Season 1 Episode 7

Hollywood Forever

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Oct 07, 2008 on The CW

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  • Silver's half birthday.

    This episode was really entertaining. Very great episode to watch. At first, I didn't think it would be that special. Until the drug dogs came. Annie goes vs. Adrianna to get a part in a movie. Adrianna ends up getting the part. A new student, Kim stirs trouble at school. Especially with Ryan. Meanwhile Ryan tries to get over Kelly by online dating. Kim continues to pester Ryan, until you find out that Kim isn't who she appears to be. Harry hired her for a drug investigation. When the drug dogs come, Naomi takes the fall for Adrianna. And Naomi expects her to do the same, but Adrianna overdoses on cocaine instead. That last scene was intense, once Naomi was saying their friendship was over, Adrianna was dying on the floor. Annie & Ethan become "parents" for a project at school which brings them closer together. They even almost kiss. Dixon grows a custom to Silver's interests such as horror movies. Harry becomes interesting, when Tracy wants to find their son together, and then she kisses him. Wow. Great episode, made me want to find out what happens next.
  • Best episode so far.

    During a school drug bust Naomi takes Adrianna's drugs from her and tries to dispose of them, but she is caught. Adrianna plans to come forward, but ends up over dosing. Annie and Ethan grow closer through a class assignment about parenthood. Silver throws a party at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery celebrating her half-birthday. Tracy informs Harry that she hired a private investigator to find their son. New "student" Kimberly---revealed to be an undercover cop---shakes things up at West Beverly High and "flirts" with Ryan who tells her to keep her distance. Oh my god, amazing episode! Best one so far in 90210! I loved everything about it. Ethan is amazing. I love everybody and jsut the whole storyline, can't wait to watch more!
  • Silver celebrates her half-birthday and Naomi takes the fall for Adrianna.

    In this episode of 90210, the following happens. We open with a new girl starting school. In class, Ethan and Annie are paired off together, for a school project which sees them looking after a computer based baby doll. Adrianna comes back to school and bumps into Naomi. Tracey asks Harry how he feels about it, if they look in to trying to track down their son, who Tracey gave up for adoption. Tracey even tries to kiss Harry, but he pulls away. A few days later when they talk, Naomi realises that Adrianna is still on drugs. She then finds drugs in her bag, and just at that point a locker search starts, in the hope of finding drugs. In order to help/save her friend, Naomi takes the drugs and flushes them down the toilet, but the police find her as she is doing it. Naomi is then escorted off of the school and put into a police car. From there she is taken to the police station and questioned. But Annie saw Adrianna hand Naomi the drugs and so she and Ethan go to see Adrianna to try to get her to go to the police station and for her to confession the truth, that the drugs where really hers. When Naomi returns home, she sees her mother searching her room for drugs. Adrianna goes round to see Naomi and agrees to tell the truth. But she wants to go home first and tell her mother. When she gets home, her mother has a cake waiting for her and tells Adrianna that they were about to lose the house and since she now has a movie, they can keep the house. Silver throws a party for her half-birthday. She shows the original Psycho movie in a grave yard. Naomi waits with her father at the lawyer's office, for Adrianna to show up, but she doesn't show. At the end of the episode we learn that the new girl at school is actually an undercover cop for the narcotics squad. We also see that Harry knows all about it. As the episode draws to a close, Naomi realises how serious her situation is. As Naomi rings Adrianna, we see how laying unconscious on the floor and paramedics around her saying that she has no pulse and they are trying to save her life, which Naomi leaves a very brutal but honest message on her phone.
  • Silver invites everyone to the Hollywood Forever Cemetry to watch Psycho. Annie and Ethan are paired on a baby project bringing the two somewhat closer together. Naomi finds Adrianna with drugs just as the police are doing a drugs search at school!

    As far as riveting high-school entertainment goes this episode was the pinnacle! Riveting from beginning to end with characters reaching new lows and potential love interests growing and being annoyingly interupted but...craftily interupted! Adrianna is a confusing character, you may ponder on whether to feel sorry for her or think she's a horrible person. Annie and Ethan would be perfect but of course it's being beautifully dragged out and Naomi is...growing on me, she started out Daddy's little rich girl but this episode paints her in a differnt light. I personaly am addicted to this show and this was another addictivly brilliant epsiode.
  • Naomi helps Adrianna, Silver has a movie half-birthday. Starring: Rob Estes, Shenae Grimes, Tristan Wilds, AnnaLynne McCord, Dustin Milligan, Ryan Eggold, Jessica Stroup, Michael Steger, with Lori Loughlin and Jessica Walter

    I really liked that Silver (Jessica Stroup) threw herself a scary half-birthday party with horror films and i thought that it was something unique, and i enjoyed getting to know the character like that. I like the relationship that is forming between Kimberly (guest star Jessica Lucas) and Mr. Matthews (Ryan Eggold) more because i think it provides a necessary love triangle other than the one of Naomi (AnnaLynne McCord), Annie (Shenae Grimes), and Ethan (Dusin Milligan), with Kelly Taylor (Special Guest Star Jennie Garth) thrown into a triangle. Kim's secret it huge and i am a little surprised by it. But the biggest part of the episode was when Naomi helped Adrianna (guest star Jessica Lowndes) with her getting rid of drugs. That was huge, and i am glad that we get to see that Naomi is actually a good friend.
  • Adriana's ugly side

    I hated Adriana at the beginning of this show. But in this last episodes I've come to understand her behavior and her hatred towards other people, especially Annie. Typically, her mother is trying to see her failed career in her but Adrianna is a good person, she has a good heart and she listens to her friends. What Naomi did was out of need to have a friend to listen to her problems as well, but she got into a lot of trouble.
    It was great that this episode was mostly dedicated to Adrianna. The New character that bother me was the new student/detective?, even when I learned she's not really student I didn't like her a bit. I don't think I like the actress.
  • even without Kel and Bren the show is doing well... that's impressive!

    yay, I enjoyed watching this episode even knowing Jenny and Shannen would not appear in it. guess now I can tell I'm kinda into the new "90210".

    new cool girl Kim... I'm intrigued! hope she'll date Ryan 'coz I really don't want him with Kelly -- not only 'coz I'm huge Kelly/Dylan fan, but also because I really like Ryan and wanna see him with someone who'll love him back... and Kelly... well, she and Dylan were always meant to be.

    new side of Naomi... the scenes with her are my fave in this epi. the way she cares about Adrianna, tries to help her. she's quite a good friend. hope everything will be okay... with both of them, 'coz the end of the episode scared me a lot.

    Silver and Dixon -- such a cute couple... love them both, especially her!

    so, now Annie's gonna date Ethan, right? hope, he'll treat her well. like Ty did. BTW, WTH is Ty? I miss this guy!

    FAVE SCENE: Naomi helps Adrianna to get rid of drugs.

    FAVE QUOTE: Naomi (to Adrianna): I'm your friend. And I may come off as annoying or whatever you think I am, but I care about you.
  • Finally! This episode is what I was hoping for since they brought the show back.

    This episode is what I was hoping for since they brought the show back. It was smart, funny, relevant, dramatic and believable. I have found earlier episodes to be thin on character but this one really felt developed and grounded at the same time. I thought the acting was first-rate in this one and that is only because they were given the material to work with. I loved the new character Kymberly and think that she can really have legs in this series. If this is the way the show is going to keep going, they should have a long run.
  • By far the best episode of the season. It was funny and dramatic with clever jokes that weren't aimed at a dummed-down America. It was more filmic than TV and extremely well written. I laughed out loud more than once which is rare. Kudos to the writer.

    By far the best episode of the season. It was funny and dramatic with clever jokes that weren't aimed at a dummed-down America. It was more filmic than TV and extremely well written. I laughed out loud more than once which is rare. Kudos to the writer. The drug stuff was real and the bathroom scene was groundbreaking for TV. We've all seen someone snort lines but the character rubbed it on her gums which I don't think I've ever seen on television. That combined with the shocking ending timed with the phone call cross-cutting and great choice of music gave me chills. They should have her write every episode. The rest of the episode was fun and funny. Ryan's date was so spot-on with hit-or-miss online dating and the date was hysterically funny. The quick banter between Ryan and the new girl was a new level of smart. Kudos Kudos Kudos.
  • Good

    I liked this episode. I think it's good to see that Silver isn't one of those girls that get upset because her boyfriend fell asleep during a movie she liked and then stays mad, she comes across as quite mature. It was good that people finally realised that Adrianna is on drugs, a bit over the top to have a raid and on top of that undercover police officers hiding amongst the students though... Ryans girlfriend was hilarious, so stupid =) I think Annie and Ethan can hold off for a bit before they start dating. Finally, I think those home-ec assignments with babies are ridiculous, I wonder if those exist in real life, must be an american thing in that case... :S
  • Naomi gets busted for Adriana's drugs.

    Let me just start off by saying that all things considered, I absolutely loved this episode. It was definitely the best episode yet of 90210. This episode had some great drama with a nice amount of comedy mixed in. After seeing this episode, I have to say that absolutely love Naomi now. This is the first episode where I really felt for her. I also loved Tabitha in this episode. They need to feature her more on the show because she's such a great character, and she's really funny. I think they also need to feature Navid more because I absolutely love him, and I think that he's also a really great character. The whole storyline with Ryan and his date was absolutely hilarious! The Silver and Dixon were absolutely amazing in this episode just like they always are whenever they're together. Ethan and Annie were great in this episode too. I think that they need to just get together already. In closing, I thought that this was extremely well written, well acted, well made and extremely shocking episode of 90210, and I can't wait to see the next new episode of 90210.
  • Naomi gets busted for Adrianna's drugs.

    It was a night of cliches at 90210 from the high school baby project, to holding someone else's drugs to the new student, but there were still some funny lines from pretty much the entire cast. Tabitha was her usual great self, but even Dixon had some good one-liners this week.

    I would've liked the addition of Kim to the cast, but her shocking cover was unexpected.. 90210 needed an arrogant cast-member, it needed a Blair Waldorf for the show, and it looks like they could've found one in her had this not happened. Outside of Ryan Eggold and Jessica Lowndes pretty much everyone on the show is a good actor. That's certainly a rarity on the CW Network.

    I could've done without the near kiss at the end between Annie and Ethan, but it looks like they're not going for a subtle build toward their eventual relationship.
  • Classic quotations and concepts for fans of 1980's movies and TV makes this episode even better!

    As Annie and Ethan are forced to be married with a baby for a Home Economics project, we get to see their eventual hook-up come a step closer.

    As for Dixon and Silver, it was a step in the right direction as Silver tells Dixon about her love for horror flicks and at the same time, opens herself up. That is great to see character development!

    Adrianna might have overdosed tonight after Naomi taking the blame for drugs at school. The line that Naomi says at the end, "You're dead to me!" might come back to haunt her.

    Naomi's mother has hired a P.I. to find her and Harry's son. They also share a kiss and Momma Wilson was none too happy!!

    Now, for the 1980 references that 90210 put in the episode so brilliantly. First, Mom Wilson says nobody puts baby in a corner! (Dirty Dancing!)

    Ryan and the new student's exchange comes straight from Fast Times at Ridgemont High. And the new student was actually a police officer psoing as a student (21 Jump Street!)

    Overall, a great episode that will leave us guessing for awhile!
  • Drugs, out-spoken granny, scary movies, bimbo online date, lost son, movie audition, undercover cop, fake babies, an almost kiss, and a possible jumping druggie.

    Wowzers! This episode went every which way possible. Man if I took the fall for my best friend and her drug problem my family would kill me. But then again I don't think that I could possibly be wrapped up in my own life so much to a point where I wouldn't be aware of my best friend having a drug problem. I don't know why Naomi even trusted Adrianna to even turn herself in...I mean hello the girl was on drugs for gosh sakes. Poor thing. And Ethan and Annie paired up for health class. I knew this storyline was going to happen, not exactly the health class part but the whole Ethan Annie part. They almost kiss, but typical it's too early for them to be kissing. Oh and I can't wait till Annie and Dixon find out they have a brother that won't go over so well. And then the ending, is Adrianna dead or what. That sister was whacked or something, it looked like she jumped from her body positioning. Well I guess we'll just have to wait for next epi.
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