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Season 3 Episode 11

Holiday Madness

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Dec 06, 2010 on The CW
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Adrianna rents a mansion and throws an extravagant housewarming party, but Victor decides to reveal Adrianna's secrets to the media. Annie skips the party to help Liam recover, and the two rekindle their old feelings in Dixon's bed. Ivy's attempt to reconcile with her father doesn't go as she had hoped. Teddy and Ian discuss their feelings and decide to keep their relationship secret for the time being, not realizing that Dixon saw them kiss. Navid and Silver discuss their feelings and realize their feelings are mutual. Naomi runs into an unexpected visitor when she returns home from Adrianna's party.moreless

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    I know most of you 90210 fans will disagree, but this episode overall was rather weak. If it weren't for probably the last 10 minutes of the episode, I would have rated this episode a 1. Why don't the writers understand that Ivy is not interesting, her or her mother.

    Ivy can be good at times like with the triangle between Naomi, Liam and Ivy last season. But her conversations with her dad were boring as sin. As for Annie & Liam. Those scenes were the most enjoyable, a total of maybe 3 short scenes were the most enjoyable.

    The cold opening was intriguing, and I liked their ending even though Annie was for the most part out of character. I understand that Annie & Liam have been waiting to be a couple for a while now, but you just can't help but feel bad for Charlie, no matter how uninteresting he was, you still feel bad for him. He didn't do anything wrong, he really didn't deserve what Annie did to him, and I'm looking forward to the repercussions.

    More Oscar? Really? Naomi & Oscar are not a good couple. Why does everyone have to be with someone? Why can't Naomi be single for a while? Out of all people, Oscar is her match? Oscar needs to be written out, he served his purpose, and I will never grow to like him.

    Teddy & Ian also had little screen time here, even though there scenes were the most enjoyable. Their kiss at the end was great, and Dixon finding out, great ending. Adrianna was just absolutely dreadful here, and I'm so happy that she got what she deserved.

    Adrianna got way too much screen time here. As for Silver & Navid, still undecided about these two, I'm just happy that Navid may get out of his relationship with Adrianna soon. Lets not forget the final scene that salvaged the episode.

    Mr. Cannon showing up, talk about intense and eventful. Something that could definitely hold me over until January. Sorry, 90210 fans but the last 10 minutes of an episode don't make an episode, considering I considered changing the channel a couple times.moreless
  • Holiday episode. Naomi and Ivy hit a snag in their friendship, Adrianna is a brat... Silver and Navid WTF

    This episode was only okay for me. I think that Ivy is an unnecessary character. She always seems to have a chip on her shoulder. She never really seems happy. If she wasn't in the next episode, I wouldn't miss her. The Naomi and Ivy dynamic is so forced. You could say 'opposites attract', but in this case I think the writers just wanted Naomi to interact with another person. Which leads me to...

    Oscar, while not in the show, was mentioned several times. In fact, it was he who caused the brief rift in Naomi and Ivy's friendship. If they can redeem his character, then maybe he can stay a bit longer.. but I think by adding more characters to the show, it is harder to focus on the originals/main cast. Adrianna was so annoying in the episode, I was waiting for someone to slap her. Sadly, no one did. She was a total brat and will deserve whatever happens to her in the end. I used to really enjoy watching her but it seems like she is being written into an extremely unlikeable character. This is to the point of if she is written off the show, no one would even blink an eye. Hopefully, she will realize the error of her ways and she will have juicy story lines for the new year. Her and Navid can take a break for a while but for him to suddenly like Silver...

    Seriously, what is going on with that? She jumps from one main guy to the next. You know 'writers' she doesn't have to end up with one of them. She also doesn't have to be in a relationship just because. This is similar to Naomi. The focus should be put on their friendship. The original 90210 had Brenda and Donna go to Paris... why not do something similar? Those episodes were fun. Teddy and Ian. Cute and fun. Not much to say about them since they just started. But I was hoping Teddy would say something to Ian about not being ready to come out to everyone when he had just figured out he was gay himself. And I got my wish on them. I see them being a long term power couple.

    The aftermath of Liam's beating is followed up in this episode. Annie panics when she hears that he was injured and jumped at the chance to help him out. I thought that was sweet that she did that. I also knew what was going to happen by the end of the episode.

    Overall, it was decent. Not the best IMO. What is going to happen to Naomi with Mr Cannon hiding in the closet? Will Annie and Liam make it official? What is going to happen to Adrianna's 'career'? Will Dixon tell anyone what he saw? So many questions left unanswered. I will definitely be tuning in for the new year to find out.moreless
  • - not an awesome episode, but still with a few great scenes -

    finally! Annie and Liam together, i've been waiting for this for so long. now i just hope she has the guts to tell Charlie.

    the two of them together was one reason for me to give this episode a good rate. and there was this cute scene between Teddy and Ian (i knew they would be watched! but i'm sure Dixon will keep it a secret). and there was the scene with Naomi, dancing with two elves, and the on-going-joke about people on the phone.

    the whole Ivy-side story.. well, i don't really care about it that much.

    what made this episode bad were basically all the scenes with Adrianna in it. she's so annoying with her attitude and her mean ways. no wonder Victor is finally revealing her secret. i'd do the same and i think she deserves it. maybe it will bring her back down to earth.

    i don't think Navid will be waiting for her and you can't blame him for that. although the fling with Silver is really weird. why do they let her hook up with every male main character on the show? i guess next would be Liam. or Mr Matthews (oh, another good thing about this episode: no scene with Ryan/Debbie!).

    i'm really excited for the next episode. to see how Annie and Liam deal with each other and Charlie. and of course to see what happens to Naomi. the moment she walked up to her door, i knew Mr Cannon would be waiting for her inside! and i can't wait to see what he's up to.moreless
  • Holiday episode everyone gathers at adrianna's new mansion for a party with elves figgy pudding candy canes ginger breads ect adrianna is diva max in this episode but this is the episode she gets put in her place when victor reveals it to the press and Limoreless

    Adrianna rents a mansion in Muholland she has went all diva you even feel sorry for victor's sorry self in this episode until he reveals all Liam stays with the Wilsons while recovering from his injuries and him and annie end up having sex in dixon's bed Ivy's dad returns and tries to persuade Ivy to go pro surfer and skip out on college or have her mom pay for it because he has other children Dixon spies Teddy and Ian kissing Silver and Navid kiss after Silver admits she has developed feelings for Navis as well and Naomi stands by Ivy's side choosing her new friend over Oscar but little does she know she has an unexpected visitor hiding around the corner in her hotel room Mr.Cannonmoreless
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