Season 4 Episode 3

Greek Tragedy

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Sep 27, 2011 on The CW

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  • Classic...


    So naomi pulls the classic, i join a hopeless sorority and get my way among the sororities events.... cant tell how many shows use this but i guess it is what it is. in the end i dont know where those girls where at searching for that naomi note... i think it was at the annies room?? weird, talking about annie... she is officially a public worker.. lmao.. escort.. this what i hate to see in real life girls.. where they are a good girl and for stupid "needs or situations" go on this way. i hope she doesnt become a call girl thou.. but sucks she got heart broken too.. ian guy was just messed up with her.. and now gonna be with a prego girl???? drama... or serious ? adrianna doing her nosey role as always. Dixon needs too stop depending on everyone.... his tracks suck anyways... navid told u was stupid to buy ur sis bf.... by the way where the heck is that brat at?? didnt saw her on this episode... bet she ran away with her 23 yr old bf... now navid has an uncle running a stolen car ring on her stages... wich by the way how come he moves thousands of dlls around that biz and he still lives in that guest house with silver and the sis?? talking about silver... needs a new job.. and she has anew cancer survival friend... ivy.. which btw wasnt her gonna spend all the timepossiblewith his terminal bf?? what was she doing at the beach bar?? go with ur terminal bf...

    Anyways... to the next

    Oh yeah it was nice to see that geeky girl from freaks and geeks from 2001... on the same role.. geeky girl... 11 yrs dont just pass by.. which by the way if back in the day she looked like.. 15 now shes like 25 on a 18 yr role?? well she did passed thou

  • 403


    So this episode was definitely better than the first 2 episodes of the season, I'd have to admit. The only reason I'm tuning in for now is because of the Liam & Adrianna interactions. I'm liking their friendship and I really hope it doesn't become anything more than that. But knowing the 90210 writers, they'll probably get bored with the story line they're doing, so they'll drop everything just to get these two together. Just like they did with Liam & Annie.

    Liam & Annie's back-and-forths has become so boring to the point, I just roll my eyes whenever they share screen time. They're just not a powerful couple, they never were. Never really had a hold over any of the show's viewers. The Navid & Silver thing is even more boring and it really just reminds me of last year's villain of the story: Victor. Except this story line is less interesting.

    I like the Liam & Jane interactions, however the whole 'carrying someone else's baby' was a little too much. Annie possibly becoming an escort? Really? Way to ruin the character even more, 90210. The sorority wars are ridiculous. These characters are supposed to be in college, yet everyone is acting like they're still in high school. Looking for 'dirt' on Naomi to 'take her down'? This sounds familiar....