Season 2 Episode 9

A Trip to the Moon

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Nov 10, 2009 on The CW

Episode Recap

Dixon continues to mourn the loss of his baby, which he does not know never even existed. Dixon feels guilty and tries to get in touch with Sasha. Sasha ignores his calls because of what Debbie had warned her. Debbie and Harry finally reveal the real story to Dixon. Dixon is furious and says that she is not his real mother.

There is a flashback to Silver's past where her mother, Jackie, is too drunk to remember her own name, and forgets her daughter's birthdays. Silver starts celebrating her half-birthdays. Back in present time, Naomi is very excited to celebrate Silver's half-birthday since taking care of Jackie has put a damper on Silver's life. Silver thinks the party is too much and tries to cancel it. Teddy helps out and gets a hold of some his father's movie set designers to remake every one of Silver's birthday wishes since she was five.

Jasper confronts Navid about rumors of him being a drug dealer. Kris gilts Navid into thinking he is wrong about everything and gets him to rethink things with Adrianna. Adrianna is still into drugs; she steals money from Silver's half-birthday present to pay for her pills. Navid calls her out on it, but she denies it. Annie continues to fall for Jasper.

Liam acts out in this episode; picking fights with everyone. He is enraged by all of Jen's lies. He finally tells Dixon, Teddy, and Ivy the truth about sleeping with Jen and explaining what happened. They scheme to get back at her.