Season 1 Episode 3

Lucky Strike

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Sep 09, 2008 on The CW
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Harry and Debbie plan a family bowling night, but find their plans interrupted by the "unexpected" arrival of Annie and Dixon's friends. Meanwhile, Annie finds herself torn between Ethan and Ty, Naomi experiences a difficult evening with her philandering father, and Kelly and Silver learn that Jackie's drinking is spiraling out of control.moreless

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  • It's all about the family

    I have to admit that I didn't like the idea of this show. I don't know if I have said this before. But after watching this episode, I admit that I like it and that if they can keep the good stories, well this show can go on and on.

    A very important topic: family. Everything is perfect with the Wilsons, but Erin (as her older sister did) suffers for not having one of her own. I like how they could fit Erin in this new series so the appearance of Kelly Taylor wouldn't feel forced. And Naomi's perfect world comes apart when she finds out about her dad. Who nees who then?

    This episode brings back something that is missing nowadays, when what most teenagers are thinking of is sex, glamour and gossip. Life is more than that. It's about what you can learn from other people and what you can leave on them.

    I'm not a teenager, so I guess most of you won't agree with me. It's ok.moreless
  • Have I mentioned how much I love Silver? If not, well, here you go: I love Silver. Not just because she's exactly the kind of person I would be friends with, but also because of how she brings Annie and Dixon together.moreless

    As the episode started I was a bit worried that it would be, well, terrible. Family night? Really? Although that plot line has been done to death, this show managed to avoid a lot of the tackiness that comes along with the plot. The biggest drawback was that it came out of nowhere. Harry and Debbie couldn't have missed their kids that much considering they just, JUST got settled in at their new home. Family night as a plot device would have worked better a few more episodes later.

    However, it did serve as the backdrop for some further exposition of Silver's plot. She was willing to go to a "lame" family night with Dixon... A little suspicious, but it fit considering she was desperate to avoid going home. I'm glad that side of the story got resolved (at least for now) when it did; it could have been dragged on, but thankfully the big secret came out. The Wilson family handled in nicely as well. Great people huh?

    Naomi... I thought she was kind of mean, but GOD is her family messed up. What she saw, and then, even worse, what Mom had to say about it... I honestly did not expect that. McCord plays being hurt fairly well. The druggy friend of hers needs to go though. Bored with that story. I actually hope the girl gets arrested; nothing to like about her at all.

    What ruined the Naomi thing for me though was that she found consolation in Ethan. So, dad cheats. Naomi cries in Ethan's arms. Ethan cheated on her. I kind of want to sympathize with her but she's making it so hard!

    Mr. Matthews may be the coolest character though. Really... Cool. I'm so glad the writers don't make him a completely smooth guy--he's constantly fumbling and saying the wrong thing to Kelly, which is so realistic. That's exactly how I act around girls when I'm on a date.

    Dixon's line towards the end- "She can stay in my room?!" A little easy, but the delivery was so honest.

    A very entertaining episode. The cliche was there, but the pitfalls of it were avoided. Bowling alley was great. Silver the bowler... Hopefully we'll see more of that?moreless
  • In this episode the Wilson's have a family night out at Lucky strike well at least that is what they hoped for except Annie and Dixon don't want to be with there parents they want to be hanging out nwith their friends but since they are being forced to gmoreless

    Debbie feeling California has been changing her family forces her to plan a family night except dixon and annie made plans but they are forced to go so they ask there friends to come Naomi was supposed to go to Vegas but dad had to stay in town supposedly a business deal but Naomi goes to thank her father Charles Clark for the car and brings him some dinner and sees him kissing another women who is not her mom shhe tells her mom but mom already knows she says her name is Gail

    All this plus Silver has been staying in a shelter and Dixon discovers her sleeping in her car later on that night and confronts her about it and she has no choice but to tell about her mom drinking again which leads toKelly confronting Jackie who kicks her and Silver out so silver moves in with kellymoreless
  • I loved this episode.

    Annie and Dixon's Friday night plans come to a screeching halt when they learn that Harry and Debbie have planned a family bowling night. Harry must confront his past when Tracy, Naomi's mom, confronts him about their illegitimate child he fathered in high school. Ty shows up at the bowling alley, causing Annie to choose between spending time with him or Ethan. Naomi finds out her father is cheating on her mother and her mother knows. Dixon discovers Silver asleep in her car, prompting Kelly to confront their mother Jackie about the repercussions of her alcoholic behavior. I'm really enjoying 90210, the episodes are so fun to watch. I love the whole storyline, I wasn't sure about the adults storyline at the start of the season, but now I like where the writers are going withthis. My favourite characters so far are Ethan, Dixon and Annie. Everyone else is really good too, but those are amazing! I loved the scenes at the bowling alley and outside them, they were enjoying to watch. I can't wait to see more of 90210.moreless
  • Family Night comes to Beverley Hills

    In this episode of 90210, the following happens. Dixon agrees to go and watch a movie with his La Cross team and Annie agrees to a date with Ty and just when everything sees perfect a bomb is dropped. Debbie and Harry (their parents) organise a family night for the same night as Dixon and Annie have things on. So they come up with a plan and have all of their friend's just "turn up" at the bowling alley where they are having family night, so that they can both leave early to be with their friends. Silver is the first to arrive and the parental's say it's ok for Silver to hang with them and play bowling together, all 5 of them. We soon learn from Kelly that Sammy (her sons)'s father is a guy that she went to High School with. So who could it be? Only time will tell.

    Soon all of their friends turn up and they leave. When the 5 of them return home, Silver quickly leaves to return home. But when Dixon takes out the trash that same night, he finds Silver inside of her car asleep. We soon learn that Kelly and Silver's mother is still an alcoholic and that instead of going home Silver has been staying at a woman's shelter.

    Naomi soon finds out that her father is having an affair. When Silver tells Dixon about her mother, Dixon tells her that he knows what it's like to be around an alcoholic. And so he manages to convince her to let him tell his father (her principal) about the situation. So they agree that Silver should stay until everything gets figured out. The next morning Kelly is at Harry's house discussing Silver and the whole situation. Naomi tells her mother about the affair and we learn that she already knows about it and has done for a while, and even knows her name (it's Gail). Kelly goes round to her mother's and we learn that her mother believed that she was staying at a friend house for the past couple of weeks. Silver returns home and all hell breaks loose. And so Kelly decides that Silver should live with her for now, since her mother is drinking and possibly doing drugs again. The next morning Debbie and Harry wake up to a full breakfast prepared for them by their children, Annie and Dixon.moreless
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Kristen Rutherford


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Ann Gillespie

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    • Dixon: Ooh, pancakes!
      Annie: Throw me one.
      Debbie: We do not throw food.

    • Debbie: Oh, I can pick you up tonight.
      Annie: No, Silver's gonna give me a ride. I won't be home for dinner.
      Dixon: Me, too. Peace.
      Harry: Me, three. I've got a meeting with the teacher's union.

    • Dixon: Family night?
      Annie: You want us to go bowling?
      Harry: Yeah.
      Debbie: Your dad and I would like to spend some time with you guys. I feel like we don't see each other anymore.
      Annie: And we really, really want to hang out with you guys.
      Dixon: Especially on a Friday night.
      Annie: But... I have a date with Ty tomorrow night.
      Dixon: And Navid's dad is showing the new Bond movie. Come on.
      Debbie: Well, your Dad and I have tickets to the Hollywood Bowl, but we're not going.
      Harry: No, we're not.
      Debbie: Because we want to spend time with you guys.

    • Silver: (about Ryan) I think he has a crush on you.
      Kelly: Oh, God, no. No, no, no, no. We're colleagues. I would never go out...
      Silver: Good. This school's hard enough as it is without my sister banging the teacher.

    • Debbie: That is a skimpy little skirt there for bowling. You got a hot date I don't know about?
      Annie: Can't I just look good for mom and dad?

    • Annie: Hey, where were you today? I was looking for you at school.
      Silver: Fell asleep behind the biology lab.

    • Dixon: So, Ms. Silver, do you know how to bowl or, you know, are you too cool for that kind of thing?
      Silver: I'm gonna kick your ass.

    • Ryan: I'm sorry I was late. Traffic was a nightmare. You know, this guy wouldn't move. I think I hit a squirrel. Did you get stuck in that?
      Kelly: No, I live just down the street. I walked here.

    • Kelly: But, seriously, though, doesn't it freak you out that I have a child?
      Ryan: Doesn't it freak you out at all that I am a child?

    • Kelly: The truth is Sammy's only met the one guy that I've dated seriously since he was born.
      Ryan: And that would be... I'm just curious.
      Kelly: His father. We had a lot of history in high school. Didn't see each other for a while, and then... hooked up one night four years ago, and...
      Ryan: Sammy's dad ever see him?
      Kelly: He did, in the beginning. Then we had some issues. Now he says he wants to get back into Sammy's life.
      Ryan: And yours?

    • Naomi: Baby, you sound pitchy.
      Adrianna: You sound bitchy.

    • Harry: Are we about to have that "I want to have another baby" conversation?
      Debbie: No. But I may ask you for a puppy.

    • Ryan: You know, some day, I look forward to meeting Sammy, you know, when you think we've been dating long enough and... Not that we're dating...
      Kelly: No, but...
      Ryan: Oh, gosh, I wasn't assuming... that we were…
      Kelly: Yeah.
      Ryan: Dating. So, what are we doing?
      Kelly: We're colleagues. Hanging out.
      Ryan: I'm just going to do this. (kisses her) Now are we dating?
      Kelly: Oh, what the hell.

    • Dixon: Silver? What's going on?
      Silver: I've been staying at the women's shelter for a few weeks now. I did some community service there this past summer, and there's this woman who... She lets me stay there sometimes. Sort of knows my situation. My mom, she drinks. When she's like this she's a completely different person. It's like... She screams. She throws things. She blames me. Sometimes she gets so out of control. I don't know… Sometimes it scares me.

    • Silver: Dixon, I didn't tell you so you would tell your dad. I'm already enough of a freak at school. I don't want all the other kids to know my mom's a drunk, too.

    • Dixon: You don't think I know what you're going through? I didn't grow up in the Cosby family. You think every other family I lived with was like this? No! I know what it's like to be around someone who's wasted out of their mind! I know what that stuff does to people. That's why I never do it myself. Silver, look, you gotta trust my dad. Or at least trust me.

    • Harry: Okay, well, Silver, you will stay here tonight. And as far as we're concerned, until we get this figured out.
      Annie: Yeah, she can stay in my room.
      Dixon: She can stay in my room. (everybody smiles) Just trying to help.

    • Harry: Your sister's still asleep. They went to bed late.
      Kelly: Thanks, Harry, for taking her in last night. If I had known what was going on, if she had come to me...
      Harry: She's a kid. She thinks that you hate your mother.
      Kelly: No, I don't hate her. It's just... complicated.

    • Naomi: I went to Dad's office last night. And I saw him there kissing another woman. He was all over her. I'm so sorry, Mom.
      Tracy: Her name is Gail. I know all about her.
      Naomi: He's been seeing her for two years?
      Tracy: Honey, she doesn't live in town, so they don't see each other very often.
      Naomi: What's going on? Are you ending it? Are you getting a divorce?
      Tracy: No. I don't want to break up this family.
      Naomi: Mom, this isn't a family!
      Tracy: Honey, Dad and I have a long history together, okay? We have two kids, two homes, friends. We have a life together.
      Naomi: Mom, what kind of life is this?
      Tracy: Oh, sweetheart... it's one that I don't want to lose.

    • Jackie: You can imagine my surprise when you called to say you were coming after. Well, how long has it been since our last altercation?
      Kelly: I came to talk about Silver, Mom.
      Jackie: Well, Erin is not here right now. She's staying at a friend's house, Naomi's, I think, or...
      Kelly: Are you kidding me? Is that what you think? She hasn't been staying at a friend's house. She has been sleeping at a shelter.
      Jackie: Well, she told me... Oh, how dare you give me that look. I didn't know.
      Kelly: Why is that? Were you too drunk to notice? What is it these days Mom? Alcohol? Or are you back on coke?
      Jackie: Oh, let's go to another meeting together again. Let's hold hands and give it up to our higher power.

    • Jackie: Your sister is just leaving, Erin.
      Kelly: Yes, I am. And I am taking her with me.
      Jackie: You have a four-year-old with nobody to help you unless by some miracle he has decided to come back and act like a dad. And now you want to add a teenager on top of it? Let me tell you, she is no walk in the park.
      Kelly: Well, she's coming to live with me. Let's go.
      Jackie: You lied to me and now you're gonna leave me?
      Silver: Mom! Stop it, both of you! Mom, I can't take this anymore. I can't just watch you...
      Jackie: Oh, get out! I am tired of both of you.
      (Silver runs away)
      Kelly: Good job, Mom.

    • Navid: Dude, it's simple, just tell your parents that you don't want to go.
      Dixon: Look, I'm not trying to hurt their feelings, man. Just come to the bowling alley, tell them the thing about the movie. There's no way they won't let me go.
      Navid: You sure it'll work?
      Dixon: You know what? Bring a lot of people. It'll be harder for them to say no.
      Navid: Peer pressure. Got it.

    • Navid: Hey. Okay, we're all here. Talk to your parents and let's go.
      Dixon: Uh... wait. You know, we can't just leave. My parents will know something's up.
      Ethan: All right, well, I mean, I'm always up for some bowling. That is, of course, if Annie's not too scared of getting beat.
      Annie: By you? Let's do it. You're on.
      Ethan: Excuse me, sir.
      Annie: Sorry. Chicks versus dudes.
      Dixon: You do not have your own bowling ball.
      Navid: What? (Dixon leaves) What? It was for my bar mitzvah.
      Annie: Go, Silver. Go, Silver.
      Ethan: Really good try. I think I dropped it!
      Navid: Strike!
      Annie: That's what I'm talking about!
      Silver: And that means we just crushed you guys.
      Annie: What? Hey, yo.
      Ethan: That was impressive. Um, do you want to, uh, I don't know, get some air or something?
      Annie: Uh, yeah. Yeah, sure.
      Ethan: Awesome. Cool, yeah. Okay. Uh... yes.

    • Adrianna: Naomi, say something. You're freaking me out. Okay, I'm going to go get Ethan.
      Annie: Hey.
      Ethan: Hi.
      Annie: We were... we were just heading out.
      Ethan: Cool. Yeah, I was going to go bowl some more.
      Adrianna: Ethan, you've got to help. Naomi's freaking out in the parking lot.
      Annie: What? What's wrong?
      Adrianna: She saw her father with another woman. It's crazy.
      Annie: to Ty I have to help them.
      Ethan: Naomi. What's wrong?
      Naomi: Hey...
      Ethan: Come here. Come here.
      Naomi: I saw my dad kissing another woman. I just... I can't believe it, you know. I can't.
      Ethan: Hey. It's okay. I'm sorry. It's okay. It's okay. I'm going to take you home, okay?
      Naomi: Okay.
      Ethan: I'll take care of you, okay? Come on.
      Naomi: Okay.

    • Annie: Yep, I'll bet your parents never make you do family night.
      Ethan: No, not my family. Um, my parents are divorced.
      Annie: They weren't when I met you.
      Ethan: Yeah, it just happened last year.
      Annie: God, I know so many people whose parents are divorced, but I think I would just freak if mine ever did.
      Ethan: Yeah. I did. My dad's, like, "No, it's great. Now you're gonna have two bedrooms, two birthday parties." But now it's just, like, a competition between them over who can throw the bigger one.
      Annie: Okay, I bet that doesn't totally suck.
      Ethan: Well, you know... it actually kind of does. Anyway... I'm gonna save most of that emotional goodness for my audition for The Hills. So I don't want to bore you with that, but... you know, I do think that I could be the next Spencer. Oh, yeah. I don't know.
      Annie: You wish, my friend.
      Ethan: Yeah, yeah, I really do wish. (Ty appears) Actually... You don't believe me?
      Annie: I don't know. I really don't know.
      Ethan: I can Spence anybody. I can out-Spence anybody.
      Annie: You can Spence anybody.
      Ty: Annie.
      Annie: Ty! Hey.
      Ethan: You should go. You have a date, right?
      Annie: Right, um... I'll see you inside.
      Ty: You ready?

    • Ty: So you're blowing me off tonight for bowling?
      Annie: Oh, God, my parents are making me.
      Ty: That sucks.
      Annie: Yeah.
      Ty: I really wanted you to see the pier.
      Annie: Well, uh, we could...
      Ty: What?
      Annie: Nothing.
      Ty: What?
      Annie: I mean, instead of picking me up at home, if you just happened to, on your way to the pier, you know, maybe drop by the Lucky Strike lanes,and maybe I could get out early? I mean, how long could they bowl?
      Ty: So I'll accidentally see you at 8:00.
      Annie: Okay. Great.
      Ty: All right.

    • Ethan: Hey.
      Annie: Hey.
      Ethan: So, uh, any big plans tonight?
      Annie: Oh, yeah. Big date.
      Ethan: Oh, you and Ty...
      Annie: No. Me and my family. We're doing Family Night.
      Ethan: Family Night?
      Annie: Yeah. They feel like they never see us, so...
      Ethan: Well, you know, it's probably not total social suicide, as long as you go some place where no one from this school will see you.
      Annie: Lucky Strike Bowling Alley?
      Ethan: Oh, yeah, maybe someone from the Chess Club might still talk to you.
      Annie: Terrific!
      (Ty appears)
      Ty: Hey, Annie. Ethan, what's up, man?
      Ethan: Hey, man.
      Ty: So, I got your text. Sorry you can't make it.
      Ethan: Yeah. Uh... I got to go, so
      I'll, um, catch you guys later.
      Annie: Bye.

    • Ty: Hey.
      Annie: Hi.
      Ty: So, are your parents still pissed I took you on a plane?
      Annie: They'll get over it.
      Ty: So, want to go out tomorrow night?
      Annie: Tomorrow night?
      Ty: Uh, there's a new band playing at the pier, it's gonna be pretty sick, if you want to go.
      Annie: Yeah, I would love to.
      Ty: Great. Um, 8:00?
      Annie: Great.
      Ty: All right.
      Annie: Yes! (Very happy)

    • Ethan: Hey. (no answer) So what. You're ignoring me now?
      Naomi: No, not at all. How can I help you?
      Ethan: I just... you know, wanted to see how you were doing.
      Naomi: Oh. I'm doing great. Thanks for asking. Is there gonna be anything else? Because I really have to get to class, and I have to make plans for tomorrow because my Dad's taking me to Vegas.
      Ethan: So you're doing that
      Naomi: Yeah. Of course. I wouldn't miss it for the world. Anyway, Coldplay's performing. My Dad's company's going all out.
      Ethan: Sounds like fun.
      Naomi: It's gonna be awesome.

    • Kelly: (to Jackie about Silver) I am not going to stand by and watch you do to her what you did to me!
      Jackie: (angry sarcasm) Because your life was so awful!

    • Kelly: He's only four and he is reading all these words... I'm sure that this is really boring to you.
      Ryan: No, it's your son, it's fascinating. I love kids, you know. I teach kids, I flunk kids, I want to strangle them sometimes...

  • NOTES (2)

    • Featured Music:
      "If You Can Afford Me" by Katy Perry
      "Hey Hey Girl" by The Virgins
      "All Over Me, All Over You" by BossHouse & Royston Langdon
      "One Week Of Danger" by The Virgins
      "All Coming Back To Me" by Intercooler
      "I Thought About You" by The Beautiful Girls
      "A-Punk" by Vampire Weekend
      "Just A Little More Please" by BossHouse & Royston Langdon
      "How Many Birds" by Benji Hughes
      "The Kiss" by Karmina
      "Better In Time" by Leona Lewis

    • Ann Gillespie returns as Kelly's mother, Jackie Taylor who was first seen on the original Beverly Hills, 90210. The return of Jackie's character marks the return of an old plot line first used in Perfect Mom: Jackie's alcoholism and drug abuse.


    • Naomi: (to Adrianna, referring to the takeout she plans on bringing to her father's office) I'm feeling NOBU.

      NOBU is a highly acclaimed Japanese restaurant, named after its owner and executive chef, Nobuyuki Matsuhisa.