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Season 4 DVD?

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    Haha yeah, true.
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    Yay, I got the season 4 DVD early. I am currently rewatching this season, and I'm on episode 5. I actually think I'm enjoying the season more now than I did when I watched it for the first time! Like noticing the little funny comments from Naomi that I didn't notice the first time I watched the season. And wow: Shenae really improved her acting, she is GREAT this season! (Although I thought she was good during the first seasons as well...) But the Liam/Jane thing is still bugging the hell out of me, she IS SO BORING! I am really enjoying the Teddy storyline, and really sad that he suddenly disappeared from the show for the later half of the season. I hope he becomes a regular again in season 5, instead of just getting the 3-4-episodes multiarc.
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