Season 4 Episode 9

A Thousand Words

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Nov 15, 2011 on The CW

Episode Recap

Silver's footage of Teddy's wedding has been leaked to the media and Teddy immediately blames Shane. It turns out that Silver's boss Marissa is the one that actually leaked the tape after Silver accidentally e-mailed it to her. Silver confronts Marissa about this and she said she did it for the greater good. Silver is having a hard time getting Teddy's forgiveness for this.

Liam is turning down modeling gigs left and right until a cologne campaign offers him a dangerous race car driving campaign. He is bummed when he finds out he's not allowed behind the wheel or to be a part of any of the dangerous stunts. He throws a fit and sneaks into the racetracks with Teddy. Liam gets caught and breaks his leg while attempting to flee. Now he can't be a part of the cologne campaign which costs the agency a lot of money, and Liam is stuck modeling for covers of romantic novels.

Ivy's photography teacher, Nick, encourages her to enter CU's photography competition, where the grand prize is a trip to New Guinea with a professional photographer. Ivy enters and wins, only to find that her professor Nick is the professional photographer that she's going to be traveling with. This is a problem since she finds herself attracted to him. She later receives the news that Raj is cancer-free.

Dixon finally agrees to go to a rehab facility in Santa Barbara. Before he leaves, he tries to mend his relationship with Adrianna, telling her that his feelings for her are real. She suspects that that might be the drugs talking, but she tells him that she loves him too and for them to hold off on their relationship until he gets back from rehab.

The cost of Dixon's rehab is pretty hefty, and Annie has offered to pay the deposit. She catches Patrick cheating on her and calls him out on it. He tries to convince her that she's different and special to him, but she doesn't buy it. When Annie fails to get enough money for Dixon's rehab deposit, she goes back to Patrick telling him she is okay with exchanging sex for money.