Season 1 Episode 14

By Accident

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Jan 20, 2009 on The CW
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The return of Mr. Matthews causes a mixed reaction at West Beverly Hills High. Also, the drama department holds auditions for Antony and Cleopatra, and Annie decides to read for the lead... but so does Adrianna. Meanwhile, Silver and Dixon continue to experience bumps in their relationship.moreless

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  • Antony & Cleopatra.

    This episode was just sort of continuing the arcs. After Spring Awakening, the drama teacher is organizing Antony & Cleopatra. Adrianna & Annie go for the same part... again. Annie doesn't get the part, Adrianna does. The rest of the episode, Annie just feels sorry for herself. Not enjoyable to watch. Dixon breaks up with Silver, claiming she's too intense. Adrianna can't accept the fact that she's pregnant, and when she does, she realizes it's too late to have an abortion. She has to have the baby. Naomi has to deal living with her father and his mistress. Of course, blackmail comes in to play, and she is living in a hotel by the end of the episode. Ty takes interest in to Adrianna, and we find out he is the father of the baby. Ryan returns only to kick Silver out of his class. So now Silver has to prove herself. She gets in the class by the end. Kelly is really starting to annoy me, she always seems to be creating drama when there is none. Ethan gets in a car crash by the end, while he's on the phone with Annie. Somehow, the cliffhanger wasn't great for me. Only because it was pretty obvious, he was going to be okay. So some eventful occurrences happened in this episode. But other than that, a bit of a filler.moreless
  • Best episode so far.

    Ryan Matthews returns to his job at West Beverly High, which causes a mixed reaction from all the students who gossip about his sudden departure and return, and his refusal to explain where he was or what happened to him troubles Kelly. Also, the school's drama department holds auditions for "Antony and Cleopatra", and Annie decides to read for the lead role. She was surprised to find Ty trying out for the play, and more surprised when Ethan auditions for a part. Meanwhile, Silver and Dixon continue to experience bumps in their relationship and Dixon breaks up with Silver. Naomi's mother moves to New York for some R&R, so Naomi has to move in with her dad and his much younger girlfriend at the beach house. When Naomi finds out he is having an affair with his realtor, she gets to move to a hotel. Elsewhere, Adrianna tells Naomi that Hank did not get her pregnant. She reveals that it was Ty (Annie's former love interest). Annie gets upset about not getting the role and decides not to go to the casting party. Though she changes her mind and calls up Ethan to come and pick her up. During their conversation on the phone Annie loses Ethan's voice only hearing sounds of glass shattering, cars honking and crashing. She calls out his name leaving unknown on what happened to Ethan. Best episode from season one, I loved every minute of it. Everything was perfect about it, just perfect. Can't wait for the next episode!moreless
  • Ethan has a car accident

    In this episode of 90210, the following happens. We open this episode, with Ryan retuning to work at the High School. So another school play comes around, and Annie wants to audition for the main role, the part of Cleopatra. After what she wrote about him on her blog and so Ryan has Silver transferred to another English class. Adrianna goes to another commercial audition and Naomi goes there with Kelly to meet her after it, to discuss the whole baby situation. Naomi tells her that she thinks that she should have an abortion, but Kelly thinks that she should think about having the baby and raising it herself or even adoption. When Naomi gets home, she learns from her father that the house is going on the market and that her mother isn't coming back, at least not yet. So Naomi goes to stay with her father and Gail at the beach house.

    When Silver tells Kelly about Ryan kicking her out of his class, Kelly looks really angry at the fact that no one told her. Annie auditions with Ty, but she tells him that she and Ethan are together and suddenly Ty becomes a different person. Kelly goes to see Ryan, and soon learns the truth about why Silver was transferred out of the class, and she still stands by her sister. Then Ryan drops the bombshell, that soon he will be leaving the school. Adrianna arrives late for her audition s she went to the clinic about her pregnancy. Adrianna tells Naomi that the clinic told her that she can't have an abortion as she is too far along in the pregnancy. Soon Naomi tells her father that she knows he is sleeping with the person who is suppose to be selling their house and so she is moving into a hotel, until her mother comes back home. Adrianna soon tells Kelly and Naomi that Hank is not the father and then we all realise that Ty is the father. Dixon breaks up with Silver. Annie is gutted that she didn't get the lead part (it went to Adrianna), and so her parents talk to her about it. Annie rings Ethan, who is driving and she hears the car crashing. Does Ethan survive?moreless
  • very good episode

    This was one of my favorite episodes!! It was really good!!! I can't believe that Adriana's pregnant!! Not to mention it's Tye's!!!!OMG!!!!!definitely revealing but I loved it.....Silver's sooo clueless!!!I wish that Navid didn't react like that when Adrianna told him about the baby! At least she told him before she had it!!!!lol...jk...I love Annie and Ethan as a couple but Ethan was weird this episode like u need to stay far far far far far away from acting buddy!!! LOL!! JK!!! But still a really good episode....Can't wait till the nxt one...i wonder if Adrianna will tell Tye about the kid? Will Silver find out about Dixon's feelings? Will Ethan drop out of the play? Who knows? Let's find out!!moreless
  • Likeable characters get more development. Dull characters become boring as ever. Hated characters get their comeuppance!

    I liked this episode despite how slow moving it seemed at points because we got to see some changes in our characters.

    Naomi, who is one of my favorites, continues to be rough and disagreeable but in the end but she is still there for Adrianna even if the girls do squabble from time to time. I love how Naomi stands up to her dad. This is one girl who takes guff from no one, you hear?

    Even Adrianna is starting to grow a little on me even though I wish she would get real about balancing her pregnancy and being in the school at the same time. I would hate to see Annie fill in for her again cuz let's face it the whole Annie/Ethan thing is becoming a total snore...not even Ty to save it. Speaking of which I thought Adrianna faked having sex with Ty so it was kind of a surprise to learn that he may be the baby daddy.

    Didn't see much of the parents but I couldn't care less cuz they tend to be annoying.

    As for Silver/Dixon: I was cheering Dixon on when he dumped Silver cuz let's face it, the way Silver completely flipped out on him just for confessing his love was just plain out immature and messed up. I don't care what her personal beliefs are (her personal agendas are driving me crazy) on the subject, you just don't do that to a guy who cares about you ever! Okay maybe I'm being a lil bit of a hypocrite about this because we're seeing this all from Dixon's POV. But he was being kicked like a dog by Silver after everything that's been going on. So maybe this will give Silver a chance to wake up and stop thinking about herself.

    Interesting episode. Cliffhanger was a snore...ooh Ethan got into an accident? It was probably just a fender bender from the way it was directed.moreless
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Chandra West

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


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  • QUOTES (14)

    • Naomi: I like theater people, you know. Well, in small doses that is. Next time some actor dude comes up to me and starts talking about his process, I might have to duck back to my hotel.
      Adrianna: Listen to you. Duck back to my hotel?
      Naomi: I love saying it. It's the most beautiful phrase in the English language. Duck back to my hotel.

    • Dixon: I know you're not a mind reader.
      Silver: You're on to me.

    • Silver: Insightful actually came up once or twice. Insightful. Moi, insightful. And then he actually started telling me that-
      Dixon: You know, for someone so insightful, you can be pretty dense.

    • Adrianna: (to Naomi and Kelly about the father of her baby) There's really only one guy it could be.
      Ty: (covers her eyes) Guess who?

    • Naomi: I want you to have the best OB-GYN in town.
      Adriana: Hm. That's nice.
      Naomi: Only the best for you, baby. Platinum speculum all the way.

    • Adriana: I'm sorry if I was rude, before. Can I blame it on hormones?
      Kelly: I am a high school guidance counsellor. I'm used to abuse.

    • Ryan: (to Silver) You know, you might cut down on some of the enthusiastic coloquial adjectives that you seem to be so fond of. Kickass, badass, anything with an ass in it, really. You might try finding a synonym next time.

    • Dixon: (talking about telling Silver he loved her) We kind of decided not to talk about it. You know, just sweep it under the rug.
      Debbie: How's that going?
      Dixon: Just feels like there's something big under the rug, somebody's going to break their neck.

    • Ty: I like the way you enunciate, Ethan.
      Ethan: Why, thank you, Ty. I like the way you wear your jeans just one size to small.

    • Kelly: Hey. You look exhausted. Were you up all night?
      Silver: Genius doesn't sleep. Well, genius may have dozed off for an hour or two and drooled on her keyboard.

    • Gail: Oh, Naomi, I wanted to talk to you about something.
      Naomi: Right. You're glad I'm here. You're not trying to replace my mom and you want us to be pals. Squawk, squawk, squawk.

    • Lucinda: Artisan moldings. Kaching.
      Naomi: Who the hell are you?
      Lucinda: Oh. Hi. Lucinda Tunic. Tunic Realty. I'm doing the walkthrough for the broker pre-tour.
      Naomi: I don't understand a single word you just said, so...

    • Ryan: Miss Silver, I am transferring you out of this class.
      Silver: Excuse me?
      Ryan: I've already filled out the forms, I've discussed it with Principal Wilson. You will be in Mr Kaplen's English class.
      Silver: He's the worst teacher here. The dude calls Tom Clancy, 'The Bard'.

    • Annie: I'd love to play Cleopatra. It's a role I always thought I would play eventually. Not necessarily in high school, though, but you know, when opportunity knocks...
      Ethan: You better answer.
      Annie: You know, my grandma was up for the movie role but she says that Elizabeth Taylor stole her part, that violet-eyed hussy.

  • NOTES (3)


    • Ryan: I think my Dead Poet Society days are over.

      Ryan is referring to the 1989 film Dead Poet's Society starring Robin Williams about an English professor who inspires his students to love poetry and to seize the day.

    • Antony and Cleopatra is a play by William Shakespeare that follows the lives of two of the most infamous figures in Roman history.