Season 4 Episode 18

Blood Is Thicker Than Mud

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Mar 13, 2012 on The CW

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  • I hate this show again...

    So it only took a couple of episode from this show going from "fair" to awful again. Looks my prediction is coming true about the show being at the same place as it was last season in terms of quality. The only highlight of the episode for me was the Train appearance but that's about it.

    Ivy & Diego have established their relationship. By the next episode, Diego will be forgotten and some new guy will pop up in her life and they'll have the same issues. I'm only predicting this will happen because this is the exact same thing that happened with the photo guy. This is just pointless and not entertaining to see the same thing happen twice within a span of a couple of episodes.

    I bet in the making of the episode, the writers started with the concept of a ridiculous mud fight and built it off from there.

    This was just so unbelievably bad, I literally felt stupider after watching the show. And what was with Annie falling in as well? It didn't add anything substantial other than something amusing to look at.

    Although I did completely agree with Annie when she said everyone was acting as if they were twelve. Looks like Annie is going to stick with this 'good decisions' thing for a while now.

    Adding on to the list of recycled story lines, we've got the new love triangle that probably was the worst disappointment about this episode. Why can't the writers just realize that hooking everyone up together does not make things more interesting, it's just annoying. Does anyone else still think that the Dixon & Adrianna relationship is unfathomable?

    The Silver/Liam/Vanessa triangle is exactly like the Navid/Adrianna/Silver triangle, and seems also very familiar to the Liam/Annie/Naomi triangle. The "nothing is going on" at first, and then a romance builds. I'm so tired of it.

    The second thing on the list was Dixon getting offered a record contract without his partner. Kind of like how Adrianna had the same thing happen to her, huh? I swear, the writers are drawing at straws here.

    And on to the list of disappointments and poor characterization, didn't Naomi say she was done with guys and said that she would focus on her career? Like a couple episodes ago even? Now she's on to some new guy showing she's hardly matured when it comes to this subject.

    Adrianna & Naomi not interacting didn't phase me as much until tonight. They were in the same room tonight and didn't say a thing to each other. Are we just supposed to assume that everything is okay between them now? It just doesn't make much sense to me.

    Overall, by reading this review, you probably now my feelings about the episode. Just an utter disappointment all around.

  • Jen is back! and she is worse than ever

    This proof that 90210 is meaningful to see - This episode was good and way way better than the previous episodes. I feel that the writers have really taken this serious. And i have to admit that this episode really reminded me of season 1, and to be honest it was nice to finally see something that was like my favourite season.

    Naomi, PJ, Jen: Last episode we saw Naomi and Jen having some kind of feud over the rich guy,PJ. And now the two take their inner anger and rage to the confrontation table. Because Naomi and her sister get really like a clark should be. And i have to admit that is was nice to see Naomi and Jen getting into a fight again like they did in the second season.

    And not only by making it better, they mentioned Ethan in one of their arguments.(NICE!)

    So a great story for Naomi, love this story! with all the mud-fighting and the cloth-swapping. This made the show really fun this time.

    Ivy: Ivy has been boring, and her lack of stories has made the third season and to now, very stupid. But now her new storyline really takes a serious side to her. With new guy Diego in the picture for Ivy, there's only gonna be more drama heading us, in our way, but is this a good thing? My answer is yes. As for now i'm concerned of Ivy's dark side that has been shown to us and it is the making of her boyfriend Diego. Who hasn't a good influence on Ivy. He is some kind of demostrant. As for now i'm just hoping that the storyline keeps going on. Ivy's storyline has just gotted more interesting with her dark side heading our way.

    Annie: Annie has really been messed up this season, and really had shown her slutty and messy side to us, viewers, but lately i have really felled a some kind of sympathy for Annie. And i think that with her lately charity event planning, really just makes me happy : ) So to the writers keep make Annie the good girl, because Shenae is great at her work and it is nice to see Annie back again! with her normal personality.

    Liam, Silver: So in this episode Silver struggles with her future, because maybe she has the cancer gene like the rest of her family. And Liam......well Liam has just gone to the media!

    But do you really care about those storylines, the answer... well i'm splitted. Because this week's episode we saw some growing love between the two love birds, and i think that viewers really can't hide the fact that we got a new couple on the horizon. I like Liam and Silver. And they create a good chemistry with eachother and really just is good with eachother. But still, with all the tension going around with the two, i still can't hide the fact that Silver actually has been with all of the male roles on the show, even a gay man.

    But what the hell, i love them together, i guess it's what matters most.

    Adrianna, Dixon, Vanessa: Last episode Vanessa sabotage Dixon and ade's plans with a movie producer, and really was selfvish, when she then took advantage of the producers sudden departure for Adrianna and Dixon and made a deal with him to take Liam into one of his movies. But it wasn't as bad as now.

    Because Vanessa didn't only steal the producer from Adrianna and Dixon, but also ruined Dixon and Adrianna's plans to perfom at the Dersert Valley. Don't wanna ruin it for those who hasn't watched this episode yet, but i can just say that the situation with Ade and Vanessa in this episode, really is spicy and nice!

    Train, Latoya, The ending: So not only did the Train perfom on the Dersert Valley concert, but also we saw Michael Jackson's sister Latoya Jackson who helped Dixon perform at the concert.

    The ending was okay, wouldn't say great or awesome, but it was definitetly not necessary to put a massive dramatic ending to the epsiode. I think that the writers thought that with all of the drama going around in this episode they really didn't happen to put very much in to the ending. So not to over-the-top-drama going around in this episode, which i can say is only good.

    All-in-all this episode was awesome and interesting. I loved how the writers have focused on the unity. And that they has made this show meeningful to watch again.

    And for a short note i must say that the latest episodes really reminded me of season 1, which certainly is a good thing. The use of contrast, the mentioning of Ethan! and The meening of watching this show really is the three main reasons.

    Many review writers have written that this episode isn't good and it needs passion and the lack of importance hasn't shown to us, at all. So now i want to make a quick statement, that that is not true. This show has gone through four seasons and probably soon five. I love this show and as ridiculous people say this show is. Well late me just say that i really couldn't care less....