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4x24 "Forever Hold Your Peace" Episode Discussion

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    evafan2005 wrote:

    stellarchick86 wrote:


    Seriously. He was all for making a baby with Silver- clearly out of the blue- just to keep her. THEN LATER ON asks her if shes in it for the long-run. I just shook my head. No, Navid, shes been flip-flopping all season with her feelings towards you, then sleeps with your best friend while you were gone for a few weeks and thought she was pregnant by said guy, now that youve come back shes STILL torn between the two of you and now all of a sudden wants a baby. What part of that did you hear 'stable' and 'long-run'??

    At least Liam has some sense! LOL

    What are you willing to bet that Navid will probably STILL try to pursue Silver next season. Even though she's gonna (maybe) have Teddy, her gay BFF, donating his sperm to her. HELLO NAVID!!! Clearly her life is nowhere near in the shape it needs to be in for a relationship. Find yourself another STD Goddess and move on.

    Bahaha! Couldnt agree with you more, my friend!
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    guess this is why i gave up on the show they foucs to much on relationships. It's like that's all they got going for them.
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