Season 4 Episode 24

Forever Hold Your Peace

Aired Monday 9:00 PM May 15, 2012 on The CW

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  • Spoiler

    The finale was good, but really? Another car crash? Thats how they ended the last season, with Liam getting hit by Vanessa. Good episode but the writers need to get more creative with how they end the seasons.
  • Almost the best season finale on 90210

    So the fourth season finale of 90210 had aired, and i feel okay with the episode. I liked how the writers have written a cliffhanger in the end. BUT i didn't really like this sorta mash-up with the storylines, it was like the writers have pulled all teh grat moments and scenes in the end. And for the rest of the time in the episode, it was sorted out too slight. The focus was again on Navi,Silver and Liam too much plus the wedding, which also was pretty much the main event.

    So i hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate Gossip Girl, i absolutely hate that show, but last night i was just boring myself up, so i feeled to do something, and since 90210 didn't arrive jet i watched the season finale of Gossip Girl. Let me just say should have never done that. I was terrible, and just terrible, and it is just me or is gossip girl finales always ending up with a Chuck, Blair scene urghh.....hate it.

    So 90210 finale was way better than the crap from Gossip Girl. Anyway good kick-off with some interesting stories to hold for net season. Can't wait to see Vanessa coming back and Dixon if he's dead or if Ivy really is staying away from the show (hope that) Change the showrunners for next year lol. they shall be replaced by jeff judah and gabe sachs from the first season.

    hands up to 90210!!!!

    see you next month......or not month, yeear/fall what ever..... for next eseason:)