Season 1 Episode 3

Lucky Strike

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Sep 09, 2008 on The CW

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  • Family Night comes to Beverley Hills

    In this episode of 90210, the following happens. Dixon agrees to go and watch a movie with his La Cross team and Annie agrees to a date with Ty and just when everything sees perfect a bomb is dropped. Debbie and Harry (their parents) organise a family night for the same night as Dixon and Annie have things on. So they come up with a plan and have all of their friend's just "turn up" at the bowling alley where they are having family night, so that they can both leave early to be with their friends. Silver is the first to arrive and the parental's say it's ok for Silver to hang with them and play bowling together, all 5 of them. We soon learn from Kelly that Sammy (her sons)'s father is a guy that she went to High School with. So who could it be? Only time will tell.
    Soon all of their friends turn up and they leave. When the 5 of them return home, Silver quickly leaves to return home. But when Dixon takes out the trash that same night, he finds Silver inside of her car asleep. We soon learn that Kelly and Silver's mother is still an alcoholic and that instead of going home Silver has been staying at a woman's shelter.
    Naomi soon finds out that her father is having an affair. When Silver tells Dixon about her mother, Dixon tells her that he knows what it's like to be around an alcoholic. And so he manages to convince her to let him tell his father (her principal) about the situation. So they agree that Silver should stay until everything gets figured out. The next morning Kelly is at Harry's house discussing Silver and the whole situation. Naomi tells her mother about the affair and we learn that she already knows about it and has done for a while, and even knows her name (it's Gail). Kelly goes round to her mother's and we learn that her mother believed that she was staying at a friend house for the past couple of weeks. Silver returns home and all hell breaks loose. And so Kelly decides that Silver should live with her for now, since her mother is drinking and possibly doing drugs again. The next morning Debbie and Harry wake up to a full breakfast prepared for them by their children, Annie and Dixon.