episodes. And who knows, maybe it will.. but in a different way. I really like Jessica Lowndes, I think she is great actress and she definitely deserves more lines and good stories. Hey, if the singing doesn't pan out, she could get back into acting, right?

    Naomi, struggling with the rape still. I hate Mr Cannon, I hope he drives off a cliff. He is a d**chebag. It's nice to see a vulnerable side to her since she is always up to something or mad at someone. Maybe this will change her for the good? Maybe not, since they need a villain right?

    Silver, seems like every episode is her walking away from someone mad. I like her character but I think she needs to just be alone for a while. No relationship, just figuring herself out.

    Teddy hooked up with a guy? I don't like how he's just gay now. There should be another character who just is. Why do shows think they are original by having a "I sudden realize I am gay now" storyline. Having a character who was already gay to begin with and showing how they deal with it in their everyday lives, would be more organic. And also, more realistic and original. *side note.. haha Adrianna mentions her little gay tryst she had. I think Liam and Annie had more chemistry than he and Naomi. I look forward to when they eventually reunite.

    Overall, it was a good episode. The chick who did the yearbook was totally irritating. Hopefully, she won't be back.