Season 4 Episode 14

Mama Can You Hear Me?

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Jan 24, 2012 on The CW

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  • Silver

    I really hate Silver. At first cheating with her best friends boyfriend, and now telling Navid not to tell Adrianna if he wants to be friends with her. Bitch.
  • ....really?

    So they decided to continue with the Maisy story line, huh? When Silver said it was just a slight coincidence that she was dating the adoptive father of Adrianna's baby, I couldn't help but laugh. When does this actually happen? Like... ever? I predict that this story line was constructed to reunite Silver & Adrianna as friends again in some very strange way but still I cannot wrap my head around this story line.

    So I guess Annoying Annie is back with a vengeance? Seriously, this whole Liam thing is getting tired only because it constantly reminds me of the Annie/Ethan/Rhonda triangle from season one. Annie being mean to Vanessa for little reason, same as her being mean to Rhonda, it's just already done and no one really cares at this point about Annie & Liam especially if they've gone back-and-forth six times this season.

    The "friendship" of Navid & Adrianna just bothered me, why is it so easy to forget things on 90210? Nevertheless, they did mention the past in a couple places which was nice, but the fact that Navid & Adrianna can forget literally everything just to be friends? And Dixon, Navid and Adrianna hanging out in the same room was just weird to see. Austin & Dixon story line? Not interested in the slightest. Naomi/Holly reunite? Didn't they do this only to have them sparring again? Just finish the story line already, please!

    Also they've already done the Ivy/boyfriend leaving to another country thing and her worrying about it merely a couple episodes ago with Raj in New Guinea, these repetitive story lines are really taking a toll on me. Anyway, we got the usual amount of ridiculousness this week on 90210, so this episode was neither her nor there.
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