Season 2 Episode 9

A Trip to the Moon

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Nov 10, 2009 on The CW

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  • Annie loses her virginity to Jasper.

    Ah, the famous debate. Wasn't Annie's first time with Mark? Did she lie to Jasper? Did she just get naked with Mark? Writers, clarify! In this episode, Silver's half birthday comes around again, and the drama is much heavier than it was last year. Silver's mom plans the best half birthday eve with Teddy to make up for all the other birthdays she has missed. Silver & Teddy's friendship develops, which makes Adrianna continue to use drugs. She continues to buy from Jasper, and Navid sees her buying from him, he confronts Jasper & Adrianna, Adrianna says it's none of his business, and Jasper threatens him. By the end, Navid is set on taking Jasper down. Adrianna starts reverting back to her old ways which is incredibly disappointed. She lies to Naomi about losing Silver's birthday money, when really, she spent it on drugs. Naomi believes her when she lies about being mugged and losing the money. Like I said, very disappointed with her. Annie & Jasper's relationship continue to develop, when Annie says she loves him for the first time. They end up having sex. We need more scenes with Annie, she is supposed to be the main character, lately it seems as though she has become a side character. Dixon has trust issues with his mom, Debbie, when she reveals what really went down with Sasha. She was never pregnant. Annie & Dixon continue to argue. Liam is sick and tired of Jen trying to ruin his life, and all his friends see that something is wrong with him. By the end, Liam reveals everything that happened on prom night to his friends. Finally! Some prom night development! Teddy, Ivy & Dixon are set on destroying Jen by the end. This episode was just really good, in my opinion. It had enough about every character. I like the Liam & friends storyline. (Ivy, Dixon, Teddy). They finally decide to bring down Jen which makes me excited to watch the upcoming episodes. Adrianna going back on the drugs was stupid of her but still an amazing plot. I don't know whether to like or dislike Jasper. I dislike him for being a drug dealer. I like him cause he is so good to Annie. Navid trying to bring down Jasper was at the very end and it was hardly "bringing him down." I love the Silver/Teddy friendship. Dixon's plot was just okay in my opinion. But I loved the Dixon/Annie confrontation. I wish they can just make up already. They were such a good team last year. Overall this episode was satisfying, and open up some new plots. Silver's half-birthday was powerful, she reconnected with her mother, only to find her mom unconscious and unable to wake up, which was an amazing cliffhanger. Good episode, great cliffhanger.
  • Silver's half birthday is here again

    In this episode of 90210, the following happens. Liam finally tells Ivy, Dixon and Teddy the truth about Jen and so they begin to devise a plan to get revenge on her. Dixon's parents tell him the truth about Sasha, which back fires on them and Dixon tells Deb that she isn't his real mother, which hurts her deeply. Navid finds out that Adrianna is back on drugs and that Jasper is the one supplying them to her. So he works to bring him down. Silver and her mother spend time together and get closer. When Silver gets up on the morning of her half birthday, she finds her mother isn't breathing and so she calls for an ambulance. Overall this was a very good episode apart from one thing, Annie. She was a good character in the first season, but in this one, she really annoys me. Hopefully she will change back into the Annie we all fell in love with, and soon.