Season 4 Episode 20

Blue Ivy

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Mar 27, 2012 on The CW

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  • Blue Ivy

    Things on 90210 have finally reached a respectable boiling point and made this episode not awful. If only 90210 did this on a weekly basis, I wouldn't be so annoyed with the show. Naomi was in the backdrop with PJ, where they should be. Ivy was put on the forefront tonight, which wasn't a bad thing.

    All of the story lines opened up in the... well... past few episodes reached their climax. Ivy's reaction to Raj's death, Silver's cancer results, scheming Vanessa, Dixon and his record contract, the unbearable Liam & Silver relationship that's been "building" (come on, give me a break). All of these were half-hearted story lines, but the payoff was pretty nice.

    It was a bit anti-climactic however seeing Ivy fine in next episode's promo, that really took a lot from the episode. Why can't anyone on this show just be FRIENDS? Silver & Liam had a potential to be great friends but nope, that failed again.

    The phrase: "absence makes the heart grow fonder" really rang true tonight with the return of Navid. I actually didn't really care much about Navid prior to this episode but as he came back, he seemed to be the only one with common sense.

    Can't wait for next month! (not really), hopefully the phrase, "absence makes the heart grow fonder" will ring true for 90210 once it comes back from it's break because right now I'm not loving it.