Season 2 Episode 16

Clark Raving Mad

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Mar 30, 2010 on The CW

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  • Very enjoyable, entertaining, and eventful.

    This episode was a big step up from the last episode, it brought reconnection with the cast, an eventful kiss, and a huge cliffhanger. The episode begins with Annie & Liam reconnecting as Annie is still trying to put her life back together. Liam finds his step dad cheating on his mom, mom finds out, and stays with his step dad. Love that punch that Liam gave his step dad. I also like how Annie was always checking in to see how Liam was doing. In the meanwhile, Jasper is still following Annie around. Liam ends up moving in with Naomi, when Naomi gets kicked off the Blaze for being disruptive, she makes up a lie that she was sexually harassed by the supervisor. Now everyone believes her, and they want her to come forward. (Silver, Adrianna & Liam). Adrianna tries to identify her sexuality with Gia, and they end up kissing and now they are dating. I guess that's eventful since we know now that Adrianna is bi. Navid continues his relationship with Lyla. The tests that Teddy was playing on Silver was great, by the end, it made their relationship much stronger. It wasn't like any of Teddy's other hookups, which made me like the couple more. Dixon's birth mom prepares to leave bringing some stirred emotions ready to come out. A powerful scene between a mother & son. Debbie still feels insecure, so she turns to her yoga instructor, Kai. Kai kisses her, and Dixon's birth mom sees. Talk about a twist. Dixon's mom leaves in the end, leaving some gambling money left behind. Who knows if this may become a problem. Big cliffhanger: Jasper is ready to jump from god knows where, after facing Annie's countless rejections. He calls Annie to tell her that he is going to jump. She says no, and he is about to jump, and the episode ends. Talk about keeping you tuned in for the next episode. Good job 90210! All plots were flawless.
  • Another really good episode

    In this episode of 90210, the following happens. Adrianna thinks that she has feelings for Gia. She tells Gia and they kiss. They then decide to give their relationship a go. Liam finds out that his step father is cheating on his mother and tells both of them the truth. His mother decides to give her marriage another shot, and so Liam moves out and moves in with Naomi. Naomi tells a lie about a teacher, which will have bigger consciences in the next episode. Dixon's birth mom leaves town, but not before seeing Deb and her yoga teacher kissing. As the episode ends, we see Jasper phoning Annie to say goodbye, as he can't live without her. The episode ends as we see him about to jump.