Season 2 Episode 22


Aired Monday 9:00 PM May 18, 2010 on The CW

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  • season 2 finale

    The Season 2 finale is phenomenal! Naomi getting raped at the end of the episode was so intense. I never saw that coming. Annie telling Liam about the hit and run was heartbreaking because Annie was crying. She does the best crying scenes. Anyways, I love how Liam was a friend to her. Even though we don't get to see Harry and Debbie's reaction to Annie telling them about the hit and run, and it's awesome how she finally tells them. But I don't think we actually see her tell them. But we know she in the middle of telling them. Harry being fired as principal because he kept Dixon breaking into the school was awesome. I liked how he seems that Debbie and Harry were going to end their marriage. I never liked Harry so it's a good thing. Jasper was so creepy showing up in this episode. The scene where Jasper lights Liam's boat on fire was all intense and it got even more intense when Liam beat him up. Jen's pregnancy was also surprising. I love how Mr. Matthew had a drinking problem this season. The scene where he crashes the car was really intesne.
  • Intense.

    That pretty much is the understatement of this episode: It was intense. There is breakups, makeups, breakdowns, surprises. This show has always been good at leaving things up in the air, and this finale didn't disappoint on doing that. So much questions left unanswered, which is what a finale should have. Ryan finds out that he's the father of Jen's baby, but Jen doesn't want him to be the father of her child. She threatens him that she will go to court for the baby. Ryan turns to alcohol (like always) and causes some havoc in this episode. Liam has finally finished working on his boat after working on it pretty much all season, he sets sail with Annie for the first time where confessions are made. The first person Annie tells about the hit & run: Liam. Annie confesses to killing Joe Herman the night of prom. Liam hugs her as she cries in his arms. Liam confesses to his mom that he stole the coins to give them to his dad. Dixon confesses to Ivy that he kissed Silver the night they broke up. Dixon & Ivy break up only to get back together again. Silver is set on not ruining Teddy's "tennis career." It would have seemed kind of pathetic if their relationship didn't survive that considering they've gone through a lot worse than a tennis argument. But luckily, they stayed together by the end. Dixon is set to go to Australia, only to find out he can't go. He sneaks out of the house as Debbie & Harry have the fight of a lifetime. Turns out they don't love each other anymore. Future isn't looking bright for these two. Liam breaks up with Naomi, so she has a bad day. After almost a whole season of being apart, Adrianna & Navid get back together. Everyone rejoice! Adrianna gets the opportunity of a lifetime to go on tour with Javier, but she has to drop out of school. That's left up in the air. Ryan drinks & drives and destroys some stuff, and sets fire some things with his car as he drives off. Naomi's car breaks down so she goes to Mr. Cannon for help. This was the most intense scene of the episode, definitely. Mr. Cannon takes advantage of Naomi, now no one will believe her. It's funny how that works. She gets raped by Mr. Cannon. Wow, what an intense scene, definitely jaw dropping. Annie is about to confess to her parents on the night of the accident, that is still left in the air. Jasper sets fire to Liam's boat after seeing Annie with him just talking. I knew Jasper hadn't changed! Liam beats the crap out of Jasper, and you hear police sirens, this doesn't look good for Liam. So pretty much a lot of loose ends are dying to be tied in the season 3 premiere, which I am definitely excited about. I don't know whether the last finale was better though, I'd rather not compare though. Regardless, this was an amazing finale, and everyone did an amazing job this season overall. Great finale to a great season.
  • It was a great season finale, a little better than season 1. Looking forward to see what happens mostly to Naomi and Liam.

    It was a great season finale, a little better than season 1. Looking forward to see what happens mostly to Naomi and Liam. Ryan saw Naomi with Mr.Cannon at the school, he saw him closing the blinds too. But looks like he may not make it into season 3, seeing his car is on fire.
    I think Dixon will go to Australia without his parents knowing but he will feel bad about it and come back. Maybe Annie's confession will keep her parents together or drives them more apart.
    Looking at these two seasons I think season 3 will be much better.
  • Wrong way to end the season but still okay episode.

    The past couple weeks 90210 has been boring. When Jen returned I was hoping for something big to happen,but so far nothing. This episode was the season final!! It should have been better. Last seasons final was so good. When Annalynn kept saying about how good the ending was I knew it was going to be about a rape. I was hoping for some more action like her fighting the teacher off but she just stood there? The best part about this episode was the parents storyline. It seemed the most real and it was fit for a season final. Why did he set fire to Liams boat. Ugh this episode pissed me off. I was hoping for something really good but it was not good it was bad!
  • Ok season finale...

    Ok, so this episode was ok to me. Nothing very shocking, but I do read spoilers too much so maybe that is my fault! :oP Having said that I think it did set up next season very well. Really none of the story lines were wrapped up, except Teddy and Silver getting back together. I'm excited to see if Dixon really goes to Australia, if Annie really confesses, what happens to Liam and crazy dude (forgot his name), what happens with Ryan and his baby momma, what happens with the Wilson parents & how/if Naomi gets out of the bad situation with Mr Cannon...Should be an interesting season 3!
  • Season finale......

    In this episode of 90210, the following happens. Annie finally confesses to someone about the man she killed, and that person is Liam. Jasper sees this happening and is furious. He later burns Liam's boat. Naomi tells Ryan that Jen is pregnant with his child. When he goes to see Jen, she tells him she doesn't want him in her baby's life. Adrianna breaks up with her boyfriend and gets back together with Navid. Liam and Naomi also break up. Debbie and Harry also seem as though they are going to end their marriage. But at least Silver and Teddy got back together. The shocking part of this finale was right at the end. Naomi is alone with the teacher she accused, and then he does really attack her. But the question is who, if anyone will believe her this time?
  • Alright finale.

    If I'm honest there was a lot of stuff I didn't like or don't care about here. The Ivy/Dixon relationship seems very forced to me so I find it hard to care. Ryan going around the place drunk really annoys me cos I hate him - does anyone really care about him?

    Teddy and Silver are an ok couple but their storyline was a bit boring. What I did like was how Annie and Liam grew closer and Annie confessed to Liam about the hit and run. Will she go through with telling her parents? What about Liam attacking Jasper after he blew up his boat...then perhaps being caught by the police? Good ending there. Adrianna and Navid were boring too really - I find the storyline with her going on tour a bit One Tree Hill like.

    The ending with Mr.Cannon supposedly about to rape Naomi was disturbing...he's right as well, what exactly can she do? Very strange but shocking way to end a mixed season.